Posted by: the warrioress | October 19, 2011

Ugly hearts?

I’m striving not to think in black and white terms when it comes to people I meet and the way that they think, or the things that they choose to freely say. I need to see them as blending in shades of gray, in that they are made up of good, bad, mediocre, and whole rainbow of colors in their natures. It’s so hard though, because these days, many are seemingly becoming pretty bad.

I was reading over on MD and encountered a comment in the Random Thoughts section that was enough to quite literally turn my stomach. It went like this:

Apparently one person was kicked off and another left before that happened!

And doggone it! I didn’t get to congratulate one for finally making (or attempting to make) an honest woman out of his g/f after living off her all these years!


I know who this older woman is talking about, as does everyone else.  He is no longer there to speak for himself, as I am not either. These disgusting comments are the kind of thing we have both had to tolerate the entire time that we were members there.  The moderator allowed this and never did delete commentary that was insulting toward us or the other Christians. He is still allowing it today, it would appear, so nothing has changed there in the slightest.

What is amazing to me though is that the person who made this comment is an older, mature, retired woman who claims to be a Christian, who should know better.  Unfortunately, what I’ve seen from her is a tendency to gossip, and take jabs at other people’s expense. I see more of the same directed at me as well on the same thread, from the same bullies and trolls that are filled with glee when they are able to hurt others freely. How very ugly this all is. And something within me tells me quietly within my mind that they must have ugly hearts…

I don’t understand this though, because there is good in them as well. This lady who made this terribly ugly comment loves animals and cares for them. How could someone who loves cats act like this and want to reach out and stab someone with her words so callously? What kind of hate must she have within her that she wants to hurt another so badly? And how does that gel with the animal-loving person that she appears to be? I just don’t understand it.

I’ve seen some serious ugliness on that forum and in the blogs and will continue to, I guess, and what is most surprising to me is that this ugliness is often emanating from people who claim to love God or to be spiritual. It’s beyond me entirely. I guess that they’ve forgotten that the two greatest commandments that Jesus said the Law and Prophets were based upon were to love God with all of our hearts and to love our neighbor as our self. I don’t think these people get it.

At any rate, I could feel myself getting tense and wanting to go back there again and respond to these people, and most especially to her who said what she did, and just let her have it. The man she said that about doesn’t need or deserve that kind of disrespect and ugliness. I do hope he doesn’t read that. And it infuriates me that he might read it and be hurt by it but there’s nothing I can do about that now. I can’t keep going back there just because some of the people there show what is within their hearts for all to see. (sigh)

I will have to let it go. I cannot ride to the rescue like an angry knight-ess charging forth to rescue those whom she loves; I don’t think that the man in question would expect me to do so at this point anyway. I hope he can just let it go and ignore these sick, unfortunate, obviously disturbed-on-some- level people who don’t know how to love, who are short on compassion and mercy.

If this keeps up, I may have to stop reading over there entirely because I won’t be able to ever put this behind me if I don’t.



  1. hon who is the author of your book Nocturne..

  2. Hey Hpylady,

    Here is a link to’s review of the book and you can see the cover etc.

    This is a superb book. I mean… you won’t want to put it down kinda book. The author is Syrie James. The book is called NOCTURNE.

  3. Thank you very much =)

  4. (Edited due to more trolling by commentator)

  5. if you can’t ride to the rescue like an angry knight-ess, then perhaps you should try ride like an angry warrioress

  6. CC… I’ll always have a little soft spot for you 😉

    Thanks for the comment! Glad you’re reading!

  7. I was wrong. A parent helping out with the dance had been walking behind me. I can still hear him say, “Man, you sure learn how to make good clothes look cheap. “

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