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Walk The Walk

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Instead of griping about the Pope and/or President Obama, maybe shoot for walking the talk, American Christians!

Originally posted on Ed Christian's World:

With Grandfather being the Spiritual Leader, I was pretty much raised on the bible and came to know Jesus as my savior early in life. I also learned early in life, that just saying you are a Christian doesn’t make you a Christian. Grandfather made sure I also walked the walk as a Christian to be a living example of Christian life.

Like all of us, I have had a hard life with many pitfalls and rocks in the road. However, I have always been blessed with insight and strength to overcome them. My faith in God has always brought me great comfort and peace.

My Grandfather was a very wise man and set a fine example for me to follow throughout my life. He was always the first to offer help when he saw someone in need. He lead by example and would never ask anyone to do something…

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Christ & the Transgendered


There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28

“Could we perhaps be too solidly entrenched in our own boxes that we’ve created to shield ourselves from “the world” to listen to others’ viewpoints? Do we fear what we don’t understand? Or do we shy away because grappling with transgender questions is messy and uncomfortable?

But take a look at Jesus, who walked among us in all our messiness. He didn’t judge or shame. He treated all with respect and kindness and listened to our questions and stories. His scathing words were reserved for the Pharisees, the religious teachers so focused on rules and keeping others in the tight boxes they had constructed that they had lost what was most important in life – justice, mercy and faith. But Jesus embodied love and compassion and, as a result, changed the stories of people’s lives.”




“There has been story after story in the news of LGBT teens committing suicide because of bullying. We have also seen a surge of news stories of kids being harassed, threatened, and even physicality assaulted. No one’s child should have to endure that. No one should feel afraid, hated, and rejected like that. These are not just a few shocking exceptional cases either. As their voices have begun to be heard, we have seen of story after story of how gay and transgender kids have felt hated, at times even hating themselves. We have heard how life for them can be a living hell, so bad that it makes some of them want to end their lives.

That really should be a wake-up call for us as Christians. Regardless of where we stand on the rightness or the wrongness of being gay, none of that matters much when people are dying. We can argue over what the Bible says about homosexuality, but one thing is utterly clear: Jesus clearly teaches us to love people, not to hate them, not to make them feel hated, and not to stand by while that is happening. From the perspective of the New Testament there simply is no room for doubt on this. We know exactly where Jesus stands. He stands on the side of the least, the condemned, the vulnerable.

John’s Gospel tells the story of a women caught in adultery who was brought before Jesus. The religious leaders say to him, “The law commands that she should be stoned to death, what do you say?” Jesus bends down and draws with his finger in the dirt, and then says to them “Let the one who is without sin throw the first stone.” One by one they all leave until he is there alone with the woman. Jesus says to her “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” “No one, sir,” she answered. “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared.

Now, many preachers are quick to point out that Jesus next says to her “Go and leave your life of sin.” But the real point here is that even though Jesus did consider adultery sinful, he still was the one who defended her. In fact, he was the only one there who was “without sin” and yet he did not cast a stone and did not condemn. So again, even if we think homosexuality is wrong, we know what Jesus would do in our shoes. He has drawn a line in the sand, and we need to decide what side of that line we will be on. Will we be on the side of Jesus and the one who is being condemned and threatened? Or will we stand with the religious accusers on the other side of that line? Maybe we were not the ones actually throwing those stones, but did we stand on the side of the accused and condemned and actively defend them like Jesus did? Did we actively defend and love “the least of these”? Because Jesus says that the way we treat them is the way we treat him.

Jesus never says a word about homosexuality, but there was one kind of sin that he spoke out against all the time. There was one kind of sin that got Jesus really mad. This was the sin of religious people who shut out those in need of mercy. This was the sin of people who used the Bible as a weapon. You hear Jesus saying this on page after page of the gospels. Why? Because this type of sin has the potential to damage people like few other things do. It is particularly damaging because they claim to be speaking for God. So if we really want to speak out against sin, we as Christians need to speak out against the kind of sin that Jesus did, and side with the kinds of folks he did.

What this all comes down to is we, as Christians, acting like Jesus. It’s about discerning what Jesus would want us to do right now, and the answer is clear: We need to change our priorities and focus on the critical issue of communicating love and acceptance to people–especially the very people our society so often ostracizes, condemns, and rejects. Because that is exactly what Jesus did. Jesus was known for hanging out with “sinners” and was frequently accused of being a sinner himself because of it. But that did not stop him because he cared more about those people than he cared about being judged.”





Extra curricular reading on this topic:

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Christians & the Transgendered

2015 Christians offer their thoughts about the transgendered on Facebook:

“As long as he has male parts, he’s a male and has no business in the female’s restroom. Period! (And that’s one thing he’ll never have!) By the way, I’m a Christian and I don’t agree this guy should be able to use the girl’s restroom. They designated a neutral gender one for him and he should be glad he even has that instead of whining about not being able to use the girl’s restroom. FYI – Jesus loves us all, no matter what we have done. It’s the sin he doesn’t condone. He even loves the terrorists who are killing in the name of their religion.”

“They are confused freaks and are against what god made them and I would keep my family away from them!”

“A male is a male and a female is a female. Transgenders are freeks and should be treated as such. Their parents should deal with them and get them help, Christian help.”

“If one has a pecker-men’s room, if not-girls room. Pretty simple.”

“My husband and I are beyond Angry about this. We have KIDS just like EVERYONE ELSE. This garbage needs to STOP. Lord help us.”

“If it has MALE plumbing it’s a MALE no matter what comes out of its mouth”

“This is more nonsense. If you were born a male you are still a male to GOD and me use the men’s room. Just because you wear women’s clothes doesn’t make you a woman!”

“They have a identity problem because they need more hormones. Get injected it’s not too late!”

“This could be used as an excuse by perverted males to access the ladies rooms. Women and children are no longer going to be bullied by these freaks.”

“Why doesn’t it matter what the normal people want anymore?? Why do they think they can make us comply to all of their warped ideas and ways? I am afraid to think what might be next !!”

“God forgive us for the horrible things going on in our society–50 yrs ago who would have thought it would come to this? God help us!!!!!”

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Trump and the Christian

I was just unfriended on Facebook by a Christian Republican acquaintance who insists that he will be morally compromising himself if he votes for a Democrat. Evidently, I outraged him when I insisted that he was just as morally compromised when he votes Republican, or for a “non-politician,” like Donald Trump, for example. I guess the cognitive dissonance was just too much for his Christian brain to meditate upon and mull over because he silenced me before he could begin thinking too deeply. Not to worry though, I suspect his brain will continue to grill him on the utter hypocrisy he’s subscribing to in order to rationalize a vote for Trump.

I tried several comments to attempt to show him that God doesn’t approve of the way that Republican candidates view the destruction of our planet to achieve more oil, minerals, etc., or the plight of our declining habitats for wildlife, the destruction of much of our animal life, and sea life. I tried to explain that same sex marriage and abortion are not the only things that piss God off.

Yes, I was blunt about it and I didn’t attempt to mince words because I’m tired of doing that. I hear that the country appears to be enjoying Donald Trump’s “tell it like it is” style, so I bluntly offered this man the same. Now I’m unfriended and blocked. lol. So much for speaking one’s mind.

Conservative Christians don’t like anything that convicts them internally. They especially don’t like being called on their hypocrisy. Telling a conservative Christian that they only appear to care about a baby before it comes out of the womb irritates and even enrages them, even though it’s complete truth! Heaven forbid that some of their tax dollars might go to Head Start to feed that same young child later in life, or that the kid might get free healthcare through Medicaid.

“Oh no. We can’t have that” they say. “Teach a man to fish, don’t give him the fish; that encourages entitlement!’

Never mind that Jesus fed and healed everybody without making them pass a drug test or provide proof of health insurance. God doesn’t change. You think He changed on that?

Christians seem to want to have their cake and eat it too.

Do you really believe you can actually vote for Donald Trump as a Christian and rationalize that as something Jesus approves of? Give me a freaking break! Just his stance on immigration alone is against Christ.

Frankly, if you vote at all, there’s not a candidate one who is going to come close to Christ-like! So what’s the point, you ask?

The point is, let’s get honest. The Republican party is no more an example of Jesus than any other party or politician or non-politician. We are living in a terrifically sinful, morally-barren world that is fallen and cannot get up. Please, please quit trying to act like you’re taking the high road by a planned vote for Trump or anybody else, for that matter; you’re compromising your morals as far as Jesus is concerned, if you actually really have any.

Look. Read the bible. Really read that book!

Jesus said a lot of things in there about the poor, the hungry, the sick, prisoners, immigrants, illegal or otherwise, the planet, and how we are to treat animals and others. Don’t pretend for a second that you’ve found a candidate who is living and breathing who is even close to what God/Jesus approves of.

Voting Republican is not “the high road.” You’re compromising your morality and if you don’t agree with me, you may not comprehend “morality” at all, which is probably pretty likely, frankly.


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I Have To Know This Is Okay.

the warrioress:

Thanks for telling the truth!

Originally posted on J.S. Park:

coffee cups woods trees winter

Sometimes we have to admit:

I’m not doing so well.

If you’ve never admitted this, then I have to say: you’re probably not doing so well.

Is it okay to say so? Can I be honest about that? I know I’m not supposed to stay there in that dark place, not for long. I know the proper inspiration and theology and clichés to bring me back. I understand I have to crawl to the light soon. But before I climb, I need to tell you:

I’m not doing so well. It hurts. I’m not okay. This is not all right. It’s twisting me in the guts and I’m bleeding from everywhere. Man down. No me gusta. I’m busting up at the seams. And I’ll be down here for a while.

Look me in the eye and tell me it’s okay to say this out loud. Let me feel this out…

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When Right Is Wrong & Wrong Is Right


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight!  Isaiah 5: 20-21

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Taking Risks and Living Life

the warrioress:

Wonderful guidance from Edwin Christian!

Originally posted on Ed Christian's World:

Life is full of conditions where we must choose to either take a risk or to turn and walk away. Stepping out into the unknown gives one an anxious feeling, sometimes a little excitement sometimes a little dread. Taking a chance on life, hoping it doesn’t slap you back into reality. All part of growing according to Grandfather. In life you get just about as many chances as you’re willing to take.

Almost sixty six years ago, when I told my Grandfather I was worried about taking a chance and regretting my choice, he hugged me and said, “Trust me, honey, that’s not what you’re going to regret when you’re my age.  If anything, you will likely kick yourself a little for not taking more chances on the infinite number of opportunities you have today.”

And the older I get, the more I realize how right my Grandfather was. Life is…

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My Prayers

Sometimes no matter how hard we pray, we can’t change the downward spiral of someone we dearly love.

I’ve asked and pleaded, prayed, begged. Sigh.

Finally I have to accept that God’s got this and I just don’t. I can’t change this.  And maybe…maybe even God can’t.

We all have free will. God won’t control us like good little puppets. We make our own choices, good and bad and suffer the consequences.

But God? Please, please, please just love him and keep trying to bring him back to you.

Thank you, God.

Jesus, I trust you with this matter — no matter what happens. I surrender him to you.


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The Mean Christians Among Us


This is certain to be controversial because it deals with the topic of meanness and Christianity or Christian BEHAVIOR. There will be those who will not agree with me, but whom will see themselves and their own actions within my words and between the lines of my sentences. Instead of attempting to rush to your own defense, perhaps sit with what I’m going to say for a little while, even a few days if you have courage. Pray about what I’m going to write below. God will convict your heart if you’re one of the mean Christians I’m going to share my thoughts upon; I trust Him to do exactly that.

Image result for down's syndrome           Image result for birth defects

I’m going to be discussing the transgender-ed in this posting, specifically, but I may as well be discussing anyone from the LBGTQ community, or anyone who is born differently from the rest of us. I may as well be discussing those who are hampered by a birth defect or who have Down’s syndrome, or are even mentally ill or incapacitated due to mental illness. These days, if someone is suffering from serious mental illness, many Christians want them to receive the ultimate punishment –  death.  I believe many good Christians still think that homosexuals, “the sodomites” as they call them, definitely deserve death; they feel the same way about those who are transgender-ed. The holier than thou can’t wait to descend, fingers pointing and their wagging tongues insisting, “an eye for an eye!” There is a man on trial right now who may very well be put to death and he is madder and more mentally ill than most schizophrenics are. We as a society want to kill him. He must pay.

       Related image

In this world, a world where Jesus Christ has taught me to live, my reaction to people who are challenged and different than I am is firstly compassion. My second reaction is a fierce protective instinct, a desire to defend and protect those who are maliciously “picked on,” who are hurt or harmed by careless, hateful, unkind words or even violence. I will stand up for all of these people just as I would stand up for an abused child or weak, defenseless animal. No one is going to harm another in my presence and get away without hearing from me about it, including my brothers or sisters in Christ.

Related image   Related image

I have to wonder, honestly, how someone can be in Christ and lower himself or herself to the level of hurting others, but evidently some believe they can do this with impunity. I think the bible claims something about the production of “bad fruit” that may suggest to the contrary, but I’m not interested in arguing the fact. Cruelty is, without a doubt, very bad fruit.

Matthew 7: 17-19 says “So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”

There are those who hurl ugly commentary under the guise of “trying to save someone’s soul,” “telling the necessary truth,” “not wanting the sinner’s blood on their hands,” and other sundry bologna. I take issue with any of these rationalizations for cruelty and defer to what Christ wrote in the sand when “His people” confronted Him about the adulteress. Jesus was clear as crystal on that day and I believe He would be exactly as clear today. If  you are claiming Christianity, perhaps rethink your Christian “style.” If your style is mean and cruel, it’s not Christian. You are not Christian, at least not the way Christ intended you to be.

Related image                    Related image           Image result for hateful christian posts about the transgender         Image result for hateful christian posts about the transgender

Clean up your own backyard, wipe away your own “issues,” do something about that very obvious cruelty BEAM within your own eyes. Trust me, you have enough to busy yourself, I assure you.

Those who are different, who have different challenges do not need anyone’s judgment for their own good; they don’t want it, don’t require it, and are certainly not going to benefit from it. Cruelty, harsh judgment, and hate under the guise of some kind of twisted “love” isn’t going to fly either. It’s simply put, BAD FRUIT. It’s rotten fruit, to the core.

Image result for hateful christian posts about the transgender               

If your behavior as a Christian is mean, cruel, ugly, and you aren’t convicted internally by it, you’re conscience has been seared as the worst of the world’s conscience’ has been seared. You’ve got a lot worse problems than the transgender-ed or others who are dealing with these kinds of issues do. Get help today.  Go to God tonight on your knees!  Beg Him for forgiveness and ask Him to restore your humanity and compassion for others. You are giving the rest of the honest-to-God real Christians a bad reputation. I, for one, am tired of it. I won’t stand by and allow it to continue to happen, silently.

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World Changers!

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