Posted by: the warrioress | February 22, 2012

Panning for Souls

As the world slowly continues its descent down into the depths of raw evil, how does the Christian remain able to teeter above the filth and degenerative wreckage of what used to be morality? How do we continue to love those who are in lockstep with Satan/evil?

There is repulsion within the realization of blind eyes that cannot and will not be opened. A desire to be away from it, to abandon, to shake the dust off of one’s feet and move forward is overwhelming, but with this, how not to lose the love?

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Jesus never did lose His love … even of those who carried out His murder. One of His own, Judas, betrayed Him. I believe He still loved, despite the betrayal.

As they beat and tortured Him, nailing Him to a gruesome death, Jesus loved and asked for their forgiveness.

How to be more like Jesus?

How did He do it?

The tendency as the world oozes downward is to find high ground and stay there, but as all decency is covered over in the cesspool, it is ever more important that we love even more and have compassion and empathy, as Jesus did.

We must not flinch from evil or allow the bile rising around us to paralyze or halt our flow. This was written and others have endured similarly. There is an end to it and time is short.

We are panning for souls.

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  1. Thank you for speaking from your heart what God has placed there. I look forward to your next posting.

  2. Thank you for telling it like it is.

  3. Yes we are called to love all of other brothers and sisters – even when they are in love with evil.

  4. I totally respect the frustration from which you write. It’s hard to stay afloat above such things. Take heart…

    Christ entered into our world, knowing full well what a broken and fallen world it is. Christ calls those who call Him Lord to enter into the same situations, and extend the love to those around us. He did not focus upon the sinfulness, except in the case of those who claimed to call themselves God’s children. His focus was on the beauty in the midst of the rubble. His eyes looked for ways to stand beside those who were morally bankrupt and then guide them to a place where they could be lifted out of that life.

    In my opinion, one should cultivate a stronger focus on the people who suffer, especially those who cannot see that they are fallen and in desperate need of redemption and reclamation. For to focus on the fallenness means we lose sight of God’s love for them.

    It is true that we are panning for souls. The only way we don’t recoil from the barrage of evil that we see rests in being able to see Creation through the eyes of our Creator. We (mankind) are Christ’s beloved. We have to gain that perspective.

  5. well how did Jesus stay above everything and not get polluted by the world? He knew at a young age he had a mission to save all of man kind and failure is not an option. If he failed he would have shown that God was not who he said he was but he succeeded and we are not condemned any more through the blood of the lamb we are saved. How are we supposed to not get tainted by the world in Isaiah 40:31 it says we are to mount up on wings as eagles and fly high above the pollution. I go into a 1%er motorcycle club’s club house and sit with the devil and not be tarnished how do i do this? not drink their alcohol or do their drugs, integrity and honor and the knowledge I a there to bring the gospel and not party, this is the missio I am on for the glory of God. and this is how we are to live go into the world and preach or bring the gospel and not allow their ways to be conformed to the ways of the world but to the ways of God.

  6. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Shh…calm down. Check it out at my site if you’re interested. Great job as usual!

  7. Thank all of you above for the likes and for commenting here. Your perspectives really helped as I was really feeling not only frustrated but also rather down as I wrote this entry.

    Sometimes I have to kind of preach to myself to keep myself lifted up when times get tough in this world. I will often look around myself and be rather horrified at what’s occurring. I’ll watch the news sometimes in disbelief.

    Watching what is becoming of people and how cold their hearts are becoming to one another frightens and concerns me. I guess it’s the helplessness that gets to me most of all. All I can really do is write and pray.

    Anyway, I appreciate the understanding from each one of you. Thanks.

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