Posted by: the warrioress | February 20, 2012

An apology and stuff

I just wanted to apologize to many of you who have commented lately on my blogs or shared and I haven’t made the time to reply until tonight. I could offer countless excuses for my lapse, but suffice it to say, real life intervenes along with its many demands.

I read every single comment though, and honestly, I do appreciate some time to reflect upon the thoughts you all share here on each topic. I want to contemplate them at length before I reply, usually.

Sometimes I find I am more Christ-centered when I’ve taken this time to reflect on what you write in response to my posts, then if I immediately rush in to make a retort. I hope you understand that my taking a few days before I get back to you doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your interest or the time you spent in sharing with me and everyone reading.

I also wish I had more time to read every single post some of you wonderful bloggers write….. if I read every one though, I would never be a decent mother and my home would be a complete sty; I’m sure you all know what I mean.

It’s difficult to keep up in the blogging world but I’m trying, peeps, so bear with me. I love you all so much and enjoy every post I’m able to read, comment on, or simply “like.”

God bless each one of you.


  1. I hear you. Blogging can be very time consuming. I hope every blogger understands we have other priorities in life, like kids, dogs, a job, courses, other hobbies and other things that just happen or need to be done.

  2. Amen, Puddle. The only reason I’m here right now is because my child is online to bone up on an upcoming benchmark test in math. She’s reviewing fractions online so I’m sitting here on my puter while she studies on hers. Dinner is already cooked and in the freezer. I cooked over the weekend and froze the individual dinners. lol…..

    Whew. Life is a series of demands, isn’t it? It is really a bit tiring from time to time.

  3. You never have to God apologize at least to me if a couple of days lapse between your writing. Being God centered should be everyone’s position.

  4. God bless you, Adrienne. I pray God’s mercy and help for you (as I pray for myself). I find myself asking God for more hours in the day more and more often. It is so hard to balance and fit everything in! This post is a sweet way to tell others that you care. I hope all will understand and appreciate the care you take with your blog.
    Peace and blessings in Christ,

  5. I read your note the other day, and I apologize. No, I don’t just jump back into the reply mode.

    But you need to know that I love to hear from you. You are like family to me.

    Love ya sis,

  6. Thanks, Vic! And thank you for commenting here. Blessings.

  7. God bless you too, Natalie. You’re a dear woman and I wish I lived closer to you and we could be friends in person. You have been teaching me so much about how to be a good Christian. Love you..

  8. Wow… thank you so much, Ozzie. God bless you and keep you close to Him, and keep you at peace in your heart. (hugging tight)

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