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Take the “Made in America” Challenge!


take the made in America challenge

While watching the world news tonight, I heard about the “Made in America” challenge.  This Christmas, we are being asked to buy at least one American gift when we go Christmas shopping in order to potentially create more jobs and support our country, America. This is such an easy thing to do and become involved in and it’s the least we, as Americans, can do to support our nation’s economy.

We’re all going to buy somebody something, so why not choose to specifically buy American? It’s patriotic and most importantly, it’s actually taking action and attempting to do something to make a difference in the economy. If we all took this action, we could really help the country.

Why on earth would Americans choose to buy products from other nations when it’s ours that so badly needs our support right now? This is a simple, fun thing to do, so think about it and this Christmas, buy American!

Personally, I have a Ford Explorer Sport Trac Pick Up that is American made, and am making the attempt to pay attention and buy American made products as much as possible.  We can do this and we should. I hope you’ll join me and try and take the Made in America challenge.


Walk into a big box retailer or a giant toy store chain and just about anything you can think of giving as a holiday gift will be made in China.

About the only exceptions are plants and food.

But if you want to break the cycle and give gifts made right here in the USA, there are ways of having an American-made Christmas or Hanukkah.


Home Grown Toys

Melinda Gardner owns a small toy store called “Ted’s Toys,” on Miami Avenue in Madeira, Ohio. Ted is her husband.

As an independent business, she is proud to feature a number of independent toy makers from around the US.

Her top pick: The Spooner Grass Surf Board. Chosen by several magazines as a top toy this year, it’s made in California.

made in china

Buy American! Help our economy.

Another?  Melinda says the ” Wall Coaster, which you set up on the wall.” Kids can make and re-make the coaster, which leaves no marks once removed from their bedroom wall.

From the walls to your stairs: the Slinky is a hit toy make right here in the United States.

From Vermont comes the wooden name trains, that spell out your kid’s name. Vermont also brings us the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, while Pennsylvania brings the Fun Slides Carpet Skates.

Melinda said “they are super slippery, made from the material used to move furniture.”

Toys for Adults


But what if your kid is now an adult?

You can go online to Cincy-2-You. com, to mail order Cincinnati-made products like Graeters Ice Cream, Larosas Pizza Sauce and Skyline Chili, among other items.  They pack it in dry ice and ship anywhere.

Craft fairs are also a great place to find locally-made jewelry and knickknacks.

Local Hardware Stores

Local hardware stores, like the Ace Hardware in

Ace Hardware logo

Cincinnati’s Hyde Park Plaza, sell products that come from the US.

Manager Jon Doucleff says there’s nothing more American than Craftsman tools. 

“The Craftsman hand tools, forged steel hand tools, are all made in the US,” he said.

Other red white and blue products include Maglight flashlights, Igloo coolers and Weber grills, though they contain some imported parts.

Check Labels

One caution: Jon says most power tools, including Craftsman, are made in China, so it’s important to check labels.

Also, don’t let the word American fool you:  American girl dolls are made in China.

Melinda and Jon say buying American usually means quality, plus support for American workers.

Jon said “Why not?  We all live and work here, why not keep your money as close to home as possible?

Where to Shop

Your best bet for finding American made products is to shop small, independent stores.

It will take more time, but in the end you may end up with creative locally-made gifts that will be appreciated.

And you don’t waste your money.

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