Posted by: the warrioress | February 15, 2012

Absurdities in 2012 – II

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What is happening to our America?

Will we stand up for ourselves, one at a time, when and as these kinds of situations are occurring to us and our families?

Standing up, speaking out, and making waves is what it’s going to take to turn things around. Going meekly along like sheeple will only get us more of the same. Fight back, Americans, fight back!

This is ridiculous!


Outrage After School Tells Mom Her Child’s Lunch Is Unhealthy and Unacceptable
by America Live

A mother is outraged after school officials told her 4-year-old daughter that her home-packed lunch was not healthy enough to eat. What was so unhealthy about her lunch? Trace Gallagher reported that a lunch inspector at the school told the girl she couldn’t eat her turkey sandwich, banana, potato chips and apple juice. Instead, providing the girl with a USDA-approved lunch with the following guidelines: one serving of meat, one serving of grains, and two servings of fruit or vegetables.

When the girl returned home from school, her unopened lunch contained a note from the school saying that her lunch didn’t meet the guidelines and a $1.25 bill for the replacement lunch. The mom was outraged and anonymously wrote to the local newspaper and called a state representative. The North Carolina representative called the school which apologized, because in fact the lunch did meet all the USDA requirements.

In her statement to the newspaper, the mother argues that the issue isn’t whether the lunch meets any requirements but rather says, “Don’t tell my kid I’m not packing her lunchbox properly. I pack her lunchbox according to what she eats.”

Tell us what you think! Do schools have the right to tell parents what is or isn’t healthy enough for their children’s lunches?



  1. Absolutely not! It is just another effort to control our lives. I pack my husband’s lunch he takes to work; we started this to save gas. I wonder if they need to send the “lunch police” to check his.

    Question? I am struggling with just what you are saying; I feel we have been silent for too long and now we are suffering for it. I have been blasted for speaking out. The idea of preaching around the subjects quietly hasn’t worked obviously. Your thoughts?

  2. This trend will continue to accelerate until all freedom is gone, because people prefer safety and security to liberty and autonomy, so they continue to hand over more and more power to all levels of government.

  3. “Going meekly along like sheeple will only get us more of the same.”

    Remember that Jesus is the “good shepherd”, and “the meek shall inherit the earth”. According to Christianity, then, being a meek, obedient sheep can actually be a good thing.

    Presumably your issue is not with being a meek sheeple in general, it’s being a meek sheeple for the wrong cause.

  4. Like the bible says, “there is a time for everything under the sun..”

    There is a time for being meek, and the metaphor for the flock of Christ does not mean that we never stand up for what we believe in, or that our backbone turns into mush. Being a Christian, especially now, requires strength of will and character. It requires courage and strength of heart. One can be meek and humble and still be strong and firm…

  5. I agree. We have got to step up and be more vocal about our beliefs in freedom in this nation. We can’t take freedom for granted, ever. Thanks for sharing, Kathleen.

  6. I agree with you so much, Cathy. I am trying to do exactly that as often as the need arises in my own personal life, through this blog and otherwise. God bless, hon.

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