Posted by: the warrioress | October 18, 2011

Learning About Real Friendship

I’ve discovered some interesting things about friendship after my experience of leaving MD. I didn’t have a lot of friends on that site, but I had some that were and are definitely more than mere acquaintances. These people actually cared about me. Some of them are married or are in serious long-term relationships.  Despite this, these people stood up for me when I was treated badly at MD and they always backed me up over and over; they continue to do that very thing as of today even!

I post an exclamation point because it still kind of surprises me in the times we’re living in, when people betray their own family and children at the drop of a hat. Yet I’ve discovered that I actually selected some truly loyal friends. If only these people were nearer to me, distance-wise. I can only imagine if I had actually been able to meet Jankia and his lady, Brenda, or could have gotten to know Jeff and his wife-to-be, in person.

These are the kinds of people whom one could live a long while knowing and caring for. They are just really “good people.” And there were others.. too many to name here in this one entry, but I won’t forget the times that they stood by me and continue to do so.  Servant of Christ and Suthn’man … were loyal, sincere friends whom I will stay in touch with indefinitely, thankfully.

And there are those who shocked me….

There was one in particular whom I thought was someone who would never turn upon me, who I believed would be by my side until the end of my time on this earth. I suppose I was overestimating what I believed Larry and I shared, despite the fact that we never spoke off of the site, but I considered this gentleman to really be someone I could count on, who considered me a true friend.

Imagine my shock when I found that he turned on me completely and didn’t even recognize what was perpetrated by the moderation there and the pack of God-hating bullies that were consistently on my tail day in and day out.  Of course, this man remained in the blogging side of the site so he missed a lot, but I expected that he knew me, that our friendship meant more to him than how he treated it when all was said and done. I was pretty stunned at the backstabbing and lack of anything resembling understanding he offered after I departed. He just dug that knife in deeper via the written word.  Live and learn, I guess.

There were those who I thought were probably pretty good people, who showed their true, gossipy colors after I left the site.  They laughed and made cruel jokes at my expense. A few of them actually claimed they were Christians, which was really kind of astonishing. And certain others  blatantly told outright lies about me and I couldn’t even defend myself without returning to the site to attempt to. I no longer had much if any desire to do so. When one watches one’s self be consistently demeaned and lied about though, even after one has departed, it’s hard not to speak up for one’s self.

Gossips on the site claimed I had created other profiles and that my original one, Southernlass, wasn’t the only one. They claimed I didn’t believe in communicating with others who are not Christian and mouthed off several other falsehoods. They believed they saw me at the site in countless fake profiles, and this was really kind of amusing. The woman who is still obsessed with me saw me here, there, and practically everywhere; yet I was nowhere to be seen on that site!

I observed some pretty ugly behavior that surprised me because I try to see the good in most, when possible, and I didn’t see a lot of good out of several;  I saw some disappointing, petty, immature behavior that doesn’t show the best of human nature.

It may take time to move forward and leave that internet locale completely behind me, mentally-speaking.  When we stay somewhere a long time, it can become a part of us and that place initially did become a part of me, as did some of the people there. Unfortunately, it was not what I thought it was…

It was ruined for me by poor, unfair, biased moderation that was heavy-handed and terribly inconsistent, as well as a group of troll-like bullies who freely act as they wish, with impunity.  They actually intimidate the membership with the moderator’s blessing, apparently. There is little one can do when this is the case so I am moving on to the next of life’s lessons and the companions that these will bring me.

I will remember and fondly think of those who remain my friends, who treated me well, however, …always. Thank you again, to those of you who did so;  I won’t forget you. I hope you will keep up with me here.



  1. Hi Sweetheart……..I will so miss you on the MD site. I counted you as one of my friends as well.
    The mods do show bias on that site and the death of that site will lie squarely on their own shoulders. I see a blog just this morning where Ragheadcookie calls you an “it”, a bitch, and a crazy, yet the mods do nothing about it. I could name you a number of airheads on there that seem to get by with this forever and the mods do nothing about it but you likely know all the names already.
    They think they win by chasing you off there but remember this…….they lose and we win in the end, we read the back of the book (Bible) and WE WIN!! They are the losers! And they lose anyway for not taking the time to know your wonderful heart………………………Dave

  2. Below is my MD blog concerning Ragheadcookie
    I noticed that a friend of mine has been blocked from this site.
    I also noticed that in a blog titled ‘It came back’ that there were a number of personal attacks against this person by the author. It is true that the author did not mention the person by name, yet everyone knows who he was making reference to, thus a personal attack. It continues to amaze me the utter bias the mods seem to show in who they block and don’t block.
    If someone doesn’t like someones religious views don’t read it.
    Instead you can’t wait to read it and Whine, or make personal attacks in a comment and get by with it.
    The same with political opinions.
    What a bunch of lightweight thinkers some of you are. So shallow a new born baby couldn’t drown in your drivel.
    The person in question that was blocked by the mods is a good and DECENT woman with a good heart that was guilty of nothing but expressing her feelings about her religion. Well, she wasn’t Muslim, or a Devil worshiper, or an atheist so perhaps that’s the problem.
    People with black hearts walk in darkness and hate the light. She is a voice of that light.
    Now, for the first time in the many years I have been on this site I have changed my settings to “on approval”. Why? because I will NOT tolerate any bashing of her on MY BLOG.!
    Trinity has spoken!!

  3. Wow… just wow.

    I was gone most of the morning so these blogs were deleted by the time I made it back online late this afternoon. I’m not at all surprised by the Raghead. That man is, unfortunately, terribly miserable in his life and probably frustrated as well. He is dealing with a lot and is jobless as well. Well, I suppose he must vent and rant at someone. Making me his little scapegoat works as well as anything else, I suppose. I appreciate so much you’re standing by me, Dave. God bless you always for your loyalty.

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