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Almost Christmas at Our House

cup of coffee

My twelve-year-old daughter surprised me this morning as I was having my usual cup of coffee. She said in a kind of wistful way, “I love our little home, Mom, don’t you? Don’t you just love it?” 

I had to smile, despite the fact that I normally don’t smile a lot when I first get up, until that first cup of coffee is at least half way emptied. (I’m not a morning person). I was quick to nod at her though, and chuckle a little. She went back to doing whatever it was she was doing, and I drifted away into a haze of cluttered thoughts, pondering on the “little house” in question.
My place is actually more like a compound, to be truthful.
English: Lord Clarences Log Cabin

Though it doesn’t sit upon a lot of real property, the acreage is enough to make the sprawling space within the log cabin into a kind of maze of conflicting halls and passages. One of my long time friends looked puzzled and murmured, “this is a hobbit home,” as he laughed a bit and wandered around, getting the lay of the land. Guests have often gotten lost when they tried to make their way back out, getting confused about which way they entered. We have many entrances and exits here, and there are several other residences upon the property as well, which probably makes everything even more disconcerting, but we love it.

I probably should mention, I’m a landlord, so I have several tenants here, which is enjoyable but then again, sometimes it is not.
In our log cabin, my child has a lovely upstairs bedroom that she adores, with a large bay window next to a window seat. It overlooks the front yard, and she’s just beginning to be old enough to really appreciate it. Her room is a cozy A-frame loft that houses her Playstation 2, countless games, her television,VCR, and a little cubby where her full size bedroom set dwells.
She requested a new comforter set for Christmas because she’s almost a teenager and has insisted upon redecorating, so we had to choose matching pillows to go along with the eight piece set. She’s pretty excited about this gift most of all, I think. It’s the first time she’s ever really been interested in the actual furnishing and decorating of the house or her room. She’s really growing up — far too quickly as far as I’m concerned. Wish I could slow the race of time a little and really savor it before she’s turned eighteen before my very eyes!
christmas 2007

Our dining room table downstairs is set with brand new Christmas dishware, as I’m a decorative plate collector (nothing extravagant) and I found some delightful plates from the dollar store the other night! Our table has an array of gingerbread cookies, some chocolate, and various other Christmas goodies to choose from, sitting on it.

There is a small pine tree sitting on the Christmas tablecloth that was the easiest thing to deal with, since my leg was seriously injured. I’ve been unable to get around for the last year. We just weren’t up to trying to dig old faithful out of the storage room mothballs, with my leg still in the brace. It’s a pretty big tree and heavy — so we’re settling for the little pine tree, which we’ve decorated up just a bit. It’s lit up and sparkling merrily.
Our numerous beloved animals have a large amount of rawhide bones under the tiny tree. They are looking forward to devouring these on Christmas morning. I enjoyed picking these out, though I was somewhat horrified at the prices; nevertheless, these pets are part of our family and they won’t be left out of things this Christmas. With all of the pets inside because of the cold outside, it really feels like we’ve got our own “nativity” going on here, sometimes. 
English: Palm house in Łódź, turtles (1)

The two wild turtles I rescued two years ago have been blessed with a special helping of floating food sticks and a calcium stick treat that they love to nibble on. They’ll receive some red-leaf lettuce on Christmas morning, as well.  

They will also bask inside in their indoor pond within our den, under their new 100 watt basking light, which they enjoy sunning themselves under until the weather warms up and they go back outside to their outdoor habitat and pond in the back, in May. 

English: Winton: a window of Victoria Park Met...

Christmas Eve we’ll venture out at some point to a Christmas Eve service we’re attending at a neighboring church we’ve not been to in years, but they are kind enough to have an evening service on Christmas Eve so we’re going to stop in and worship and maybe visit with some of our neighbors. My little girl is pretty excited about attending a service there as it’s not the usual church we go to.

I’ll probably put the turkey on after the service so that there isn’t too much cooking to worry about on Christmas Day. We’ll just have to warm it up while we’re cooking the other various creations.
Later on, tomorrow night, I will sit in front my television and watch Christmas movies with my little girl. The flat screen was a gift to myself after I injured my leg. I finally broke down and got it, despite the  twenty-something year old Sony that I was loath to part with, but now I’m not sorry after watching this beauty. High definition TV is the greatest on one of these flat screen’s and makes for quite the telly watching experience; I could never go back to the old TV’s after experiencing it; I’m now thoroughly spoiled.
Anyway, my little girl and I will most likely watch the Ten Commandments, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and various others fave religious movies. We’ll discuss the religious connotations of the films, while I answer an endless array of questions from this young mind I cherish. Finally, we’ll go to sleep, because she’ll be terribly excited about opening up the remaining presents that she doesn’t know about. (At some point, I’ll have to wrap all of those. I hate wrapping presents, but she loves them wrapped, like most kids).  
christmas candles on the morning table

We’re going to get up Christmas morning, open our gifts, and have a leisurely, laid back day cooking and just enjoying ourselves with one another and our animals. It’s going to be a quiet Christmas, but I don’t mind that at all. We’re ready for some peaceful, quiet times, just savoring not having to run around at a maddening pace. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday this Christmas and can enjoy their loved ones, or maybe just spending time enjoying your home and the opportunity to relax.




  1. Love this post. Your home is beautiful.

    I am a Licensed Property Manager with my own home business so I understand being a landlord! Merry Christmas!

  2. Adrienne: Thank you for this peak into your life with your precious daughter. This is really sweet. I pray that your Christmas is full of the love, peace and joy that IS Jesus! Love you, dear sister in Christ. ~Natalie

  3. Merry Christmas, Warrioress.

  4. What a wonderful discription of your home! Since I was a child I have love big houses with lots nooks and crannys to explore.

    Merry Christmas to you and your daughter.

  5. merry christmas to you and yours (~_~)

  6. Merry Christmas, Naphtali!

  7. Thanks, Natalie. I hope your Christmas is wonderful and happy. You’re a lovely person. Looking forward to knowing you better in the new year ahead. God bless you, sis. Love you too,


  8. Merry Christmas, LeRoy (hugs)

  9. Merry Christmas, Mikel! I hope your holiday is terrific.

  10. Merry Christmas, Zen (hugs)

  11. Nice Christmas story.
    You said:

    My little girl is pretty excited about attending a service there as it’s not the usual church we go to.

    What sort of church do you usually go to?

  12. Thanks, Sabio.

    The neighborhood baptist church. We don’t attend every Sunday though; we also attend a neighborhood Lutheran church because the people are more casually dressed there and don’t put on airs, so we prefer it because of the more relaxed, homey atmosphere. We’re not that particular about the denomination as long as the minister is a believer who believes in the basics of Christianity. We are more focused upon a gospel message and living life as a Christian, according to the bible.

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