Posted by: the warrioress | December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Ponderings

The Gospel Road

Narrated by Johnny Cash

This video I’m sharing tonight, The Gospel Road, is a beautiful video that is the first of seven short parts. You can click on the others if you want to watch them after this initial part one.

This is a special video that is narrated by Johnny Cash. It’s so different and sincere. It’s really meaningful and a video that demonstrates to music who Jesus Christ really was when He walked the earth, before ascending to the right hand of the Father.

Christmas Eve has been kind of a bittersweet time in my life. I lost my mother one year ago today, this morning. I still miss her a great deal. There have been a lot of changes in my life in this last year since my mother died. I’ve grown immensely as a Christian. I’ve met new people and made some new friends in Christ. I’ve also met people that aren’t Christian, whom I’ve become fond of, who I respect, who appear to respect me.  All in all, it’s been good.

Christmas Eve, chromolithography

I was a member of a small online community for several years that meant the world to me, but that changed a few months ago. I was quite hurt by what happened there and resentful at first, but that uprooting created great opportunity for me that was surprising, and I’ve found a new place to write and share my ongoing daily spiritual journey with Jesus Christ. This has been an incredible blessing for me.

I have loved the people I’ve been meeting here at, who comment and push the like button on most of my posts, who regularly read me. All of you have surprised me in your wisdom and the love within your hearts.  Your maturity, your intellectualism, your sincerity — it’s more than I ever dreamed. I feel like I belong here among you and that I’ve found a home. I made my way here along a virtual path and was welcomed by you and it’s a good feeling, a blessed feeling. It’s wonderful to have you reading what I write and sharing your own beautiful writings with me. You are all so creative! is wonderful in the way it has challenged me to write regularly due to Post a Day 2011. The discipline this demanded has been incredible and it’s been a great commitment that I’ve just flourished under.

Hundreds of candles brought to a Christian Cro...

And now it’s Christmas time and I’m blessed by the true meaning of Jesus Christ within my life, and the knowing that I’m never alone, that I’ve been made whole and clean of my sins in the sight of God, my Father in Heaven.  Thanks to the birth of Jesus Christ, I am having the greatest relationship of my existence, and it is a great adventure that never bores me or leaves me berefit. 

My daughter and I attended a beautiful Christmas Eve candlelight service tonight that was touching and unique. We met many new neighbors at that church that we haven’t been introduced to before. We were welcomed and treated kindly and we’ll probably return regularly on Sundays there because we felt so at home.

It’s a small church, but I felt the presence of God within those people and we were able to just be ourselves. The evening was truly about the love of Jesus Christ, and sharing the beauty of loving God, together with the people who attended. This is what Christmas is really all about.

Christmas gifts.

I hope all of you are able to experience a wonderful, pleasant Christmas morning. I hope that whatever you are doing, or whomever you are with, that you’re happy, warm, and comforted by your surroundings. I hope you are able to share a nice Christmas meal and that you can give something to someone else, as you’ve been freely given to. 

May God bless and keep all of you, and Merry Christmas to you.



(The Gospel Road)


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post today. You have a wonderful blog here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Christmas has always been rough for me because of family issues, but sadly I just parted company with a girlfriend of 10 years. I am keenly aware that this is about Jesus, but pain still hurts, and I think he of all people knows that. I suspect that I will move beyond the pain, but this will be the second family I have lost, for the boys call me papa. I sure hope the Lord steps in, because I know I cannot fix this, and I helped to mess it up.
    I cannot come up with the depth you do, on a daily basis, at least I don’t think so, but as a follower of yours, I read them.
    Thanks for being a friend.

  3. Thanks, OA!

  4. Oz, I’m sorry you’re hurting at Christmas time. I’m saying a prayer for you right now that the Lord will comfort you and give you guidance, keeping you close to Him. I hope you can make the most of the day and keep your eyes on Him. Thinking of you and wishing you the best. Hang in there.


  5. Dear Adrienne, You have spoken so well here. Yes, there is a group of WordPress friends here that have a deep connection. It is amazing.

    As I was sitting here alone this Christmas morning as I have written I don’t feel alone at all! I am getting ready to have my time alone with God to find out what he wanted from me today. He told me, “you are already doing it by writing to others on WordPress.”

    I am sorry for your loss, my prayers are with you today. Blessings…

  6. Oh, sweet friend. I am so sorry that you lost your mother last year on Christmas. I can’t imagine the pain in your heart. I pray and ask the Lord to give you big hugs for me – that you will feel His strong, loving arms wrapped around you, enveloping and covering you with His tender love and comfort!!

    I, too, am so in awe of the Lord and how He works…bringing people together even through blogging. I feel the Spirit in and amongst us here 🙂 He leads us all to a “city” where we can settle and puts the lonely in families. I join you in gratitude for this sweet wordpress “family”! And, I am thankful for your good experience at church. Finding a place – a group of authentic Jesus-followers – where you fit and can grow and flourish is so important.

    I love you with the love of Jesus! You are a precious woman of God. I love getting to walk with you through blogging and to experience the way the Lord is connecting us all as the body of Christ, pulling us together – building His house!

    Merry Christmas, Adrienne!!

    Love in Christ,

  7. Thanks a lot, Nap. I appreciate it very much.. and yes, I agree, that we can help others and people whom we don’t even know we’re helping through this venue. I think God works miracles through this kind of writing and sharing, and I thank Him for the ability to write and read the writings of others, as well as exchange thought with others.

  8. Hugs, Natalie. I hope your Christmas was awesome. And yes, this is a beautiful thing to be able to get to know other Christians and become friends. It’s easier online than in person if one is a little shy, like I am.

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