Posted by: the warrioress | December 22, 2011

Erosion of Religious Rights in America

In my last blog here, I began to communicate through comments with several people on the topic of the erosion of religious rights in America. As promised to Mikel, the Skeptical Seeker, here to follow up, are numerous specific examples of religious rights that have been or are currently under attack, or are being eroded, due to a host of differing reasons.

American Civil Liberties Union

These following sources go into an extraordinary amount of detail and list countless actual filings on behalf of the ACLU, wherein it has had to defend the religious rights of our American citizens, and not just Christian citizens, either. The ACLU has had to protect the religious rights of so many due to an increasingly obvious erosion of religious rights in this nation.

I have also included sources that discuss religious freedom being attacked on college campuses; these examples are discussed below at length.

In yet another source below, an astronomer says that he was denied a job because of religion.

There is also a source from a Catholic Arch-bishop who is concerned about religious rights in America, who lists numerous problems he is finding, in detail. 

He is joined by several other writers who are also speaking out due to what they feel is occurring in America, as far as the religious rights of our American citizens are concerned.

The various sources presented here show us the validity of this issue, based upon the opinions of several within this nation, and they are all worthy, imo, of at least a scan of your time. I was rather surprised, to say the least, as I had no idea the problem was this extensive.

In my personal blog here, I’ve only written about a few occasions of religious expression being under attack, but I hadn’t even begun to touch the surface of the apparent problems. This issue must be addressed before it becomes even more serious.

The only way to address it is with our vote as a citizen of the United States of America. We have to have a president at the helm of this country who is in favor of and insists upon protecting the religious rights of our citizens, no matter their religion, or lack thereof. Our religious rights and freedom of religious expression must always be protected.


ACLU Defense of Religious Practice and Expression

Religious Freedom on Campus Under Attack
Is Vanderbilt University Denying Religious Freedom to Christian Groups on Campus?
Atheist discrimination? Astronomer says he was denied a job because of religion
More links from writers who fear we are losing our religious rights, and/or our religious rights are being eroded.


  1. You have surprised me a bit here, because most Christians I talk to totally despise the ACLU, which is a secularist organization. Several of the higher profile cases they take on are actually to defend non-Christians against Christian discrimination. For this reason they make a huge point on their website to prove they are not anti-Christian. The ACLU, which I usually agree with and to which I give a monthly donation, has shown a track record of defending the rights of US citizens of every religion.

    I do not have the time right now to go though these examples and give my thoughts on them. I will try to look closely at each of them over the next few day. But for now, consider this case:

    If you see the ACLU’s reasoning behind calling for the Cranston School Prayer Banner to be removed, then we are probably a lot closer in our view of the Separation of Church and State then I thought. 🙂

  2. Some comments:

    First, appending to the end of your post some examples of writings from people who feel that religion is being attacked, does not necessarily strengthen your case, it just gives us an idea of what sort of echo chamber exists for your cause.

    What’s important is the evidence.

    So let’s look at the examples you cite (congratulations, by the way, for doing some really hard work for your post).

    The ACLU cases listed on their website seem to be very fair to me. There is no reason that, for instance, students should be prevented from bringing rosaries to school. Students are permitted by law to express their religious beliefs on school property, as long as they’re not imposing those beliefs on others.

    Overall, then, I think that the ACLU is adhering closely to the Constitution, both in the cases you cite, and in the cases that push back against religious favoritism by the state.

    Given your list of cases, then, I am obliged to amend my position somewhat: there certainly do seem to be some unfair attacks against religious expression in this country. What comforts me, though, is that there are institutions like the ACLU that are obviously sticking up for people’s religious rights.

    My final comment regards the Martin Gaskell case. This does appear to be quite fishy: the hiring committee jumped to the conclusion that Gaskell was a creationist, and denied him the job on those grounds.

    However, the problem with this case is not that he was denied the position because of his creationist views. It was (1) that the committee got his views wrong (he’s not a strict creationist) and (2) his views on creationism were not necessarily relevant to an astronomy position.

    Gaskell was therefore justified in suing the observatory.

    There is, however, at least one case in which it is justified to deny someone a job because of her creationist views: if that job focuses on biology, especially evolutionary biology (and it is difficult to avoid evolution in biology, since it underpins everything in that field).

    Denying someone a biology job because she is a creationist is no less fair than denying someone a geology job because he believes the earth is flat. Creationists hold outdated and unscientific views on biology, so they do not merit a job in that field.

  3. I also was surprised; certainly the more publicized cases seem to be the ACLU defending people who oppose seemingly innocuous Government norms with subtle references to God. I recall the recent case involving an athiest who sued because his child was exposed, against dad’s wishes, to the Pledge of Allegiance(“One Nation Under God) in elementary school. A lot of information; thank you!

  4. Merry Christmas to you. I have been enjoying our conversation 🙂

  5. Agree totally with Keith. I can see that religious rights are violated at times and require legal remediation. But I see none of the systematic removal of rights that I see Warrioress so worried about. Though we should all, of course, be vigilant to assure that our rights, religious and other rights, do not disappear.

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  7. […] Erosion of Religious Rights in America ( […]

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