Posted by: the warrioress | November 6, 2011

What God Has Taught Me Lately

It’s been a few weeks or so since I started blogging here at Word Press and yet it almost feels like months in some respects.  I’ve learned a lot considering what these weeks have brought forth within and around me.  I’m a creäture of habit and I don’t care for change; never have! I don’t want any part of it if I can help it because when I get comfortable, I like to settle in and take root.

Well, God moved me out of where I was blogging, practically by force I guess one could say, but the change has been great! This community is mature, kind, respectful, and interesting. There never fails to be quite literally countless blogs on a variety of topics when I just want to sit back and catch up with y’all.  The bloggers here are just brilliant, creative, and overall nice people! And there are so many of you that I have yet to get to know. This is a great opportunity to blog here and I’m so glad that I have become a part of all of this.

I’m grateful for the astonishing amount of views and comments my blogs have received as a new member here. I never expected to acquire ten blog followers within the first few weeks of this new site, and I really appreciate those of you who are interested enough in what I write that you want to read more! It’s flattering, to say the least. I appreciate you! I also appreciate those of you who click the like button, and who care enough to leave me a comment. It’s like a positive attention stroke when someone bothers to read and/or comment, and again, it makes it all worthwhile and I am grateful.

God is teaching me that when He shuts one door and it seems as if it will break my heart that I need to trust Him, because He’s already opening up a window as wide as can be. In my ignorance, I don’t have a clue how wonderful that fresh air is going to feel going in and coming out and so I need to trust Him… one hundred percent and never doubt in His judgment and plan for my life. God knows best and He always has something good for me when He allows change in my life. I need to learn to embrace change, no matter if it initially makes me feel uncomfortable.

I’m so excited about the possibilities that are happening to me personally, due to some of these changes and because of others. My life has always been an adventure and now is no exception. I never know what will happen next and life is rarely, if ever, dull. I’m a very lucky woman and it is all due to the presence of God in my life.

I made a very intense, firm commitment to God that was different from any ever made before. I began to sincerely attempt to live my life according to the bible. While this hasn’t been at all easy, it’s been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. In my past, I always loved God, but I had never really taken seriously the idea of attempting to be pleasing to Him in every way. I was more concerned with pleasing myself according to the world’s standards than with pleasing God. I made a lot of stupid mistakes in judgment living in this manner, unfortunately, but this is part of growing spiritually and I recognize that we make errors along the way so that we can mature as Christians.

At any rate, God has me on the accelerated learning plan, it seems to me. Things have happened that have been a little shocking at times, and extremely unsettling.  It’s been unpredictable and nerve-wracking, but also awe-inspiring. I won’t get into all of what’s been going on now, but I’m in amazement at everything I’m learning. I want to save some of this to meditate on and share with all of you at another time soon.

God bless you, Word Press Bloggers, and have a wonderful upcoming week. 


  1. yes when one door closes God opens up another and he doesn’t do things half way… just remember he can see the beginning and the end … we just see the beginning.. I know sometimes as these my anxiety kicks in .. then I have to center myself .. plant my feet firmly on the ground and then go forward and he does the rest .. in his time not mine.

  2. Thanks for your comment, HpyLady. (hugs) Blessings for a lovely week ahead.

    Thank you, Mr. Happy, and Mike for the like! (hugs)

  3. Hi warrioress! You said: “God has me on the accelerated learning plan, it seems to me. Things have happened that have been a little shocking at times, and extremely unsettling. It’s been unpredictable and nerve-wracking, but also awe-inspiring.” Amen, sister! I have been feeling like God has me in intensive outpatient therapy this year. Just really digging in and taking things out by the roots. Refining. Molding. Disciplining. Developing. Healing. Comforting. Pretty much all the amazing stuff He does. I feel like God is pouring out His Spirit on many in this way…accelerating His work to speed His coming. I also love that you have felt the change of wanting to please God in everything. I have felt the same way! God has had me parked in Haggai quite a bit this year – showing me the areas of my life where I’ve been living in my own paneled house but leaving His in shambles. I am excited for all God is doing in your life and all He is doing everywhere! I pray He continues to draw you closer as you seek after Him! May He be glorified in our lives and in all the earth! – wordprocessor
    P.S. Love your name 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for the comment, WP! You’ve been in Haggai? How interesting that must be. Yes, God is miraculous and He awes me. I never know what He will do next in my life. Being a real Christian is the ultimate adventure. It has just taken me so long to get here… I thought I was a Christian before but I hadn’t even begun to touch the truth. Certainly I was saved, but I didn’t “get” the really trying to live it aspect of things, you know?

    Anyway, I’m so blessed. It’s a wonderful opportunity. Thank you again for stopping by here!

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