Posted by: the warrioress | November 10, 2011

In Contempt of Faith

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“Religion is like a computer virus; it’s pernicious.”

Richard Dawkins compares religion to a “trojan virus,” and to one of those email “forwards” that threaten people with something terrible if they don’t send it on to eleven other people. 

Dawkins states that because we’ve all been brought up to respect religion and he refuses to, the things he says infuriate people.  
He feels that people are threatened by his beliefs, and claims to despise people whose belief in religion is not backed up by reason. Who is this opinionated “intellectual” and why is anyone listening?
Richard Dawkins is the infamous British atheist that wrote a surprising hit known as “The God Delusion,” and is one of the “Four Horsemen,” also known as a “New Atheist.” He is a biologist, writer, lecturer, and is often joined in discussion and debate by Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett. These four New Atheists are different from past atheists in that they are aggressive and outspoken about people of faith, and hold religion and the religious in great contempt. They despise religion and feel that the religious are stupid and dangerous. They compare religious faith to believing in a “sky fairy,” or “the flying spaghetti monster.”
Dawkins doesn’t feel that religion is winning in our world and believes Christianity is on the decline, though he is concerned that Islam may be growing and passionately wants to fight it. “A lot of people think we need religion in order to be moral. You don’t need to send your child to a faith school in order to instill in your child morality.”
This podcast interview with Richard Dawkins, conducted by John Harris, is very intriguing and exposes Richard Dawkins as a bit of a snob, who considers that “the common people” seem to need religion. He cares about what children are taught, what he considers “truth,” and respects science as “wonderful.” Based upon the way he describes science in this podcast, I would have to say that Richard Dawkins worships science as his own brand of “religion.”


  1. “Based upon the way he describes science in this podcast, I would have to say that Richard Dawkins worships science as his own brand of ”religion.””

    He likes science, appreciates it and is passionate about it. But just because you have a religion and worship something doesn’t mean everyone does.

  2. I think our disagreement stems in how “religion” is defined. Richard Dawkins sees science and reason as his own particular “belief system.” To me, that’s the same as a religion.

    Anything we live our life by as a guide, that can be thought of as being used almost in a spiritual sense can be a religion. Dawkins lives by reason, science, and what can be seen and proven. He proselytizes his belief system just as I do mine, and spends countless days and weeks of his life promoting it, while at the same time denigrating mine — so yes, I would call this his “religion.”

    Despite the fact that we obviously disagree about Dawkins, I’m glad you care enough about what you think to read what I’ve written and share your opinion on it. Even though your thoughts disagree with mine, you’re an intelligent, polite person and I’m always grateful for your input here. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Thanks, Little Miss Lou and Freddy for the likes!

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