Posted by: the warrioress | October 19, 2011


I’ve got tears in my eyes as I write this — I never realized how difficult it would be to feel as if I’m saying goodbye to those whom I’ve really cared about, who evidently really cared about me as well, who took our friendship seriously.

One of them, Dave (Trinity), has already commented on these blogs of mine. He stood up for me by writing a blog there this morning to counter the horrific blog put out by another bully/troll on that same MD dating site.  I never got to view that ugly blog RC wrote and perhaps it’s just as well. The moderator there deleted both Dave and RC’s blogs. Dave’s blog did not break the rules but of course, Dave was standing up for me, so apparently his blog had to go.  Go figure.

Dave gave me a copy of what he had written in his comment here. It was so moving to read his words and it is just now settling in how lucky I am to have touched the lives of some of the people that I’m now getting to know much better.

I had a look over there on MD a little while ago and to my astonishment saw that Jankia had also written a blog directly to me!  Apparently the moderator had done away with my profile, thus all of the mail I sent to various people last night was also done away with before they were able to view it, potentially. Several are asking Jankia for my email address over there, it would seem.

For those reading, my email address is and it’s not really a state secret so feel free to use and share it with anyone that may want to contact me directly; I don’t mind at all.

Jankia has written a lovely blog tonight and it settled my agitation as I read it, because before I came upon it,  I read something else in the MD forum that disturbed me quite a bit.  I realized that Jankia always has been good at calming me down with his wise words and brings me back to a level-headed place of self control instead of the hot-headed person I can occasionally be when I get mad.

More and more I learn from some of the Christians at MD who have taught me so much about real Christianity. They walk their talk to the best of their ability. They are really in love with Jesus Christ, and I admire their Christian walk so much. I want to be like them and I feel the bonds of true family reaching across the miles, despite our  never having met in person.

I’m so sorry that you’ve been put into the middle on this thing, Jankia, between your former and current friends and myself. I know that some of your friends don’t like me and have clashed with me. Many of them don’t understand me. Hopefully, they will feel as I do though, that it doesn’t matter whether your friends and I get along or we don’t;  the fact of the matter is that none of us should be able to stand to see you suffer and so should strive not to allow you to be put into a tug-of-war between us, attempting to make you take sides out of our egos.

Your wisdom astounds me and I know you can make your own wise, valid decisions in this regard, and I trust in that.

Again, this blog is just to thank those of you who have really been here for me and who are continuing to be. There are more of you than I would have ever imagined. IB4U, Angel, and so many others, I hope you are reading and if you aren’t, I hope someone will see that you read this somehow. I miss you and I love you.


  1. it’s very sad and and quiet in MD tonight … it doesn’t feel like home anymore … I gave the link to your blog to a couple of people that were wondering where you were… I’ve started reading again … it’s sad when reading is more inviting than the computer .. and I love my computer …lol
    but I don’t always love what goes on behind this screen. I know how your feeling .. I’ve had the same feeling when friends have canceled .. it’s like they vanish ..very sad.

  2. Adrienne……. I sent a copy of your message to Jankia. It seems his blog about you was deleted too, either my him or more likely the mods. The last I looked, the blog looks like it is there but when I click on it well it won’t open anymore, and just goes back to all the blogs.

  3. So glad you’re here though… because it makes it far less lonely. (hugging). Now the only thing I really wish these blogs had are the emoties. How can there be blogging with no emoties??!! Good grief. How can this be?

    Perhaps I’m missing them somehow. I’ll have another look around the “dashboard” of this blog and see if there’s anything that can be done about this. And yes, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been reading more and more of late. Started a great book that’s a best seller called “The Nocturne.” You should check it out. Thanks so much, HpyLady, that you passed around this link to those who are asking about me.

    Maybe you could give Jankia my email address and the link here as well, would you? I would be very grateful.

  4. Dave! Thank you so much! What a relief that is…
    Yes, I figured it was only a matter of time before the Mod would come along and wipe away something else. Of course, he never does wipe away the ugly things too quickly though, does he? …. ah well.

    I’m going crazy without the emoticons. Not sure how I’m going to get used to writing without those. (muses)
    Glad to see you and Hpy Lady here tonight, Dave. (hugging)

  5. I did already.. the blog link and you put your emasil address up so he’ll see it.

  6. my daughter has gotten me to reading books by Kristin Hannah … I’ve read about a dozen so far … very good writer ..most of her books are about relationships… my favorite so far has been Winter Garden .. I couldn’t put it down once I stated reading it… it’s midnight here so I’m taking my book to bed .. do yourself a favor and don’t even read the the forums.. none of it is worth getting upset about.
    good night miss Bible warrior ess =)

  7. Hey! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the nice information you’ve got here on this post. I might be coming again to your weblog for extra soon.

  8. Well, thank you, Sammy. I appreciate it!

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