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Defeating Discouragement

We all have troubles and trying times in our lives that challenge us. Personally-speaking, I had a severe accident that injured my right leg and ankle so badly that it required emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery was done improperly and I have not been able to walk without the assistance of a boot, crutches, and sometimes a wheelchair, since the accident and surgery occurred, nearly a year ago.

This has been a time of challenge and struggle for me. I took walking for granted, along with being able to adequately and quickly do whatever was demanded of me as a single mom. I have become discouraged over time. Most people would be.

It’s a common fact that the holidays also often bring on depression and discouragement. The following is a wonderful way of helping ourselves, through the encouragement of someone I admire and look up to a lot — Dr. Charles Stanley is a great minister whom I have turned to through his powerful televised messages. I hope you’ll benefit from this one as much as I have.

If your discouragement is more severe, however, and will not go away no matter what you attempt, like exercise, healthy eathing, a healthy schedule, and plenty of rest, you may need to see a mental health professional in your community. There is no shame in this whatsoever. God gave us mental health professionals for a reason.

Here is Dr. Stanley’s Sunday message on overcoming discouragement:

Notes for Dr. Stanley’s broadcast today from In

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Overcoming Discouragement
Are you tired of feeling discouraged? Whether or not your situations change, you can experience joy, peace, and contentment. Circumstances don’t have to dictate your emotions. You have Someone on your side who is always available to help you, strengthen you, and uphold you.

Are you discouraged?

Maybe your family is hurting, you have lost
your job, or the latest news is depressing. In
circumstances like these, you might wonder,
God, where are You? Why haven’t You acted
by now?

Discouragement is a common response to the
challenges of life. Even David, who experienced
great spiritual triumphs, had some powerful
emotional struggles. In Psalm 42:11, he wrote:

“Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why
have you become disturbed within me? Hope
in God, for I shall yet praise Him.” His reaction
must have been similar after Ziklag, his home at
the time, was destroyed. David was able to find
victory in that situation in part because he knew
how to overcome discouragement.


David’s Example

While David and his fellow warriors were
away, the Amalekites raided their town, burned
everything, and captured their wives and
children. The men were so devastated when
they learned the news that they wanted to stone
David to death. So in the midst of his heartbreak
over his family, David had to deal with the pain
of betrayal and the fear of losing his life.

How did David respond? He “strengthened
himself in the LORD his God” (1 Sam. 30:6). In
other words, he encouraged himself. He turned to
God, who promised him victory if he would
pursue the attackers (1 Sam. 30:18).

Discouragement Described

Can you relate to the discouragement David felt?

Most likely, you can. Discouragement is universal—
everyone has been dismayed at some time. It is also
recurring—you may overcome discouragement,
only to face it again.
Avoid those who indulge in negativity and self-pity since discouragement is
contagious. It is unpredictable—you never know
when it will strike.
Finally, it is temporary—it will pass if you respond to it correctly.

Discouragement and disappointment are often
used as synonyms. But there is a difference.
Disappointment is unavoidable.When our
expectations aren’t met, we feel disappointed
with people, events, and circumstances. But
discouragement (a feeling of despair and
despondency) is a choice.We can choose to
remain dejected or determine to work through
our feelings and overcome them.

Causes of Discouragement

Inability to Please Significant People—Don’t
become someone who is impossible to satisfy. You
will discourage those closest to you.

Physical or Verbal Abuse—This kind of strife
usually leads to discouragement.

Unanswered Prayer—When God is silent, ask
Him to reveal anything that is hindering your
prayers. Remember, His timing is often different
than ours.

Lack of Proper Recognition—If you give
your best, it’s natural to expect a word of praise,
a thank you, and sometimes a promotion.

Strongholds—Those who are trapped in sin
often feel discouraged.

Practical Lessons for Understanding the Word of God

KEY PASSAGE: 1 Samuel 30:1-6 | SUPPORTING SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 30:7-25 | Psalm 42:11; 43:5; 103:19
Proverbs 3:5-6; 15:4 | Mark 6:30-31 | Hebrews 13:5

Financial Pressure—This is a common cause
of depression, especially in these difficult
economic times.

Health Problems—Discouragement often
accompanies life-threatening, debilitating, or
incurable illnesses.

Adversity—When bad things happen, we may
ask, “God, how could You let this happen?”

Feelings of Worthlessness—Those who feel
unloved, unappreciated, or unimportant often
struggle with this emotion.

Consequences of Discouragement

Divided Attention—If you feel discouraged,
you may not be able to work wholeheartedly. For
instance, if you are discouraged about your
marriage, you might not do your best at work.

Blaming Others—David’s soldiers accused him
of the Amalekite attack.When you feel down, be
careful not to dwell on the wrongs of others.

Anger and Depression—Some people turn to
medication to feel better emotionally. Unless you
address the inner roots of discouragement, you
will never overcome negative feelings.

Estrangement—In other words, you push
people away because you are constantly grumbling.

Loss of Confidence—Every aspect of your life
will suffer when you feel unsure of yourself.

Negative Spirit—Complaining leads to
discouragement (Prov. 15:4). Don’t rehash painful
events. You will only make them seem worse.

Unwise Decisions—Discouragement can
cloud your judgment.Work through your feelings
first, then you can make a careful, godly decision.
Spiritual Drift—Depression opens the door
to doubt. Before long you may wonder if God is
all-powerful and question His love for you.

Cures for Discouragement

Change your perspective. There are several
steps to this process. First, look within. Answer
the question, “Why am I discouraged?” Second,
look up. God is all powerful, and He can rescue you from discouragement.
Third, look back. Don’t dwell on hurtful things from the past. Instead,
think about how God has been faithful to deliver
Fourth, look ahead. Focus on what God is
doing now in your life. Be encouraged by what
He has planned for you in the future.

Have the right response. Responding
correctly to discouragement involves several
First, rest. Physical and emotional
exhaustion often lead to discouragement.
Second, reorganize your life. Evaluate how you are using
your time, energy, and other resources. Make
sure you are doing the right things in the right
Third, resolve to trust God. Believe that He is
in control (Ps. 103:19), that He loves you, and that
He will never leave you (Heb. 13:5). He can turn
adversity into something good. Fourth, resist
Ask God to show you how to
respond to difficulty. You will be amazed at the
difference a positive attitude makes.


Are you tired of feeling discouraged?Whether or
not your situations change, you can experience
joy, peace, and contentment. Circumstances
don’t have to dictate your emotions. You have
Someone on your side who is always available
to help you, strengthen you, and uphold you.

How do you get to know this Person? By
getting into the Word of God. Meditate on
scriptural principles and feast on the Father’s
thoughts. Allow Scripture to penetrate your
mind and heart. Discouragement will lose its
foothold, and you will become joyous and
fruitful again.



  1. I really loved your post. Keep your head up. I am sure that you will be able to conquer anything you set out to do in this world with a positive attitude. You have faced amazing adversity. If you are ever looking for a pump me up… check out my blog which is geared around learning things every day and becoming a better person. Be well. I will be reading more.

    Evan Sanders – The Better Man Projects

  2. adversity, those who hurrdle physical obsticles become the strongest… bows (~_~) humble … it sharpens the mind

  3. I am so sorry. I wondered how you might have time to write everyday, as you are a single mom, I still wonder. The holidays are always rough for me. Aside from the typical depression that stress brings, there is the girlfriend issue. Why is she in my life? I have asked that question a number of times. God answered me once and told me to love her as Christ loved the church. Really? Christ died for the church. We just had one of our, not so productive conversations tonight. The only thing that seems to help me is space. I heard myself praying in worship service this am, Lord Jesus, hasten your return. I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.

  4. “We all have troubles and trying times in our lives that challenge us. “–Adrienne, (from above.)

    As Charles Stanley said in a recent broadcast of In Touch though, “Disappointments are inevitable; discouragement is a choice.”

  5. Sorry to hear about your leg, Warrioress. Sounds like a trying situation indeed.

  6. Thanks so much, Betterman, and I will do that. God bless you. I appreciate the comment.

  7. Thanks, Zendictive 😉 I’m hanging in here as is my little girl. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. lol. I’ve got my eyes on God and will keep them there. God bless you and thanks for the comment and for reading me.

  8. I don’t always have time to write every day and right now I’m sick. I usually wait until my child is doing her own homework, taking a bath, or in bed for the evening. The holidays are a rough time and life is just rough in general right now for a lot of people. I’m so sorry you’re struggling too, Remso. I appreciate your comments and interest in the blog.

    Sometimes space is a good thing in a relationship, as long as we aren’t avoiding truths or our part in the various communication “difficulties.” Ask God to show you what He wants for your relationship and how you can change what’s going on, specifically. You can’t change your partner, but you can change yourself. I’ll be praying for you and your lady.

  9. Hey Tom! Nice to see you. I hope the holidays are being kind to you. Charles Stanley is the greatest, isn’t he? Many hugs and God bless, hon. Thanks for commenting and reading, my friend.

  10. Kpharri, thank you for caring enough to comment and read here. I also try to catch your blogs as often as I can. Despite our differences, I admire your abilities to be polite and courteous, even when we disagree. You seem like a very reasonable, kind man. I hope the holidays are going all right for you as well.

    Thanks to the rest of you who “liked” the post, and may your holiday season be relaxing and lovely.

  11. love charles stanley’s message…

  12. Me too, Nitoy! Thank you so much for commenting here. God bless you.

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  15. Great post. I admire your courage and your faith. But I can tell from your blog that you have put your faith in the right place, the right person, the person of Christ. I look forward to the day when your leg is healed. Continue to be an encouragement to others and they will encourage you. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Ironically, we use the same template theme design. And both of us talked about discouragement today.

    I’m a fan of Stanley too.

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  17. I have a pug named Orbi. She’s 10 years old and has done the same exact stretch at the end of the night for as long as she’s been a part of the family. Her spot, no matter who she’s sitting with, is between your left leg and the left arm of the chair. Normally, she sits with my dad at night when we’re watching TV. She lays there, perfectly still for at least 1 & 1/2 hours (snoring the whole time, of course). My dad says “Time to stretchy-stretch” and Orbi wiggles a little. Then it happens.My dad picks her up, lays her upside down on his stomach, and she turns into upside-down-super-pug for a really good spine-lengthening stretch. Then all of a sudden, she reaches up to the sky with all four limbs and lets out a sigh of pure relief and relaxation.Then she snuggles back into the same exact spot for the rest of the night until bedtime. It is a truly awesome sight to behold. If I could ever get that relaxed and stretch like my yoga pug, it would be a great day :)Thanks for reminding me of the small things. You’re AWESOME!

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