Posted by: the warrioress | October 25, 2011

Who is Kaitlan Rain Randell?

For about ten or more years, up until about a year or so ago,  I ran an incredible creative writing “guild” known as Keepers of the Midnight Blue.  I created a website for it, with help from a web builder here in my city.  I had many members in my guild.  At the height of its glory, KotMB housed over 200 members.

We roleplayed characters that we created together as we engaged in writing ongoing stories about the characters that sprung from our imaginations. We posted our stories on the guild message board/forum that I had built for us. We had people of all ages and creative abilities within our guild, ranging from their seventies to young people of seventeen.

I was very proud of my roleplaying group. To many of them I was a stand in mom of a sorts. They confided in me through out many of their younger years and I knew their parents, families, siblings, children, etc. We had real time events and the guild members actually traveled to me in person a few times a year and wore their character costumes  — and we even played our characters on occasion, kind of like a LARP.

After a close friend of mine in the guild passed away over a year or so ago now and as I’ve gotten older, I lost my desire to run the guild and attempted to turn it over to others to renovate and kind of recreate it.  This didn’t really work out. I suppose that my guild is retired for the time being.  My forum needs work (new drivers) and I am very involved with other things that are consuming my time.

Kaitlan Rain Randell is my pen name for a character whom I created, whom I dearly love, who will always be a part of me.  I have copyrighted her along with everything to do with KotMB. I’ve written thousands of pages of stories about Kaitlan and I will probably continue to do so when the desire arises, as I’m sure it will again someday.

I am planning to try to go back into my notes and memory so I can write a book about her in the future and will hopefully publish it.  Keepers of the Midnight Blue (KotMB) was something extremely special to me, as were the group of people who played the various characters, who became best friends, most of whom I will never forget.

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