Posted by: the warrioress | January 12, 2012

… dear friend …

Aged Love

Image by Jo and Paul's pics via Flickr

i  really looked at you

underneath fluorescent light

iron gray locks so full,

now a thinning white


once leather coarsened arms,

indeed a fragile sight

blue eyes in a small face,

still swimming ever bright


your voice gentle soft

even raised in consternation

wiry legs once so strong,

spindly in my mind’s narration


dear friend, when did you get old


Image by Bob AuBuchon via Flickr

it happened right before my eyes

in between the busy moments

i don’t think i ever realized


your kindnesses and generosity

never ran low nor too deep

never got tired of being here

at the ready, awake or asleep


i don’t know how to let you leave

you’re everything i ever dreamed,

all i asked God for,

and hoped for it seems


oh, time sees you fading

as dusk turns to night

where will you be tomorrow

at dawn’s early light


our act is over, curtain call


Image by K. Kendall via Flickr

tattered memories turning frayed

fingers slipping from my grasp

time’s about to turn the page


dear friend, i don’t have to wonder

how i’ll find another

there never will be

anything close to any other


just tell me what you need

i’ll make it easy on you now

float into oblivious sleep

and rest that weary brow


…for donald

from adrienne

january 12, 2012

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