Posted by: the warrioress | November 3, 2011

Cashiers Refuse To Let Broke Woman Buy Groceries With Loose Change

Many are struggling in this economy. As Christians, when we’re out of our homes at the store, driving in our cars,  shopping in the malls, or running our many errands, do we come upon those whom we could help? Do we stop and help them?

Are we reaching out to others and giving them what they need, or do we offer the very convenient “I’ll pray for you..” and leave them hungry, unable to feed their families or them-selves?

Jesus was pretty clear about what was expected from His followers when it came time to feeding and clothing the sick or hungry.  As I read the article below, I have to wonder how anyone didn’t step up and pay this woman’s bill, or at least offer something so that she didn’t have to “break out the change.” Yes, I know we’re all struggling, but Jesus is watching. God was there that day in the store as she struggled — and I wonder what He thought about the woman’s tears and everyone who saw them and did nothing.

We have to begin to become aware of one another’s plights right now and get out of ourselves, reaching out to be of service. This is what Jesus Christ did;  it’s truly what we, as Christians, are expected and supposed to do.


When you are making a sizable purchase and only have coins in your wallet, it can be irritating for the cashier. But how does that irritation compare to the tears of a woman struggling to feed her family?

A Portland woman recently scraped together $32 in quarters to buy groceries at the local Save-a-Lot. “We had nothing to feed out children with,” she toldKATU News. “So we broke out change.”

She waited for the check-out to clear, and apologized to the cashier for the 124 coins she had in her hands. “Sorry, it’s hard times right now,” she told him.

Save-a-Lot can only accept $5 of change, the clerk informed her.

“Money’s money,” she said. He refused. “I was mortified. Mortified.”

The woman then went to the one-stop shop Fred Meyer, but the store manager insisted that she use the change machine to convert her coin to paper. The woman could not afford, however, the 10 percent cut that the machine would take.

She started to cry.

Cashiers Refuse To Let Broke Woman Buy Groceries With Loose Change – Careers Articles.


  1. My wife has, on anumber of occasions, been behind a person who has needed help and stepped in with the amount needed. If we have been blessed there a times when it a simple thing to be a blessing. After all, just think of what God has given us! Thanks for a sobering post.

  2. I have to wonder too about those around her. Why did not someone even take the change and pay her bill with their money if they couldnt afford to just pay it for her. What is wrong with the clerks, too? Could they not have broken the rules. Good gracious. Where are people’s heads these days?

  3. Pstok, you are more than welcome. I enjoy writing about what intrigues me that I come across. Of course, this story is sad and definitely something that demands insight and meditation as Christians look at themselves to see if we’re doing all we can when people cross our paths who need help. Thank you for your comment.

    Wisejunction, I think people’s heads are probably centered upon themselves and what they are going through. Most of us are having to tighten our belts; still, many of us are being frugal but we’re surving just fine, unlike this lady and her children. I sure do appreciate your comment and you reading my blog. Thank you.

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