Posted by: the warrioress | October 20, 2011

Naming my blog

I thought I would mention how I came about deciding upon a name for this blog.

I’m considering actually creating my own domain name and address because it’s so reasonable to do so on this site and it increases one’s blog traffic immensely. I’ve already experienced several views but to get the views up there, one really needs to be able to reach a wide audience and there are so many tricks of the trade to this, but a good name is really important.

When I was over at the dating site, Matchdoctor, I met a wonderful lady there, (HpyLady), who was messaging back and forth with me and one day she commented, “you’re a bible warrior!”

I chuckled to myself as she said it but I didn’t forget her words and they kind of grew on me over time, and I liked the sound of that because it fits, based upon what’s occurring all around us in the times we’re now living through. For those of you who have seen the movie, The Book of Eli, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it, you need to view it.

Christians may yet have to become “bible warriors,” in my opinion. It is going to get that difficult out here to be able to share the word of God with others. People are eventually going to kill us for attempting to share it, and I think the bible will actually be banned before too much longer. The stage is being set for this very thing to come about.

We are rapidly losing our freedoms in this nation and freedom of religion will be one of the first to go. Christians are already being verbally and emotionally persecuted for our faith here in America, and in other countries Christians are being murdered. Things will definitely escalate in the future. Christians have to be able to put on the whole armor of God, as the good book says, and we may have to actually put it on literally as well. Time will tell.

Anyway, this lady friend of mine unknowingly gave me the idea for the name of this blog, which sort of resulted in an idea for the user name as well, “the warrioress.” I think both are a good fit for me and explain writings that may be a bit controversial for some. Censorship is my enemy and I stand by everyone being allowed freedom of speech, including those with whom I disagree.

Thank you, HpyLady for a wonderful, colorful, brilliant name and title. God bless you, my friend.



  1. your welcome .. I like someone who is not easily wavered .. =)

  2. I hope it never comes to pass that we have to give up our Bibles .. but when you read always tuck it away in your heart so that if you are without your Bible you’ll still have the word. One of my favorites is Psalms 91 .. have no fear my dear he gives you protection. ((((warrioress))))

  3. ..copy/paste

    sorry I don’t know how to do links in here… it’s a song

  4. wow it made it’s own link .. that is cool… =)

  5. It is cool, right?
    That was a beautiful song.. thank you!

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