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Important Reading, Everyone!!

This is worth the read. More and more are slowly realizing…I hope you will be one of them. I pray 🙏 that you will.

Could American Evangelicals Spot the Antichrist? Here Are the Biblical Predictions:

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Decension into the Intolerable

As we enter the December 2019 Christmas season, I take note that our House of Representatives is caught up in an Impeachment Inquiry that is now passing to the Judiciary committee to write a report on articles of impeachment.

For me, certain things stand out:

  • Donald Trump has committed impeachable offenses under the US Constitution.
  • Abuses of power, & obstruction in both the Russia investigation & the Ukranian investigation are serious, disturbing, and impeachable.
  • Collusion and extortion in Ukraine, to gather political dirt on a political opponent in the 2020 election has been proven, starting with the Ukraine call summary released by the white house.
  • The House of Representatives will likely impeach Donald Trump.
  • The Senate will likely refuse to remove him and will thus acquit him.
  • Our 2020 election process is currently under foreign and possibly even domestic attack.
  • Our Republic is threatened because of insane partisan bickering and a stubborn refusal to acknowledge reality.
  • Certain elements on the right side of the aisle of our country’s populace are threatening violence and civil war if Donald Trump is impeached and removed from office.
  • Tension and outrage are only increasing daily as Donald Trump continues to push the boundaries of decency and reasonableness, through continuing abuses of power.

The country is practically torn into two pieces, between the facts of what is actually occurring and an insidious, alternative denial of the facts. Right is no longer recognized, and wrong is widely applauded and celebrated, most especially by those who once considered themselves to be the party of righteousness and God; though this is certainly not the case any longer and may never be again.

More than half of our public citizenry in America is watching in frozen horror as events continue to spiral down, into what we do not know. And an out-of-control “president” at the helm of our nation freely exercises his power to destroy the common good for all Americans, through a steady, daily stream of controversial, harmful, and unbelievable legislative acts.


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The Case for Impeachment

Clarion Call

In his opening statement in the House impeachment hearings, House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff laid out the case for impeachment in simple terms. First, he defined the factual issues:

“The questions presented by this impeachment inquiry are whether President Trump sought to exploit [U.S. ally Ukraine’s] vulnerability and invite Ukraine’s interference in our elections? Whether President Trump sought to condition official acts, such as a White House meeting or U.S. military assistance, on Ukraine’s willingness to assist with two political investigations that would help his reelection campaign? And if President Trump did either, whether such an abuse of his power is compatible with the office of the presidency?

The matter is as simple, and as terrible as that.”

Then, he rebutted the Republican “no harm, no foul” defense to these facts (which are not in serious dispute). According to Republicans, it should not matter that Trump attempted to extort…

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The Killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

I have some questions regarding the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi:

Trump told a White House news conference: “Baghdadi was not a hero, but a coward. He was crying, sobbing and screaming, and bringing his three children with him. To die, it was inevitable death. He knew that the tunnel to which he fled was blocked. ”

Why were dogs chasing this man who had three children with him, into a dead end tunnel?

How do you know it wasn’t the children screaming and whimpering in terror, before they died, while they were running?

Chasing after children with vicious dogs seems barbaric. And usually someone prepared to kill himself isn’t screaming or whimpering; I bet it was the terrified children Trump heard.

Was it wise to brag on national television about the graphic way those children and the ISIS leader died? (“Like a dog?”)

I can only imagine the rage people may be feeling…I didn’t appreciate the images in my mind that these brutal, horrible words brought up; I can only imagine how angry relatives, etc., of the dead are going to be.

We have a leader whose judgment is not sound or wise, and we may pay for that one day in the future. I think we are increasingly in danger in this country under Trump’s reckless leadership..and mouth.

Posted by: the warrioress | October 19, 2019

Moral Conservatives?

American’s Conservatives are taking a stand, either to allow Trump unfettered access to continue his criminal conduct as the Leader of the free world, or they are stepping up and speaking out against him. It’s a relief to see some showing a semblance of morality/decency.

Unfortunately, there are those Conservatives that want their conservative agenda carried out, no matter what crimes are committed by the “President” in office — and there will be no changing their minds; I have cared about some of these people enough to try to talk with them at length, to try to get them to come to their senses, but alas, it has not made a difference for them. This makes me very sad.

I can only pray that enough of the Conservatives in this country, who still seem to have a modicum of moral fiber, do what they should for America, and remove this insane, illegitimate “President” from the White House. Without question, based upon our Intell, Trump was put into office with Russia’s help, and everything he has done since seems to assist Vladimir Putin’s agenda for America.

Congress must try to and get Trump out as soon as possible, and wise, sensible, unselfish Republicans, who have finally come to their senses, must join Democrats and remove him in an impeachment trial that will culminate in and be held in the Senate.

I hope it is possible to also remove the other criminal elements involved, like Pence, Barr, Pompeyo, Muldowny, etc., and keep Rudy Giuliani far, far away from our White House and its policy-making in the future. All of this has to happen soon for the good of this country, and an increasingly confused and divided citizenry.

Posted by: the warrioress | October 10, 2019

Impeaching a President

I have been watching today’s Washington Journal on CSPAN, and the majority of Republican callers all seem to be saying, “The President has done nothing wrong. He did not do anything wrong; this is all just partisan. It’s the Democrats and Joe Biden who want to get rid of this president.”

I can only think, are you completely uninformed, ignorant, or just stubborn in your denial? Trump attempted a “high crime and misdemeanor.” It is a crime to negotiate foreign interference in an American election. This is also a pattern for Trump, as this is the second time he is being investigated for doing this. Mueller, in his report, found ten instances of obstruction, yet another crime when he attempted to get Russia to help him win in 2016. (Mueller could not prove collusion because of the ongoing obstruction). Now here we are again.

Trump’s supporters have absolutely no conscience about the corrupt actions this man takes to achieve the Republican agenda. Republicans have sold their proverbial souls morally, in exchange for what they desire politically, so anything this individual does will be acceptable because they think they are “winning.” These people even claim to be Christian, but are sadly Pharasitic, or false Christian, based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Sermon on the Mount.

There will be no reasoning with these now corrupt conservative politicians, or their supporters. As Americans, our Representatives in the House must move forward and impeach this president, who continues criminal abuse of power daily in the office he has undertaken. Let the Senate sort out his impeachment trial — because of the sheer conscience-less state of the majority of Republican politicians in the Senate, it is highly unlikely Trump will be removed from office. How deep the corruption goes, and to how many in Trump’s administration it goes to, may never be known, but the House must do its job and make the correct statement on the consequences for criminal behavior while in office, NOW.

Our 2020 election is not secure from tampering. The current occupant leading the Senate (Mitch McConnel) refuses to correct this problem, because he wants to win and the only way to win is to cheat, evidently. We must return America to something that we can trust in. We must make our elections secure from foreign interference, and internal domestic corruption. This should be our focus as we head into the upcoming new year. We must not waver in our determination, because America deserves someone who has a conscience leading this Republic. We deserve a state of the union that is transparent and trustworthy.

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Call Your Congress Rep Now!

Everyone reading:  Enough is Enough!

Call your personal Representative in the House and demand that they stop fooling around and take a full House vote to impeach Donald Trump by Thanksgiving.

You can find your Rep at the link below:

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If Trump Wins

Conservative Republicans were the party of family values a long time ago; they used to also be known as the “religious right.” They were actually considered to be the party of God, the good people in politics. Suddenly, almost overnight, all that changed.

Republicans became the party that celebrates the white man, materialism & wealth, the one percent, corporations before people, and there was nothing financially conservative about them anymore; in fact, they spent as much or more than liberal Democrats on tax cuts for the wealthy, and created a bloated military.

It is their intention to completely topple the current health care law, the ACA, (also known as “Obamacare”), as they have unsuccessfully tried to kill it for the last two years. It is possible now that they are finally close to success. Once the death of this law occurs, there is no replacement.

The following statistics are accurate and frightening. The millions who are covered under the ACA will no longer be covered for pre-existing conditions, and children will be thrown off of their parents policies.

It is urgent that we put the party of blue, liberal Democrats, into every office within the legislative and judicial branch, but most importantly the Executive branch, in November 2020, in order to preserve or replace the current health care safety net with something compassionate and reasonable for all Americans.

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Reclaiming Jesus

There is a movement afoot of the followers of Jesus Christ, who realize that something is very wrong with the current state of our union, and the direction it is going in, utilizing the name of God.  I want to share the following video with you so you can listen for yourself, as well as read what is being attempted, to begin to correct the problem.

I cannot tell you the relief I experienced when I stumbled upon this video and website. To finally see and experience that more than a few are waking up and realizing what is going on, is so spiritually-affirming for me! This assures me I am hearing the Holy Spirit within my heart. Unfortunately, there are only a few people who realize what is happening in the grander scheme of things, but everyone who is awakened can help spread the word.

Please visit:

And please watch this video:

Then share, both, with everyone you know. Thank you, my friends.









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What Would They Say?

life of a female bible warrior

What would they say
If we up and ran away
From the roaring crowds
And the worn out city faces
Would they carry on and on
When they found out we were gone
Or would they let us go
Would they tag along
Or would they know to

Leave us alone
We’d live in the country
Leave us alone
We’d make it just fine
Happy in a one room shack
And we’d not look back
Now would we

What would they do
If they found out we were through
With all the little lies
And the downtown aggravations
That we’d traded them away
For a quiet country day
That we had hoped to share
Would they try to find out
Where we were or

Leave us alone
We’d live in the country
Leave us alone
We’d make it just fine
Happy in a one room shack
And we’d not look…

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