Posted by: the warrioress | March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Memories

Happy Birthday to me.. (chuckle)  Yup. I just turned another year older. The last year seemed to move a bit slower, which is fine with me. Anyway, I had a really great birthday yesterday and celebrated most of the weekend, amazingly.

Bathroom towels.

Image via Wikipedia

Friday evening, my daughter and I got a late start after she got out of school and we headed out to do some shopping at Target. We selected a couple of sets of some really nice, oversized bath towels. We were overdue for some nice new towels, and it was fun picking them out. We got some clothes and other assorted stuff that I had put off picking up for a while. When we finished it was pretty late so we headed to a well-known after hours coffee shop that has the best hamburgers and specials all hours of the day and night. After munching out, we came home and grabbed some sleep.

Saturday morning, we woke up a bit late after sleeping in, and went and got new haircuts/styles as we tried out a new place that is really close to my home. It was a lot less expensive than what I’m used to paying, which is always a great thing, but I think I like my usual place and hairdresser better. I kind of like the new look though; it’s a nice change and my child loved her new “side bangs..”

We came back home, took some naps later that day, and dressed for dinner and the movies. We had Chinese food at my fave chinese restaurant last night. Too delicious! Here’s what we selected from the menu:

Grand Chinese Cuisine

Grand Chinese Cuisine (Photo credit: Sifu Renka)

Shrimp with Bacon

Combination Fried Rice

Crabmeat Rangoons

Hot chinese tea with sugar

Mmmmm… it was just the best, all of it!  Anyway, so then we’re off to the late movies. We saw a double feature!

First we saw “The Vow,” and then went into the midnight movie and saw Tyler Perry’s “Good Deeds.” I loved both movies but “Good Deeds” was the best. It was a wonderful movie with a great message. It was definitely worth a look-see if you’re wanting to see something that makes you feel good. We got home super late.

Tyler Perry mixes it up with the media on the ...

Today has been a really quiet day that was capped off by another great dinner out with a best friend and my daughter. We had some awesome seafood, King crab legs, lobster tail, fried shrimp, shrimp scampi, baked potato, and Ceasar salad. Am I making you hungry yet? 🙂

My best friends gave me some sweet, thoughtful gifts and I had a wonderful weekend running all around. We really enjoyed getting out to the movies and the many dinners as we don’t go out too often these days since we’re watching our pennies.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m really tired now, though, and am just gonna lay back for a few days and recover. I’m normally kind of a homebody, but my daughter’s birthday is coming up next and she’s going to be celebrating with various friends and me as her chauffeur. Gotta rest up. She’s turning thirteen.

I hope everyone’s weekend was as nice as mine was. Birthdays are fun!


  1. happy birthday!

  2. that sounds cool I am glad you were blessed and happy belated birthday. I am hoping my wife and daughter’s birthdays are similar for me a 50 dollar tattoo and maybe a new patch for my vest and I am a happy guy oh don’t forget mountaindew to top it off can’t live with out the dew man . it seems these days families aren’t what they use to be everyone seems to be out for his or her self and it doesn’t matter if it is family or not that is why i want to instill real family values into my family my rule is no matter what happens we are family if you lend someone money do not expect it back give it as a blessing and never tell them to return it this brings on the lender/slave mantality, respect each other’s dreams and desires and support each other in their different ventures in life as long as it is with in the law of the land and the Bible but that in itself is a whole different blog in it self., glad ya had fun as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you and it seems he has.

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday fellow Pisces!

  7. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  8. Happy Birthday from a Regular Joe; God is great in his blessings and love for us.

  9. Sorry, I had to work. Sounds like you had a great Birthday.


  10. Your weekend sounds lovely, happy belated b’day x

  11. Sounds like fun Happy Birthday

  12. Happy late birthday! We’ve had several of those in my family lately 🙂

    Really like your blog and plan to do some reading to become better acquainted with your work. Love the “Rebel with a Cause” theme on your profile page and the whole “warrioress” concept…cool stuff!

  13. happy birthday (~_~)

  14. So glad you had a wonderful B’day’s a clip I found hope it blesses you like it did me xoxox

  15. Please accept my belated birthday wishes. I did not miss this post when it arrived my inbox. But, at that point in time, I have difficulties with my vision. So I have to delay taking the appropriate action. Hope it is okay with you. Nice to read about the celebration and so forth. Best Regards and stay happy. !!!

  16. Thanks all of you so much for the birthday wishes, belated or otherwise! It was a great time and I really appreciated the gifts that allowed me to purchase some of the things I needed badly, like the towels. You know how you put some things off for ages that you really do need? It’s been like that..what a relief to finally get some of those things!

  17. ty, Colee!

  18. Yes, God has richly blessed me, Rambo. He is the best teacher in the world and I stand in amazement of Him. He is incredible. The birthday was superb.

  19. Thanks, Eugene!

  20. Thanks so much, Butch!

  21. Hey Cathy! Thanks, hon…

  22. Thank you, Vic 🙂

  23. thanks, Michael 🙂

  24. God is great! And I could feel the love 🙂 Thanks, Joe.

  25. I did.. it was so fun! Sorry you had to work, Ozzie.

  26. Thanks, Vessel of God (hugs)

  27. Just a blast! My little girl is growing up so she’s at the age where we can really have fun doing various things together.

  28. Thank you, RM. I had a little help with the warrioress part. Another gal gave me the idea, bless her heart. It seemed to fit based upon where I was blogging before. Sometimes it still rings true here too..heh.

    Thank you for reading and stopping by.

  29. Thanks, Zen (hugs)

  30. Thanks so much, Mike. (hugging)

  31. Thank you, Pat. What a beautiful video. Very moving.. I appreciate this.

  32. I enjoy reading your stuff keep it coming. who knows maybe we’ll become friends. God bless

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