Posted by: the warrioress | October 26, 2011

The Downward Slide


Inwardly I remember a hinky feeling that something wasn’t quite right as I read about Californians’ preparing to vote on Proposition Eight, in regard to gay marriage.  I’ve had gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender friends and acquaintances, and have never been what one would term homophobic; still I recoiled from what I saw as the redefinition of marriage, despite the obvious fact that the hetero community has hardly made a hero out of ourselves when it comes to marital statistics.

Initially, I knew my wary feelings had more to do with what was sometimes called “the open door,” also known as “the slippery slope,” than it did with gays seeking to marry — because I took no issue with their desire for civil unions.  I saw nothing wrong with offering them the same or similar rights that heterosexuals enjoy as a result of legal marriage.

I tried to explain my baffling concerns about where marriage was headed to some of the key people in my life, and received sneers and a few accusations that I was acting bigoted and intolerant.  Stating that “if gays were allowed to marry, what would want to marry next?” just got me laughed at, as though such a notion was ridiculous and shouldn’t even come to mind. I cited proof of my concern through countless sources, and continued to receive disdain and denial. Eventually that debate died away like most do, and time passed on, like it always does.

Here we are now, not even a few years later, and the gay agenda is in full swing ahead as they clamor for their civil rights, only I’m hearing exactly what I was afraid of over the dull roar. Gay groups are aligning with the  polygamous, who now also seek their civil rights and want to marry, just as I said that they would when the Prop Eight debate reared its ugly head.

We Three

Now the slippery slope is a reality, and as the polygamous climb up onto the civil rights bandwagon, I wonder if the incestuous, the joining of men and boys (NAMBLA), and the zoophiles will be next. Who are we, after all, to deny anyone or any thing the right to marry? This is just one of the arguments I think we’re going to become very familiar with in the coming months and years ahead. I won’t be surprised if  man and his blow up doll will be next in line to marry, after that. There will be no limit to it, and that was the point I tried to make all along.  

When we do away with Christian morality through the destruction of a standard that has been maintained for years, we are left with the secular, where morality is in flux and particular to the individual. What this means is that there is little morality left because it’s a ‘create your own morals’ kind of world we are are living in. What is created is an “if it feels good, do it” style of relating to life.

The baby boomers have already tried this and experienced some of the backlash of this kind of hedonism and living for the moment.  Why must we travel back there and repeat history on this particular lesson? What is happening to the proud and beautiful America that I used to know and love? How far down will this slippery slope take us? How low can we go?

Ned And Teagan



  1. I I agree with you 110% on this. There will be worse freaks out there, wanting to marry this or that. I’m sick of New Age and their silliness. They’re idiots.

    Marriage is sacred, a sacred union between a Man and a Woman, that’s it.

    All other “unions” are corrupted, sick, perverted, no matter how “feel-good” it is, it’s still perverted. Indeed, this world has caused so many divisions between men and woman that now too many thinks they’re happier with their own sex, or some sort of perversions thereof. I pity them their delusions, how they do not realised they was manipulated into thinking their way of life is best.

    Sacred Marriage is what the lucifer legions ARE intent on destroying with their sick “feel-good” perversions and perverting people into twisted lost souls. And he’s laughing all the way to hell, dragging lost peole who do not know any bettter with him to hell.

    There REALLY is a spiritual battle between God and Lucifer. God with Love. Lucifer with Hate. i know which side I am on… God’s side, Jesus’ side!

    For I know, there is no TRUE salvation with lucifer, ever. His lies led people to hell, why should I follow his illusions of lies? No thanks.

    Jesus, however, IS TRUTH! Thus I have peace of mind, contentment in my heart, where my faith is in, on Him, Lord Jesus Christ. No worries!

  2. Thanks, Alex! I really appreciate your perspective on this. I thought it was an interesting topic because I’ve been watching this in the back of my mind for years now, waiting for that slippery slope to materialize and it did, just as I knew it would. Whoops 😦

  3. And that’s sad, yes, the slippery slope that they’re seems to be completely unaware of… as though they’re blinded by their own lusts or greed or avarice or whatever that passes for “feel-good” philosophy that they justify, some with millitant attitude, whenever someone whose eyes are not so blinkered by their ideologies of whatever, tries to draw their attention to the shortcomings of ideologies that they were pushing, like this New World Order thing that they thinks will saves them, saves everything, saves all life as we know it.

    Sad to say, it won’t happen like they thinks it will. Their utopia will just be window dressing, then, when the edge is tipped, they’ll slides even faster, as they’ll awakens and realised, Jesus IS real, and the Anti-Christ IS a liar, and that those nice beings that came with him, were lying all along.

    Yep, it’ll just get worse and worse, that’s how it is.

    The bible, not one prediction have ever been disproven, still have a few more predictions that will comes to hence.

    These New Agers, these poor fools with their blinkered eyes and mind, denying Jesus and yet welcoming the Anti-Christ, who will brings lying signs and wonders in the form of “aliens” and “ufos” and “ghosts” and things, which, in reality, are nothing but DEMONS (fallen angels) working for lucifer to deceives all they can get, the gullible, the credulous, the easy people who will believe anything they’re told with such unquestioning belief.

    Oh, they’ll awakens to the truth, when they’re on their knees, crying out to Jesus, but it’ll be TOO LATE, they’ve made their choice, to switch over to the liars who pretends to be wise this or that in teh form of the dead, the aliens, or even a talking postage stamp.

    Jesus have WARNED US, in His Book. Many Christians WILL fall, right up to the end. When He comes. It is definite. The only SURE thing is to be aware, and to watch and to keep a tight hold on Lord Jesus Christ, for belief, for faith, for trust, for instruction, for reproof, for learning, for understanding… It is the only way to be SURE… and not give way to liars of what seems so convincing, what seems so new, but is windowdressing by the demons.

    Always be aware of the MOTIVES of these liars, these demons… these fallen angels who have not given us any good thing, but rather, have torment a lot of people over many hundreds or thousands of years… working for lucifer and his egotist agenda, who thinks he can do a better job than God. Poor deluded morons.

    Just remember, though. By the time the Anti-Christ is here, so manyh people will be shocked into worshipipng this moron and falling for his lies, with his demons pretending to be this or that, nohting but SMOKE-and-MIRROS, that they creates to hides what they’re REALLY ARE… DEMONS of such evil, they’re deceiving so many people who are unaware and practising funny religions, from fallen apostasy christian churches to occultist and cults and new age crap, all sorts of stuff that just do not make sense in the light of cold hard reality… yet people readily believes in these simply because they sounds good and makes them feels good.

    The only sure thing out of this is to not believe in these lying things that looks like “aliens from another world,” things that looks like ufos, spaceships, etc… problem is, they LOOKS real, but they ain’t real in a real sense, they’re DECEIVERS, they can make your senses LIE to you, makes you thinks it’s real, but it’s NOT REAL. It’s like the MATRIX, a virtual reality that these demons makes up to decieves you, for one reason only.

    To distracts you from God, from Lord Jesus Christ.

    That is very simple to understand. The gay issues, is not important. What’s important is why is it being pushed, and why “anything goes” is being pushed. One thing gets legalised, then anohter, and another… when is it going to stop? There must be limits. I for one do not want to marry some little girl like these awful muslims seems to think is their right. It’s sick. I believes it’s the demons working and pulling the strings on those deluded people who have no idea that they’re puppets, working to bring about the evil of lucifer adn his plan, to draw us away from God and Lord Jesus Christ in particular.

    We who notices, noticed this strange behaviour, how so many DENIES Lord Jesus and I have been puzzled, for a long time.

    But the answer was so simple, it was staring us in the face. On one side, there is Jesus with His unconditional Love. On the other, Lucifer with his HATE, with his giant ego that he thnks he can do better than God. One problem: God is huge, He brought this life, this … for wont of a word, EXISTENCE… into existence… the universe, the galaxies, the stars, the planets, our world, time itself, so things work, life forms, countless, diversity of life all over the planet… that we call home, named Earth.

    God calls us perfect, loves us unconditionally, speaks with us… until Lucifer’s ego grew to such an extent he had to take over, to destroy us, in his jealousy, rage, hate…. so he recruits a third of angels, there was a war in Heaven… between these idiots and the faithful angels, and they was defeated, thrown out, casted down… to land on what happens to our home, our Earth… and Lucifer and his fallen angels took this world for their own from then on til NOW.

    He has caused harm in millions of ways, some tiny, some huge… we’re all familiar with the harm he have done in countless ways. Jesus helps us when we calls on Him, guding us when we needed His guidance… saving us when we needed saving… waiting for us to heed His TRUTH…. welcoming us when we repented and cames back into His loving arms….

    At every turn, Lucifer and his demon legion tries ti trips us up, at every turn, temping us, on and on and on, with strange desires, and lusts, strange avarice and greed, strange gluttony and hunger…. so many sins that it boggles the mind to think of all of them…. every year, every month, every week, every day, temptations touches us in hundreds of ways, always… until we calls on Jesus and give over Him the yoke of lucifer’s touch and our lives becomes lighter, better, happier, we becomes unafraid… we becomes wise as serpents yet harmless as dove, as Jesus said, and most of all, we’re watched over by Jesus and His good angels, guarding us when needed, letting us live His words, happy and clean.

    Soon, the world will becomes more darker, every dary a shade darker than the day before… more and more people will be rushing to meet these so-called aliens (in reality, demons in disguise), proclaiming them to be saviors and of good character (they just met!) and so it grows worse. By then we true biblical Christians will be persecuted, though many will pretends to be NOT christians and thus they fell, to become ensalved to these things, and we Chrstians, we’ll be hunted down, perhaps hurt in some way like the Jews had endured for centuries and most of all, we WILL be murdered, rounded up, collected into concentration camps, and the like. I am not worried about that. All I care about is staying TRUE to Jesus, no matter what. Let no fear break you from Jesus’ TRUTH.

    TRUTH… Ah, yes, you’ll hear what seems like TRUTH on TV, on Radios, by these things that seems like us, these “aliens” that walks about, that you can touch, and feel how solid they SEEMS, and yet, those who do not know, and some will DENIES this, they’ll be totally CONVINCED that they’re for real, helping us to bring us into their so-called FICTITIOUS higher consciousness, which is nothing but a fiction, while those of us who truly BELIEVES and have FAITH in Jesus, we’ll be untouched as much as can be, we’ll know lies when we hears it, or sees it, we’ll be careful, sticking to Jesus’s truth for we know what the events will be happening, as all this has been foretold in the bible, those bibles that have not been corrupted, changed, distorted, to hide these truths.

    It’s simple enough.

    The group of people on the wide broad road, beleiivng in things other than Jesus, they’ll wakes up when it’s far TOO LATE, and KNOWS that we biblical believers have been right, that JESUS IS REAL, and those “aliens” etc et al are LIARS, DECEIVERS, and the lost will finally, with their minds at last open to the truth, they’ll be on their knees, praying and crying to Jesus for salvation, but in their rage and despaire, their salvation will never comes, for they have lost.

    They had their chance, many times, while they was alive, while they was still as yet free to choose to believe in Jesus… yet they did not, instead, they choose to believe in whatever they thinks is better than the angry Jesus that they thinks is real. They got it all wrong.

    Jesus is love, yes, but firm, also, like a real loving father is, that is simple.

    I’m a father and I would know, if my kid lies, I’d be displeased, would I not punished him for lying, thinking he can get away with it? If I do not punish him, would he not keep on lying until one day he thinks lies is a way of life? No, I would not let it happen like that. I have no wish to live in lies, ever. So I am happy that Jesus is TRUTH, that He is LOVE, and that He is UNCONDITIONAL… in His love for ALL of us, even those who turns away from Him, in their erronous belief that He hated them. Poor people.

    It all boils down to one thing, do you want to live? With lucifer, no. With Jesus, YES. And here’s the clincher – with Jesus, you’ll have life everlasting… that means immortality with Him, living a great life, and I dare not imagine what it might be like, but I know jsut enough that life with Jesus is far better than life with lucifer, however short it will be, for by the time those unrepentant sinners ended up in hell with lucifer and his demonic fallen angels legion, they’ll have their second death, they’ll wail, gnash their teeth, cry out to Jesus, asking Him for forgiveness, yet knowing they are too late, and the fires will obliterates them utterly, their living souls will be destoryed, annihlated, utterly. There will be no after life, for afterlife is a fiction concocted by the pagan new agers a thousand or so years ago… as has been documented.

    We who believed, who we hold fast to Jesus and His TRUTH, we few who stayed on the narrow path, we few simple biblical believers yet are still sinners in the ordinary sense… we’ll be cleansed of our sins, in a total way, whicfh I do not know what it will be like, and then we’ll enter into a new heaven and a new earth, WITH Jesus, and have everlasting life.

    Oh boy, ain’t that grand?! It’s great. No more crazy problems we’re familiar with today.. greedy people and people on poverty lines or under… starving people and fat gluttonious people… contradictory people that we’re familiar with… we’ll have a great life, until the end of eternity, who knows when that is… with unconditional love with Jesus.

    This is great. And most of all, I do not FEAR God, I do not FEAR Jesus. I don’t call myself “God-fearing” in any way, shape, or iota. I loves God, and I love Jesus, and I love Holy Ghost, even though I am not familiar with Holy Ghost, but they are THREE, and are ONE. They’re great!

    At times I wished Lucifer would wake up, repent his sins, his mistakes, his pride, and giant ego, and seeks Jesus’ forgiveness, him and his legions. I’d think it would be great, if they did. But… the bible have to be lived up to, God wrote the bible, He has seen the beginning, and the end of time. Jesus IS Alpha and Omega. He KNOWS, which means, lucifer won’t admits his pride, his crimes, his ego… he’ll keep on playing his cards right up until Jesus casts him and his legion into hell, along with the ordinary sinners who believed his lies in thousands of ways, in funny religions, in funny occult, in funny scientific lies (evolution theory), funny politics (communisms, fascism, nazisms, socialism, some form of capitalism, perhaps, there’s other bad forms of systems that didn’t help ALL people, only the few elites who set it up in the beginning, etc), ghosts believers, ufo cults, weird cults, all sorts of cults, where petty leaders acts like petty tyrants, as though something came into them (demons?) and guided them to do strange things and harm to many innocence, all with one aim, to drag as many God’s children (that’s us) to hell with him… all because he hates us.

    The world will keeps on going, right up until the blinded people, following the pied piper lucifer legions, to the end.

    We biblical believers, we wait, and we try to help each other, and most of all, we HOLDS FAST to Jesus’ TRUTH, in His uncorrupted bible, King James Bible…. no copyright mark inside…

    I do not fear the crazies that ruled this world. I know them at last, I know wha tmakes them ticks, I know what motivates them, and I know what’s pulling their strings. Poor deluded misguided believers of funny things.

    No worries!

    Oops… sorry I wrote a huge reply. No idea how to cut it short. Oh well. (sheepish)… it’s all good, anyway.

  4. lol…. it’s fine. I saw your blog, btw. I’m so glad you made one! Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Alex. God bless you.

  5. You’ve made a point, in another post on your blog, to deal with the GLBT community in a loving and respectful way while upholding your personal religious convictions.

    Seeing you compare the GLBT community to pædophilia and beastiality – marks of bigotry – is really disappointing. It is also disappointing to see that you allowed to stand a comment in which the poster called GLBT persons “freaks.”

    The only slippery slope worthy of any realistic concern would be polygamous marriage. To compare gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders to child abusers or those with illicit fetishes is hateful and wrong.

    I’m grateful for your commitment to the higher road and hope to see you stay on it.

  6. I’m absolutely not comparing the gay community to the other various alternative “unions” that I mentioned as attempting to go down the slippery slope. These are simply anomolies and alternatives that are not good for society, imo, BUT they are attempting to clamour about their civil rights, exactly as the gay community now has. If we allow the gay community their civil rights, we must open the door to all of the others as well. See the problem? Do you see yet that there will be no end to this? This is my only problem with gay marriage, personally-speaking.

    I do recognize what the bible says about homosexuality, however I have made the decision to love the sinner; the sin is not my business and is between God and the individual dealing with it.

    But yes, I am firm in this commitment to be loving and respectful of the LGBT community at all times, and to back them being treated in this way by everyone.

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