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Very important posting on conversing with God, & how to do it, by Edwin Christian, my favorite Christian mentor.

Ed Christian's World

Having the advantages of growing up on an Indian Reservation, I know the importance of Solitude, especially when you are looking for answers to your prayers. The bible tells us to hide in a closet while we pray or to pray in secret, but doesn’t really explain why that is necessary.

Grandfather would always have me go find a quiet place in the canyon when I came to him for answers telling me the answer is there I just have to listen to it. As a small child, I didn’t understand his statement. Now as an adult I have found more truth and understanding in the reality of his words. The answers are right there if you are willing to listen and it is so much easier to hear then in quiet Solitude.

Bob Dylan wrote a song on the early sixties called “Blowing In The Wind” which tells us…

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So Proud of Target!


I just wanted to stop and pen a brief posting on how proud I am of Target! I have always shopped at Target, but now I’m inclined to shop there every opportunity I get because it has led the way in standing up to biased, bigoted, uneducated, illiterate mentalities that are attempting to cause trouble and drama, for absolutely no rational reason whatsoever! Right now, there are many who claim religion, who claim Jesus Christ, who thrive on creating chaos and upset, rather than being a light leading to God, our Father in Heaven. 

Trust me, if you open your bible, you’ll quickly see that Jesus Christ would have been the first one to join the transgendered using the restroom of their choosing; I assure you also that He would not have lectured them about their alleged sins in the process either. Don’t believe anyone who tells you differently. They absolutely cannot prove it scripturally.

Turn to the biblical story of the woman who was the adulterous sinner, who was about to be stoned to death. [see bible story  ]

Jesus insisted that those around her cast the first stone if they were without sin. It wasn’t surprising to find no one there to stone the woman as Jesus waited. As for sin or not, Jesus handles sin — we don’t. It’s not our place to hammer the unbelievers about their sin. It’s our place to lead them to know Jesus Christ; they can come to be convicted by their sin after they get saved and began to know Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Stop putting the cart before the horse, religious right, legalistic Christians. You are driving thousands away from Jesus, not to Him. He’s got to be getting sick of it by now!

I have done numerous postings about the transgendered. I have explained that discriminating and trying to punish the transgendered is akin to punishing someone with a disability or a birth defect. I pity those who are harming these innocents; I think Jesus Christ is not at all pleased with your behavior and you are in danger of hellfire if anybody is. You are supposed to know better! Do you not the read the bible you say you adhere to? Evidently not.

We must stand up to the religious bullies of our land, of our world. We must stand up to the uneducated, uninformed, belligerent imbeciles. We cannot sit idly by and allow people to mistreat others rampantly without a word in their defense. If I ever see someone picking on the transgendered in my presence, it would be better for them if that millstone Jesus talked about dragged them under the water entirely. I don’t tolerate abuse of the downtrodden or the underdog!

Now, for those good Christians who think I’m on my way to hell, who are sure I’m backsliding or filled with the devil, or whatever .. I highly suggest you get into that bible of yours and read without the blinders on. You are given explicit instruction not to judge those who are not saved, and for good measure, learn to judge WITH LOVE those who are. Until then, pluck out that gi-normous PLANK within your own eyes, please, and keep quiet! You won’t have time for anything else after you finish that, trust me.


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the broad highway


The Broad Highway

Matthew 7:13-14King James Version (KJV)

13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.


There is an utterly horrific site on the internet where “the Pharisees ” congregate. I wrestled with myself as to whether to even name it and give it traffic, but it is important that it be seen, purely as an example of HOW NOT TO BE A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST.

The people flocking to this huge site, using its opinion forums, are deluded by the false teachings and beliefs of the world’s “Christians.” These people are not the Body of Christ! They are not even close to anything Jesus preached or asked us to be. Unfortunately though, millions of them think they are the real thing, and so they perpetuate and feed one another and thus they continue to grow in number.

The Bible says “narrow is the path that leads to heaven, and few there be who find it, ” but broad is the highway leading to the other place,” and it is broad and wide if you look at that site and the numbers who congregate there preaching apostacy.

How do I know it’s apostacy/false teaching? The way they act and the things they say do not line up with anything the Bible says, or Jesus preached! What these people stand for and support are teachings of Ayn Rand, not teachings of Jesus Christ.

These are warmongers, and people who thrive on murder, killing, bloodshed, and hate. They are racists, bigots, and selfish to the core. They don’t care for the poor, sick, elderly, homeless, or struggling. They don’t care about the planet, wildlife, or environmental damage we are doing to this place God set us as stewards over.

If one really looks at the fruit the people of the lie put out here, one will note that the fruit is rotten! Wake up before it’s too late. Wipe the blindness from your eyes. I ask that you begin to see, in the holy name of Jesus! Please do not be fooled.

We must pray for the millions who are misled and for those who are misleading others. If something in your heart tells you “this can’t be Jesus,” wake up because it isn’t!


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28 Reasons I’m Done….


I wanted to share an article I read that I think is well worth reading and digesting. In the event you are one who thinks as the people in this article do, please read through to the end and attempt to think on the matter in depth, before wiping it from your mind. I know that it’s easy to become defensive and thus shut your mind’s door hard, but I really think it’s a mistake to do that with this particular article.

It’s written by a Christian woman who makes some awfully valid points. Give it a look see, if you would, for me?😉


28 Reasons I’m done….

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The Lamb of God


May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep each one of you on this lovely Easter Sunday morning!

May you know Him as I do, love Him as I have, and feel Him residing within your heart, mind, spirit, and soul, always!

He is alive! He has risen from the dead! The grave could not hold Him. If you seek Him with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul, you will find Him. He promises this in The Holy Bible.


 Have a lovely Easter, everybody!


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March 25, 2016 Good Friday


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Read my Lips

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Anonymous Contacts Ted Cruz




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false prophet


Understand yet?

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The Elite Meet

Desperate to “stop Trump…”

How intriguing, isn’t it? It’s funny in a way! They can’t control the frontrunner of the Republican party! The billionaires, aka the shadow government, are determined to steal the legitimate nomination from Trump, their nemesis!

I am now rooting for Donald Trump to give the Republican party exactly what they deserve; meanwhile, I believe that Hillary Clinton will win this presidential election when all is said and done, and for this I am thankful.

There are a host of Faux Christians who post daily hate mail on this site, who definitely do not resemble Jesus Christ and never did. I send these postings to the trash. It’s clear to me now that there are wolves in good Christian sheep’s clothing. They are voting for Ted Cruz, a virtual sociopath. They hate and despise the poor and want to take away the healthcare of millions. Even Donald Trump said he would not allow folks to die in the street without healthcare, but Ted Cruz will! So will Rubio, and the rest of the clown car. ( and I thought that rock group Insane Clown Posse was evil). In comparison, Ted Cruz and his collection of pseudo Christians are the real scary beasts; they will murder millions if they are allowed to rise to power.

The “beast” is the alleged pretend Christ.. The phony, supposed bible-thumping, pretend bride of Christ are evil Christians in name only! These CINO’s are ruthless, bloodthirsty, and are going to try to eat their own as they rise up and set their vicious sights on poor Donald Trump and his fed up, angry voters. It’s chaos!

They will gnaw and feast upon Trump’s carcass if they are successful in their plotting; we will witness it in all its horrific glory. It goes with the territory, I guess.

I sit quietly, watching this drama unfold, inwardly nodding to God at what is occurring right in front of the whole world. Perhaps we are in the end of days, but the good guys turned out to be the true evil, the scary 666 we all should have feared. Who would have thought it?


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