Posted by: the warrioress | November 6, 2011

A Kindle Vs The Book

There’s always something we’re told that we have to purchase in order to be whole these days, isn’t there? I’m talking about the latest product that the media tells us that we have to experience if we want to be happy and content in our lives. 

One of the contraptions to hit the market that I’m actually beginning to see around the populace is the Kindle. I was sitting at the doctor’s office the other day, waiting a lengthy time to be seen, and noted an older couple companionably reading their small Kindles’ together. 

These black plastic-looking items were the size of a paperback and I admit I had some curiosity about them. My eyes kept returning to the pair as I struggled internally, wondering about the Kindle, but also  possessively noting the wonderful feel and smell of my own small, badly-weathered paperback book. As I turned the pages oh-so-carefully, I noticed that they were a little yellowed and stained too, due to age and the elements, probably from spending time in a storage room at some point, I would imagine. 

It occurred to me then that this feeling would be gone once I purchased the Kindle and began to read books in that way, instead of going to the half-price bookstore and browsing through their library to my heart’s content. The feeling of spending time in person seeking the perfect book, and the overwhelming adrenaline rush when finding one that appeals – well, I don’t think there’s a comparison. There would be no more giving in and going down the book aisle at the grocery store, feeling decadent and anything but frugal as I considered paying the outrageous price for a new book, of all things. These remarkable pleasure rushes would be a thing of the past, if I broke down and bought the Kindle. 

The Kindle is intriguing, to be sure, but I’m not certain that I’m so intrigued that I’m going to give up the solid paperback or hardback-covered, treasure-in-my-hands, experience. And when I find one of these lovely’s in large print? Oh, to die for! 

For example, I just got the brand new paperback from the Twilight series, “Breaking Dawn.” This is a beauty and is probably over seven hundred pages long! It’s in large print and I carefully laid it where I could admire and think about reading it for the last week or so, savoring the thought of the matter before actually engaging in it. Every time I lay eyes on that very thick, overwhelmingly delightful looking novel, my mouth practically waters. I just don’t think I can acquire the same experience from the Kindle.

To Kindle or not to Kindle?

For me right now, no.


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