Posted by: the warrioress | October 19, 2011

Standing up for myself

I took some action that may or may not have been wise, but I felt that I had to discuss many falsehoods and intentional misleading commentary that was being shared about me at that former home of mine, MD.  I felt that to move on from it that I had to set the record straight.  I also wanted to write a letter to the moderator there and make clear how wrong I thought he was for the inconsistencies he’s engaged in, and the heavy-handed approach he takes with Christians, in particular.

I wanted to share my new locale with some of the friends I had made there so that I would not lose touch with any of them, so that they would know that I’m all right. I wanted them to see that I’m bouncing back, slowly but surely.  Truly, I was hurt over the action taken there against me, and I still am on many levels.  I was angry too because I didn’t understand the absolute unfairness of the matter and how it all was handled.

I was dealt with so coldly, with no compassion or understanding, and not even any attempt to communicate with me; I think this was the biggest problem I had with the thing. I expected so much more out of the MD moderator than I received.  I guess I thought that I really mattered as one of the members there to him.  How wrong I was.

Anyway, it hurt.

Well, I’ve said my piece  now, even though it will be wiped away very soon, and I’ve no real reason to return there.  I want to close the door on that place for the time being, I guess.  It’s time to move ahead and just forgive and attempt to forget.  I got to say my goodbyes and communicate with most of those I care about again, so now… I’m moving forward, or at least I will try to do so.  I’m not saying I’ll never write about that place again because I have no doubt I will, but I want to positively focus upon the good things I’m finding despite what happened at MD, and the new possibilities for the future — this blog mainly for one.

Another thing is that I’m really in awe of that other place I’ve found (Christian site) and I think I’ve really managed to discover a place where I can learn a wealth of knowledge from some amazing, REAL Christians, who take their beliefs as seriously as I do. And they seem really kind, pleasant, and loving! I don’t see the same kind of pettiness, gossipy behavior, and game-playing that I’ve had to deal with in the past most recently.

I think I could really grow in my Christianity at that place. I’m really looking forward to this.

Going to church at my neighborhood church hasn’t been the best experience because I don’t have a lot in common with some of the people there and it’s such a small church.  There are no singles or divorced people my age. Finding that new Christian site is really going to be something that I think may help me more than anything else, short of time spent with God in prayer, the bible, etc.

Anyway, life is looking up and I hope all begins to work out better, despite these bumps in the road of late. I am forging ahead and hoping for the best!


  1. well I throughly enjoyed your visit .. it was very informative and now we know you are doing fine..and ofcourse all the traces of all the excitment have vanished… but you should rest assured you did get your message across… I think it all needed to be said.I didn’t get the info on your new site your on so sometime if you get a chance post that again thanks ..

  2. Just so you know Lass, I got home from town to discover the mods had pulled my blog. The good news is they pulled raghead’s blog as well so at least I got a little retribution for you. What bothers me though is I said nothing wrong in my blog and they pulled it, yet the raghead made personal attacks about you and ALL they did is pulled his blog when he should have been booted.

  3. Wow..I didn’t know that Raghead was that taken with me, Trinity/Dave. lol…

    Thank you for having my back. I won’t forget it. (Hugs)

    Hpylady, I’m so glad that I got to talk with you, as briefly as it was. I’m not planning on making another appearance there unless the mod continues to allow the various bullies and sundry trolls to keep lying about me and attacking my good name. Hopefully we can all move forward, despite what has happened.

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