Posted by: the warrioress | November 7, 2011

the god of this world – a Must Read for Christians

...Rammstein in concert...

There are a lot of Christians all over the world and in our own country, America, that don’t have a clue of exactly how evil the god of this world, Satan, really is. These Christians have no idea what we’re fighting against; they don’t know what the enemy looks like or how bad things are going to get. I honestly think if they had the slightest inkling of the truth, some couldn’t handle it.

To say that I’m afraid would be an understatement. It’s human nature to be afraid when one senses real, true evil. When one actually stumbles upon its existence and begins to note the prevalence of it everywhere we turn within this world, it takes shape and form and the threat is apparent. I’m not sure if there is the possibility of praying it away. I think, unfortunately, that it’s here to stay until this battle is over and won by Jesus Christ.

What disturbs me greatly are the many innocent young minds that are being warped and influenced by evil, reeled in by the god of this world, unaware of what is lurking behind what they are exposed to regularly. Even young people can sense evil though, if there is anything left within their minds that has not become reprobate.  When I stumble upon true evil and recognize how sick Satan can get, it’s kind of flabbergasting to me. What we are dealing with is beyond the rational. It’s over the top and raw. It’s unspeakable. 

Paul landers

Christians have no idea what we’re really fighting and how far it will go to find the souls it has a taste for. 

The following music videos are graphic and horrific. Do not watch them if you can’t stomach the unthinkable. I suggest them only because I want my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to understand exactly what we are up against in this world. This IS what the bible was talking about when it said:

 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. –Ephesians 6:12 

If we don’t know what our enemy is capable of, what he looks like, and what is within his armory of weapons, we have no hope of fighting him for the souls of the populace that Jesus Christ admonished us to mine.

This world is becoming a very scary place and there is evidence of this on the evening news and all around us. Certainly we can see the silver lining in every cloud and can focus upon the positive, and often we should… but never should we become so focused upon the positive that we forget who the enemy is, what he looks like, what he is capable of, and how serious this battle is. 

We need to be reminded. 

I need to be reminded. 

I never want to become complacent or forget what is waiting and determined, always “on duty,” creating new and illicit ways to bring the souls of our young to him. 

If you’re not evangelizing our country through your own methods that God has spoken to your heart about, please begin to listen to Him. The time is short and the days grow more and more evil. Find your ministry and begin to sow seeds for Christ. The time is short.


  1. Thanks for the like, Joyce, YouthRebellion, and for the rest of you who are currently following, who have recently signed on. God bless all of you and I hope you win many souls for Jesus. If you are not saved, please begin to read the book of John within the bible, especially paying close attention to John 3:16. If you would like to know Jesus Christ personally, simply write to me at and I will be happy to correspond with you and tell you how you can come to know our Lord and Savior and forever change your life.

  2. I am deeply disturbed by what is going on out there in the World. So many Christians turn a blind eye. I am always amazed by what parents let kids and teenagers listen to and watch. They act like everything is in all innocence and fun, when these things are stepping stones that lead down the path to pure evil. I can see how in the end times the younger generation will be led astray by the AntiChrist and willing to do the things that will be required to take the Mark of the Beast. The hardening of their hearts and minds has already begun. I pray for more adults to step on to the crooked path and pull the students on to the straight and narrow path through this world.

  3. The Youth Rebellion,

    I think God is pulling out all stops to reach all of humanity. I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt a tremendous urgency in my spirit for quite some time, and most especially within the last couple of years. It is only increasing as I see some of what our youth are being exposed to. Evil is running rampant and it is attempting to flood into our children’s minds through every possible avenue available.

    Not only must we pray, but we have to become educated and aware of what is out there that is trying to hurt our youth. We can’t fight what we don’t acknowledge and become aware of. I pray that every Christian will begin to pray nightly for the youth of America and for our young adults. I pray that every Christian will well educate himself and prepare to counsel, warn, advise, and minister to those who are being led directly to hell through Satan’s tricks.

    God bless you all — victory is ours through Jesus Christ our Lord.


  4. Very well said, most of Christendom is unaware of what’s going on around the world, the look at the world from a human level rather than a spiritual level. Prophecies are being fulfilled right before our eyes, the book of Joel talks about the very last days and I believe we have entered the very last days, a transition from the church age into the kingdom age. Most people are just as Jesus said it, “as in the days of Noah….

  5. Freddy Winter, thanks so much for your comment. I have read at for years! It’s one of my fave sites when I am asked questions by non-believers and need to be able to understand something quickly. How wonderful that you’re writing for their site. It’s great to get your comment and I will follow your writings as well. Thanks again and God bless.

  6. I have definitely felt the urgency growing of late. I sense it going on all over the world actually. The things I am reading and hearing from other Christians. Then I see what is going on in the world. Putting two and two together tells me that we are getting closer and there is definitely a need to be urgently about God’s work.

  7. […] Satanás ha logrado hacerse un hueco a través de la música de este mundo como lo demostró en  la primera parte de esta serie sobre el dios de este mundo . Él está usando una variedad de métodos para llegar a nuestra juventud. En la segunda parte, […]

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