Posted by: the warrioress | December 14, 2011

Letters to God

Have you ever wondered what your child would say in a private letter to God?  Children are very open and honest; they aren’t usually politically correct. They are taught and trained to embellish,  lie, and deceive by the very parents who raise them. What if it were possible to read their pure, unadulterated, unrestricted thoughts written to the Most High?

What if our loved ones broke down and secretly sent off similar silent, private ruminations to the Holy Mailbox?  

Dear God, I Hate Myself

Dear God, I hate myself.

 What would these little gems of truth tell us about the people in our lives? Wouldn’t you like to be able to read one?

How would it change your life and the lives of the people around you? 

This very thing happens to our postal workers every year…



The God letters came from grown-ups with perfect penmanship and kids who hadn’t learned to spell.

Most of the writers were hurting. Many didn’t seem to know where else to turn.

Most of the things they asked for, only God could give.

“Dear God, I think my heart is okay for know. But it still herts,” wrote a girl named Alexy, who dots the letter i with a bubble. “Don’t tell my nana but sometimes i use her oxygen. God why do my mom and dad fight? My mom lives 5 states away and they still fight. My heart herts right know.”

“Dear God,” began another girl. “Life is good here since you have made the World. There were some bad things like plane crashes, robberies, people killing 1 another, and child abuse. God those things scare me. I mean what if those things would happen to me? Thank you God … Love, Abby.”


A boy named Adam offered a heavenly update. “Dear God, I’m still really sick.  feel terrible. And my throat hurts … so I have to take this medicine that tastes so GROSS. But it feels so good.”

Perhaps the most poignant letter was from a mother in Tampa. Written on notebook paper, addressed to “God the Lord above Heaven,” it was sent off with a stamp of cartoon character Lisa Simpson.

“Dear God,” it begins. “Hi, how are you doing? I hope when you receive this letter you’re doing good. … Well God the reason why I writing you this letter is to ask for your help in three things.

“One can you please help omi to get out of jail as soon as possible so he can come home and be with the family. … Forgive him he deserves a chance please god I know he can do right.

“Two can you help me loose weight give me the energy to do so.

“And three can you help me with my financial so I can pay back everyone I owe. … In the name of Jesus Christ, I really want omi to come home and I really want to lose weight and pay all my taxes back. Please help me thank you.”

The single page is signed with three X’s and three O’s, “Love always.” P.S.: “Protect my kids from all evil. Do not let no evil enter my home.”

Postal workers respond to every letter to Santa on the big guy’s behalf.

So, what about the God letters?

“We’re not going to reply,” Sawtelle said. “How can we?”

He paused, placed both hands on the pile. “I’m not a religious person,” he said. “But I have to believe that you don’t need the Postal Service for these. The minute you put your pen to paper, and address a letter to God, it gets delivered.”



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  4. Love these! Thank you, warrioress.

  5. You write well and your sincerity is apparent. Nice job! I will visit again. Blessings!

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  12. Thank you for your post, it brought tears to my eyes. Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  13. You’re so welcome! Thank you… much hugs back to you!

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