Posted by: the warrioress | October 22, 2011

Reality is really just reality!



There is a lot of garbage floating around the internet that promises to change your life. We’re literally bombarded with it. From “The Secret” that Oprah Winfrey promoted and got behind, to a lot of New Age material that is basically old age “positive thinking” repackaged, this New Age mumbo jumbo appears to be everywhere we look! We are being overwhelmed by mystical promises that encourage us to find our power within ourselves and create our own realities. We even hear this from the prosperity preachers that encourage us to use our minds so that we can visualize and create what we most want. These philosophies almost promise something magical that we can make happen if we simply … focus.

New Age-ism is becoming the prism through which we are told we should view the world. More and more we see this perspective subtly and not so subtly laid out for our consumption as a society. Because this perspective is being pushed and forced onto humanity through so many venues, despite ourselves it will eventually begin to impact us, whether we think so or not. What all of this New Age babble is attempting to do is convince us that we can control everything in our lives with our minds; that we are in charge, that we are powerful, and that we create our own realities. To sum this up in a nutshell, New Age thought wants to convince us that:

 – we are God and we can be and act as God –

Unfortunately, New Age propaganda does not recognize or admit that no matter what we are thinking in our minds is reality, there is still a real, true, actual reality that exists, nevertheless. This reality does not alter or change no matter what we’re thinking or perceiving. We can successfully bury our heads into the sand, though, and convince ourselves of these lies. We can tell ourselves that something is the opposite of what it really is. We can believe the lies we attempt to tell ourselves. What this is, though, is something else entirely. It’s something we often did as children when we couldn’t face the truth of things in our lives. We pretended.

Pretending may feel “real,” but it’s not real. It may actually look and feel so real that we don’t recognize our own delusion, but we’re really only fooling ourselves; we’re not actually changing reality. There are some realities that exist in our world whether we are able or willing to look at and acknowledge them or not. What are some of these?

People are starving; they are truly, honest to goodness, going hungry in our world. Our weather is changing and becoming more and more unpredictable. Wars are increasing. Violence all over the world is growing and increasing. People are becoming de-sensitized to violence.

These are just some of the realities that are truth no matter what we may desire or “feel” about them. No matter how long or often we focus, we cannot change these realities with our minds. Certainly we can bury our heads in the sand or lie to ourselves about the truth of these matters, or pretend that they don’t exist, but how does this really help anyone, much less ourselves? We’re not living in the real world! We are unable to face reality and so we escape it instead, just like the alcoholic or the drug addict, or anyone who uses an unfortunate technique to runaway from the hard truths within life.

Personally, I would rather deal with the unfortunate realities head on and not fool myself about what truth is. I want to see the real thing, no matter how much it hurts. It builds my character and strength of mind and heart to actually see reality and accept it as it is. I do my part to fight against what upsets or disillusions me if I can’t accept it, but I’m not going to intentionally delude myself because I don’t have the inner ability to simply look at reality. If I don’t recognize the hard realities and confront them, I can’t change the facts of what is occurring.

I don’t want to escape from everything difficult just to make life easier for myself. This is an extremely selfish, sad way of viewing the world and more than anything else, it’s a weak way of living life. It doesn’t take much character to run away and hide from truth. What this consists of is intentional deceit and trickery. It’s a way of deceiving one’s own self because one doesn’t have the strength of character to face and take on truth. I’m tougher than this and don’t want to shy away from the hard stuff of life. I want to make a difference by seeing reality and putting my dukes up to do whatever I need to do to either change it or learn to cope with it without fear through accepting it.


  1. New Age is a bit more than postive thinking ..take a look.

  2. Oh yes, I know, Hpylady! This stuff is quite literally everywhere I look. It’s all over the internet, in people’s blogs, in our universities under the guise of psychology, and is a part of countless ancient beliefs. It’s all being repackaged and resold to us now as a way to make us somehow powerful enough to essentially “save ourselves,” or “fix” ourselves. When I found it being preached in my counseling graduate program, I was pretty surprised.

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