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The Mean Christians Among Us


This is certain to be controversial because it deals with the topic of meanness and Christianity or Christian BEHAVIOR. There will be those who will not agree with me, but whom will see themselves and their own actions within my words and between the lines of my sentences. Instead of attempting to rush to your own defense, perhaps sit with what I’m going to say for a little while, even a few days if you have courage. Pray about what I’m going to write below. God will convict your heart if you’re one of the mean Christians I’m going to share my thoughts upon; I trust Him to do exactly that.

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I’m going to be discussing the transgender-ed in this posting, specifically, but I may as well be discussing anyone from the LBGTQ community, or anyone who is born differently from the rest of us. I may as well be discussing those who are hampered by a birth defect or who have Down’s syndrome, or are even mentally ill or incapacitated due to mental illness. These days, if someone is suffering from serious mental illness, many Christians want them to receive the ultimate punishment –  death.  I believe many good Christians still think that homosexuals, “the sodomites” as they call them, definitely deserve death; they feel the same way about those who are transgender-ed. The holier than thou can’t wait to descend, fingers pointing and their wagging tongues insisting, “an eye for an eye!” There is a man on trial right now who may very well be put to death and he is madder and more mentally ill than most schizophrenics are. We as a society want to kill him. He must pay.

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In this world, a world where Jesus Christ has taught me to live, my reaction to people who are challenged and different than I am is firstly compassion. My second reaction is a fierce protective instinct, a desire to defend and protect those who are maliciously “picked on,” who are hurt or harmed by careless, hateful, unkind words or even violence. I will stand up for all of these people just as I would stand up for an abused child or weak, defenseless animal. No one is going to harm another in my presence and get away without hearing from me about it, including my brothers or sisters in Christ.

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I have to wonder, honestly, how someone can be in Christ and lower himself or herself to the level of hurting others, but evidently some believe they can do this with impunity. I think the bible claims something about the production of “bad fruit” that may suggest to the contrary, but I’m not interested in arguing the fact. Cruelty is, without a doubt, very bad fruit.

Matthew 7: 17-19 says “So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”

There are those who hurl ugly commentary under the guise of “trying to save someone’s soul,” “telling the necessary truth,” “not wanting the sinner’s blood on their hands,” and other sundry bologna. I take issue with any of these rationalizations for cruelty and defer to what Christ wrote in the sand when “His people” confronted Him about the adulteress. Jesus was clear as crystal on that day and I believe He would be exactly as clear today. If  you are claiming Christianity, perhaps rethink your Christian “style.” If your style is mean and cruel, it’s not Christian. You are not Christian, at least not the way Christ intended you to be.

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Clean up your own backyard, wipe away your own “issues,” do something about that very obvious cruelty BEAM within your own eyes. Trust me, you have enough to busy yourself, I assure you.

Those who are different, who have different challenges do not need anyone’s judgment for their own good; they don’t want it, don’t require it, and are certainly not going to benefit from it. Cruelty, harsh judgment, and hate under the guise of some kind of twisted “love” isn’t going to fly either. It’s simply put, BAD FRUIT. It’s rotten fruit, to the core.

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If your behavior as a Christian is mean, cruel, ugly, and you aren’t convicted internally by it, you’re conscience has been seared as the worst of the world’s conscience’ has been seared. You’ve got a lot worse problems than the transgender-ed or others who are dealing with these kinds of issues do. Get help today.  Go to God tonight on your knees!  Beg Him for forgiveness and ask Him to restore your humanity and compassion for others. You are giving the rest of the honest-to-God real Christians a bad reputation. I, for one, am tired of it. I won’t stand by and allow it to continue to happen, silently.

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World Changers!

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Living This Life


So many people don’t want to be called “Christians.” A lot of us don’t want the negative stereotype that is anything but Christ-like. I prefer to be known as someone who tries to follow Jesus, but doesn’t always measure up. I want to be like Him, and like my Father in Heaven, not like what so many have declared God is…

I hope and pray these people are wrong and that their understanding of our Lord is because they missed the big picture when they read the New Testament. They worship a fearful God and they spread a message of fear; I am glad that Jesus has shown me otherwise. God is not an evil, mean monster. God doesn’t want to hurt and punish us. God actually understands better than His alleged people do.

Give Him a chance.

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Let the judgment begin!

Originally posted on Morning Thought:

This just in – it is perfectly alright for you to judge!
This is the most exciting news for Christianity! I, personally, am thrilled about it.

For far too long I have had scripture thrown in my face

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Stereotypical Christians versus Real Christians

This post is from a guest writer. My name is J.

I was asked to do a posting for Adrienne (the warrioress) on this blog and so I have.

We’ve all seen the stereotypical, Sunday morning Christian; I sure have. In my solemn opinion, there are two categories Christians fall into: Fake Christians, and real ones (like Jesus Christ). Let me make this simple and brief. I will separate the qualities and actions these two types exhibit.

Stereotypical Christian:

women shaking hands

-Full of hate!

-Ready to jump at and blame others because of different opinions and/or beliefs.

-They pretend to like you, at first, but then stab you in the back immediately (extreme gossipers).


-Can’t stand same sex love or marriage, the poor getting subsidies/healthcare, etc.

same sex marriage

-A part of a clique. Different, or “real” Christians are shunned from this clique/cult.


-They MUST always be “right”. They are too nonsensical to have an open mind.

-They can’t wait to judge others different from them (whether that be a tattooed person, gay, promiscuous, different religion: Atheist, Muslim, etc.)

tattoesgay coupledress


-Extremely prejudice, and I hate to say, ignorance. For example, “I.S.I.S. are terrorists! All Muslims are ‘disgusting’ and ‘crazy’! Avoid them all! They are NOT welcome in America!” That is the most idiotic nonsense I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. Just because a group of Muslims are radical, doesn’t mean EVERY Muslim on this planet is crazy and terrifying. What about what we have done to other people? Treating the African Americans poorly (slavery), The Trail of Tears (torturing the Indians, making them move from THEIR land, making them SUFFER). Does that also mean that all Christians are bad and evil? NO! An open mind is needed, no one-sided thinking.

-Attend church every Sunday like a good Christian does, or you are “not a real Christian”.


-You MUST get baptized and repent, otherwise you’re not a real Christian. A focus on doctrine to the exclusion of behavior, morality, etc.

baptized repentance

Enough of that. Here’s the Christ-like category.

Real (Christ-like) Christian:


-Gives out nothing but love.

-Open-minded, never trying to have the last laugh in a debate or argument, whether it be political or religious.

-Doesn’t have to agree with same sex love/marriage, but does NOT hate and bash gays for their choices.

-Spreading the real message of Jesus and God. “The Good News.” “Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for our sins”.. ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself’. There is no other commandment greater than these.”~Mark 12:31 And then there’s that classic “You reap what you sow” verse from Galatians 6:7. The verse “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” basically means treat others how you want to be treated. This also relates to “You reap what you sow”, because what you put out there, is what you’ll receive .

-Willing to help others get closer to God, in a loving way. Instead of shaming and shunning others who are different, they want to help them, and to get the word across. Jesus befriended fishermen, thieves, prostitutes, and brought them closer to God, instead of blocking them out and judging them.

deep conversation

-Not judgmental, but understanding.

no judging

-A church is a place for Christians to go and worship God together, as one, one neighbor to another, with love and shared prosperity, not hate and judging. That means someone who looks homeless can go to church and not be judged. Someone provocatively dressed will not be hated on. People with tattoos up and down the arms fit in just as well. A person with Democratic views is just as welcome as one with Conservative views.

These are the differences between a fake and real Christian, in my opinion. I hope some of you can take my advice. May everyone have a good day and God bless. <3


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Deny the Liberty of the Enemies of God: Christian Politics

the warrioress:

Please this is must reading for all who claim Christianity!

Originally posted on Padre Steve's World...Musings of a Passionately Progressive Moderate:


“We think we’ve come so far. Torture of heretics, burning of witches it’s all ancient history. Then – before you can blink an eye – suddenly it threatens to start all over again.” Captain Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek the Next Generation “The Drumhead”

I expect that this article and subject might make some people uncomfortable but it is something that I need to return to yet again. I fear what is happening to our country, and the agenda of the politically motivated Christian Right and its leaders,especially those who are using what is known as Seven Mountainsor Dominionist theology to implement laws at local and state level. These laws damage the fabric of society and encourage discrimination in order to solidify the political power of a minority of conservative Christians.

I get very frustrated and tired of the way many leaders of the American Religious Right, that political…

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There have been some things going through my mind, things about who I am in this Christian life and how that relates to other’s who also claim Christianity. These things  have prevented me from wanting to write and share; I’ve been out of sorts. It’s not really a surprise to me that I’m different from a lot of Christians, but it’s a concern for me when I have to wonder how or where I fit into what is defined as “the body of Christ” on this earthly plane and who is right about what they think and who is wrong.

Internally, I believe that there is only one body, one church, and that God wants us to grasp the bigger picture and unify as one. Unfortunately, I don’t really see that coming to fruition for a few particular reasons. These reasons fall under the heading of confusion, misunderstanding, and overall apathy and selfishness.

a) A huge number of Christians don’t really grasp the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are bogged down in the details of legalism and nit-picking people over their personal sins, instead of grasping the primary aspects of what Jesus tried to tell us when He walked this life in a human body like we do. Many of these same Christians are so caught up in “angry, punishing God” that they have no real ability to show the whole of who God is; they forget the love entirely. They put forth this frightening being, a threatening, fearful thing whom no one but their little group of believers can relate to. Threats of thunderbolts and hell permeate their witness. There aren’t many takers who want to be part of what they preach and seriously…who can blame the lack of desire?

b) Then there are Christians who hammer in so much fire and brimstone that they’re even raining it down on their brothers and sisters in Christ, insisting that we are going to hell along with the non believers! I’m shocked at this, truly heartbroken, and terrified on some level. How can this be and how can people have gotten things so wrong and be so misguided. Are they not reading the same bible that I am? How do they miss the main points to the degree that they are? And how when they are called on it again and again do they stay in denial and not care?


c) What confuses me the most and what I truly find most concerning are how many millions of people on this earth are not really getting God’s message because of the horrible confusion among the very believers who claim to believe. When believers in Jesus Christ who claim to follow Him can’t even agree on a few simple common things that are Christianity, how can the gospel be spread adequately and appropriately? How can we fulfill what God wants, what Jesus Christ asked us to make our primary purpose?

d) And why is it so hard for Christians to just get together and embrace the commonalities of what we share and spread that beautiful love that is like no other to the rest of the people in this world? How is that so many Christians are caught up in the politics of hate, punishment, fire and brimstone that they no longer put forth the love of Jesus Christ in their lives? They have nothing to exhibit but judgment without the love and mercy. They have missed the entire point of Jesus and what He stood for and why God allowed everything to occur as it has. They have bought into the foolishness of the world with it’s love of money, greed, selfishness, and fear.

Jesus loves

Now what are we going to do about it?

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The Philosophical Side Of Life

the warrioress:

I have been very busy of late, friends and readers. Thankfully, one whom I think so much of has had more time to teach us God’s Way….here it is:

Originally posted on Ed Christian's World:

As I look back over the past 50 years of my life, I find a definite change in philosophy and a deeper understanding of the philosophical side of life. The internal calm God has blessed me with and a deeper appreciation of life in general. As I am sharing my world with you I offer some things to consider:

There is not one big cosmic meaning for all; there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person. We start our life with a blank page, a page we draw on, write on and even scribble on as we grow up. Sometimes we write nonsense and go back and erase it to start all over. Sometimes we write prose and songs. It doesn’t matter what we draw or write for we are defining ourself…

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Prayer and Love

the warrioress:

As usual, Edwin Christian knocks it out of the park!

Originally posted on Ed Christian's World:

Almost anyone who studies the Bible will tell you that Jesus never taught the Disciples to preach but actually taught them to love others and to pray. Prayer is the blood of life and love is the catalyst that holds us all together. Yet we hardly hear anyone explain why this is so important.

Every person is different, some in more visuals ways, some in simple beliefs. Yet God created them all and therefore loves them all. Every individual may also look at things differently and therefore may see something that you or I did not realize was there and have a different understanding on how this or that actually works.

That is why it is so important to realize that no matter what color your skin is, what gender you are, what your beliefs are or even your sexual orientation, we all have something to add to the mix…

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My Guiding Light


God is a wonderful Friend, Compadre,’ Father, Comforter, and centering Presence in my life. When my life becomes chaotic, I can always turn to Him to straighten things out and bring peace to disorder and order to chaos. God is not the author of confusion, ever.

I have been given the precious gift of God’s Holy Spirit, whom I can count upon to bring me an inner knowledge of the next right thing to do in my life, every single time. Even if I steer my ship the wrong way, I know beyond any doubt that the Holy Bible, God’s innerant word, promises me that God will turn all things, even the mistakes, for my good. God promises this!

I can step out in faith and real assurance that God has my back. I sincerely believe this, though sometimes I still have an inner anxiety that I have to fight, no matter how much I trust God. I think this is part and parcel of the human experience, of living on a planet that is “fallen.” My fleshly nature does not take well to trusting God; sometimes there is anxiety to contend with, but I am learning confidence in being given peace of mind when I claim it as my right as a child of God.

I look forward to a place with God eventually where there are no more fleshy battles of angst, worry, fear, and sin to contend with. Complete and blessed peace with Him is going to be quite something.

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