Posted by: the warrioress | October 22, 2011

Scary People

Out in cyberspace where people compete with one another for time and attention, when one is threatened by another’s points of view, opinions, or beliefs, the easiest thing one can do is get rid of the person through one venue or another. How does one get rid of the person? There are numerous ways for the sicker among us.

One can pretend that the person doesn’t exist through ignoring what threatens one or essentially blocking them out of one’s mind; this is the least overt and harmless of one’s methods.

A little more intimidating, one can strive to create drama and angst with the person directly in order to influence others to take sides against the person who is threatening; hence creating a virtual lynch-mob that will focus upon running the person off.

One can resort to covertly advertising to everyone encountered that one is being victimized by the person so that other people begin to feel sorry for one, which results in the same lynch-mob mentality in the sad attempt to get rid of said person.

One can become increasingly proactive and tattletale behind the person’s back to those in charge or try to get the person into trouble, resulting in getting the person removed from wherever it is everyone is congregating — and last but not least, onecan mislead, outright deceive, and basically trick everyone around one into what one perceives, through a variety of underhanded schemes and manipulations.

Unfortunately, warped, disturbed people have the ability to exercise all or any of these sick options and proceed to put them into action once we come into their focus.  There are so many people on the internet on a variety of social networking sites that will go to any and all lengths to do away with anyone who intimidates or threatens their weak sense of self esteem and identity.  If we spend any time at all online at a regular locale, we’ve all probably had to deal with someone who disliked us for absolutely no reason that we could fathom, short of just outright jealousy over our ideas, who we are, or what we look like. These people envy us to the point they begin to have contempt and dislike for us, in that they feel that we are a threat to them in some unspoken way.

While we innocently go about our daily existence, this kind of person is scrutinizing and focusing upon us in a truly pathological manner and we don’t even know it until they make themselves known through forcing themselves into our lives through strange machinations of circumstances, events, and people.

Suddenly we become aware that we have an actual enemy out here, who is deluded and akin to the woman in the movie “Fatal Attraction.” It’s someone scary, disturbed, and actually obsessed. This person has at their disposal a whole host of tricks up their sleeves and while we’re hardly naive, there is no way that we can possibly fight against or even realize what this individual is capable of.

People don’t attempt to get rid of or silence someone who doesn’t threaten them. Truly disturbed people will go to practically any length to see someone else censored, silenced, degraded, humiliated, or demeaned in order to wipe away their internet presence. Their intent becomes obvious over time to more than just themselves, although they are very adept at lying to themselves and living in an alternate reality where they are the victim and their target is the enemy. Their primary purpose is to convince everyone else of their perspective so that they can continue to sustain their delusion.

I’ve had to deal with a person like I’m describing, for a very long time now. This person is a sad, pathetic individual and it’s becoming clear to me that I haven’t even begun to touch the surface of how deranged she is. I don’t think I realized how consuming focusing upon me has become for her. I’m truly at a loss to know how to deal with her now and in the future. Most people would suggest that one avoid, stay away from, and just ignore her and she’ll eventually go away.

Unfortunately, I’m beginning to recognize that there are some people who will never go away. One can only hope that they never make themselves known in real time within our daily lives because they can become akin to something out of a horror tale and wreak havoc upon our comfortable existence.


  1. well first and fore most we are all God’s children … he doesn’t look at us differently .. we are the ones that look at each other differently… that in part is because we don’t completely understand each other. We identify ourselves with our own life experiences ..they are what we are familiar with and we feel have made us grow in our walk with God. God on the other hand sees us as all the same .. he knows where we came from ..he knows what we have been through .. and he knows why we think the way we do… he is an all knowing God.. so what is the most important thing to be concerned about is our relationship with him not what our neighbor is doing or not doing … it seems at times complex but it is not .. it’s very simple.. Thou shalt love the Lord God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

  2. Honestly, there is more than one individual who is engaging in this twisted behavior, HpyLady, but I’m beginning to realize that there is little to nothing I can do to control this or fight against it. You should read some of the comments I’m getting from one lady in particular from MD on this blog that I’m not publishing.

    The best thing I can do, is simply no longer pay it any more attention. I am turning these “ladies” over to God and am going to allow Him to handle the matter for me. Short of if this matter becomes a legal concern in that the stalking begins to break the law, it’s pointless to even focus upon it further. Thanks for your comment!

  3. HI friend..I made it! Thanks for the invite…..I know what your talking about. Weve both been there….Ive been the subject of a ‘roast’ a time or two…lmao…and yes…the kindergarteners tattle tell..and get us kicked off..Isnt that called intolerance? Immaturity? Hey…how come its not an option for those “PLAY MISTY FOR ME TYPES’ to just sort of move along to another blog? Its like a drug for them..They are hooked on the drama..They cannot resist the chance to spew their venom on an unsuspecting blogger..They are frothing for the…They love to stir up trouble..instead of just having a nice little debate..and agree to disagree…like adults do… Its amazing the immaturity that resides in internet forums ….Nice blog…thanks

  4. Citizen, you’re most welcome! I figured you would show up eventually. heh heh.

    So glad to see you… (hugs)

    And yes, trouble trouble. seems some can just never get enough 😉
    God bless, my sister.

  5. It’s best to ignore them, just let their hate, etc roll off your back like a duck, no worries. I used to wonder, though, before I figures this out, what’s wrong with them, and then I would get mad at them, the silly fools who insists on hating Jesus and His pure Book, King James Bible and I wondered, wondered and wondered, driving me crazy, and then I realised, I already read fo their type, in New Age Bible Versions, by G.A. Riplinger, and other books and I realised, it was because they’re empty, hollow, full of lies fed to them by their distorted “modern” bible versions (which also adds other religions, New Ageism, etc et al), and thus they thinks we can be gods, and so that’s what drove them in their ceaseless quest to be like gods.

    It makes me recall about reading Scientology to understand, how they thinks they can recover their “godhood” and yet it is all the same deluded rubbish, lucifer said to Eve that we can be like gods, yet generations hence, people beleives his lies and thus there’s crazies and psychos and sociopaths and all sorts who thinks the same, that they’re gods and they wrecks havocs everywhere, in their sick beliefs, not realising that Jesus said, Thou Shalt Not Kill, and the rest of the commandments and it made so much sense. I pity Tom Cruise his insanity quest for godhood for he really is the most deluded fellow I’ve ever seen, and I pray that he will awakens from the scientology- or whatever that was keepign him hypnotised and deluded.

    And yep, people actually attacked me for my newly strengthened belief in Lord Jesus Christ and the perfect bible, King James Bible and I had wondered why until I traces the origins of their beliefs to the lies of Lucifer’s. It’s so simple. It all ties right back to the biggest egotist moron who thinks he can be better than God, seeking to exalt himself above God, and thus drags us all down with the moron.

    Not us, though, we who believes and have tremendous FAITH in Lord Jesus Christ, for we are already saved.

    So I do not worry about those who attacks us, for I know them now. Jesus said, be like serpent yet harmless as doves, so that means, we will be fierce and strong and defends our beliefs, yet we will not harm anyone, least of all these deluded morons, thus we keep the commandment alive, safe and sound, no worries. These deluded fools, however, breaks everything in the commandments, and thus they are lost until if, and when, they ever wakes up and realised the truth, that Jesus DOES forgives and washes all sins who repents to Him, and believes and have FAITH in Him, for by then they are SAVED. This is the most miraculous of all, the true salvation, and how can anyone IGNORE THIS?! I find it mind-boggling that people choose to ignore this most important factor of all! Broad and wide is the road that leads to hell, through funny religions, traditions, and all sorts. Narrow is the road leads to Heaven THROUGH Lord Jesus Christ, and that’s it. Simple. No delusions, nor ignorance of this FACT will ever let the deluded morons get to heaven, except through the illusions that lucifer has over them… Jesus cleans the illusions out of your eyes, just like that. If you let it.

    So we ignores the attackers and prays that they’ll wake up when they needs to, perhaps right up until the last minute, for some, but for most, they’ll just follows blindly lucifer’s illusions until they wakes up in hell, realised the truth, and be on their knees praying to Jesus until their souls are annihlated. There is no second chance to change your mind. It’s NOW, to choose one or the other, no changing mind later, after it is too late. This is why I made my choice months ago, to renew my belief and faith in Lord Jesus Christ. For, all that I read, one thing impressed on my mind the most, once we die, whatever choice we make, will carry over to when we are resurrected to be judged according to our beleif, in lucifer or in Jesus. No second chances. All the right info is right here, right now. Jesus is salvation. Lucifer is death, and second death, as well, for in second death, there is annihlation, and those who do not believe in Jesus will be destroyed, they’ll becomes ashes and they’ll no longer have conscious life, no afterlife, no “ghosts” life, just …. oblivion.

    Those who believes in Jesus, however, will be judged to be fit and they’ll enter a new life, with Jesus and after that we’ll enjoy a new life, for eternity, happiness and love and peace. Beautiful. Amazing. There are more things that Jesus promised us so I am eager to wait for Him and His new gift fo me and all my bethrens, immortality.

    So no worries, let the slings and arrows of deluded and misinformed fools rolls off our backs, we’ll be immune for our faith sustains us, for Jesus protects us, for our body may be weak, but our spirit, our very faith, is STRONG, and impervious to these contrary fools who thinks there are other better roads to heaven, (which contradicts Jesus’ words that all but one roads leads to hell)… so we know the truth, and they do not, or if they do, then they’re really are deluded, poor things. But I choosed to be saved and I will not let them manipulated me into giving up my position on staying by Jesus’ side. They care not a wit for my life, why should I worry about them? I know their motivations, their agendas, their evil… I know them very well. Their way is death. Jesus’ way is LIFE. I know which one I beleives and have faith on.

    Lord Jesus Christ is the GREATEST!

    No worries.

  6. Thanks so much for your comment, Alex! God bless you. It’s so great that you’ve finally showed up!

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