Posted by: the warrioress | November 15, 2011

Straight Talk

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Sometimes I’m not sure what I’m supposed to write so instead of panicking and going totally silent, I simply sit back, trust God, and wait for inspiration to strike. Normally, I get a passionate feeling when I’m led to write about something in particular. I kind of instinctively know if it’s what I’m supposed to be focusing on or not.

 Admittedly, sometimes I’ll take a little humor break just to allow my thought processes to rest, but it doesn’t take long before I’m plugged back in and following the course that I believe He leads me along, writing-wise. Tonight is no different. Tonight I feel led to write about politics, and in particular, Christians and politics. I’m a little distressed about something…. maybe actually a lot distressed.
Why do the majority of Christians belong to the Republican party?
Now, with that question written, I can already sense the hackles rising, the cords within the various necks imperceptibly tightening, and an almost defensive posture setting up right in front of me, could I see you, the conservative reader.
Well, hold on. Don’t go away mad. Just let me finish, please.
Why do the rest of the Christians belong to the Democratic party?
Can you see that both of these parties are anything but godly? Do you really observe much Christian about either party? 
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There was a blog written recently, here, that I thought was really powerful, that listed some issues with the Republican party in terms of ultra right wing perspectives that were anything but what Jesus would have approved of, the acceptance of torture being just one. This blog discussed how the ultra rich and those who are comfortable treat the poor and disadvantaged, in terms of their concern for the elderly, the less fortunate, the homeless, the disabled, and those poverty level families with children on Medicaid, who have no health insurance, etc.
Republicans and Conservatives believe in God and supposedly stand for “family values,” and they are supposed to be the more “moral,” pro-life party, but when we really take a deep look at what they believe in as a party, we don’t see these well-respected attributes being represented the way that Jesus Christ said that they should be in the word of God. We see a party that is pro-war, that is very uncaring of the poor, that seems to favor the corporate elite.
And likewise, when we have an in-depth look at what the Democrats stand for, we see the many troublesome problem areas, in that they are becoming very anti-theist, anti-religionist, and appear to be anti-life, (pro-abortion), potentially socialist in some ways, and veering more and more to the extreme left in favoring big government. Some of their very policies may be attempting to take away  freedoms we treasure under the constitution, like freedom of religion for one. As the party of the secularists, they seem obsessed with taking away the right of public expression of religion under their extreme interpretation of “separation of church and state.” What that phrase is beginning to mean is the right of way to force anti-theism down our public school children’s throats! This isn’t okay. 

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Frankly, friends, my take on this is that both of these parties are so very corrupt and wrong, from a real Christian point of view, that I don’t have the foggiest idea which party I should vote for anymore. They are both anything but what Jesus Christ would have approved of. Neither party comes even close to representing Jesus Christ. Neither is living up to how Jesus would have behaved and acted in terms of loving and treating others well.
The only hope we have of real change in our nation is if someone runs as an Independent and actually offers sound, practical, pragmatic, godly principles and ways of behaving in a package that makes sense. Such a person would need to care about the American people for a change. He or she would have to sincerely be unable to be bought and paid for by the good old boy network, (new world order). He or she would have to be humble, honest, and willing to attempt to be the best he or she could be… aka, not corruptible.
Well, let’s face it — that kind of person probably wouldn’t be allowed to live very long if they did exist, and had the opportunity to actually get into office at this stage of the game. And if they could get into office, would the media even give them the time of day? Our media is even bought and paid for, so no, I don’t know what the answer is; I don’t have one, really.
So why did I write this?
I wrote this, because I want us, the Christians reading this, to really think about whom we are putting our stamp of approval behind, whom we are backing in the political arena. I want us to really consider what Jesus thinks about these people we may or may not plan to vote for. Does God approve of them? Is God proud of these men and women that may represent America? Will God be proud of us if we vote for them? If your answer is no in your heart, perhaps it’s time to sit back and reconsider for a time. Mayhap it’s time to vote differently and/or make a statement with your vote instead. Maybe we should vote for the individual who should be running, who could really make a difference, as in a “write-in,” instead of voting for the lesser of the two evils as we normally seem to have to.
I want to sincerely vote my conscience in the next election and I want God to be proud of me and my vote. I want to be proud of my vote as a Christian. I can only speak for myself, but in all honesty, I don’t see how anyone, Christian or otherwise, can be proud of either the Democratic or the Republican party right now, or what either stands for. They are both a sad disappointment and they do not represent the real Christian, or a biblical way of behaving in this world — at least not in this Christian’s personal opinion.
Thanks for reading my little rant and I do hope it provokes thought.


  1. Well stated. Thanks.

  2. The options are terrible. And it seems when good people get into politics they are corrupted by power, money and sex right? It is complicated.

    Nice to find your blog and a fellow “thinking” Christ-follower.

    Be well, Melody

  3. Wow! Great call to really stand on and for Jesus alone in all things. I think Satan loves the division that occurs through the different political parties and how it divides the church.
    This post also reminds me of how the Jews wanted to make Jesus king by force. They didn’t understand that His kingdom is so different than what they were imagining.
    I do take comfort knowing God is in charge no matter who is our president! He uses whoever He wants (thinking of Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Alexander the Great). God makes all things work together for His good purpose. That being said, I still want every decision I make to be based on the love and truth of Jesus! Thanks, warrioress. Great post!

  4. You’re most welcome. Thanks for your comment, LeRoy.

  5. Melody, thank you for stopping by here and reading. And yes, I do seem to be thinking about all of these things quite a lot. lol. I’m glad I’m not the only one 😉 God bless you and I appreciate your comment and interest in the blog.

  6. Thanks, WP! 😉

    I’m glad that God uses whomever He desires to, but I would really like an honest, godly man in office for a change, or at least someone who seriously has integrity, who actually cares about Americans, of all financial backgrounds.

    I do wish that we had the opportunity to be led by a president that wasn’t corrupt, who wouldn’t play ball with the goold old boys. I guess we can dream, or keep praying, right?
    Thanks for the comment and reading along here, WP.

  7. Yes, I would really love to have a man who loves the Lord as our president. Sadly, I can’t even imagine what that would really look like. I stand with you in prayer for it! Our God is the God who does the impossible! Nothing is too hard for Him.

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