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Are You a Safe Harbor for Others?

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I was just thinking how wonderful it is to be able to be my real self with other Christians, or with just everyone in general, whether they are Christian or not.

I’m really a pretty honest person. I’ll tell you the truth even if it makes me look bad or shows me in a less than holy light. I’m definitely far from perfect and don’t have all the answers about this Christian lifestyle either. There are actually things I don’t understand about the bible or Christianity, imagine that! (grin)

While I call myself a “bible warrior,” it doesn’t mean that I’m a “bible expert.” I greatly value other people’s thoughts, opinion, and interpretations of the bible and try to learn from them. “Bible warrior” means that I believe in the bible and will defend it and my belief in it, God, and the good news of Jesus Christ, to the death if necessary. I’m willing to stand up for what I believe in and fight for my right to believe in it. I will fight for the freedom of religion in this country for myself, my child, and for all of us. I will fight for the right not to believe as well.  

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Anyway, I’m veering off of my topic, which has to do with being genuine and honest. I can’t learn from others if I’m not honest. Being honest is key to learning and growing in Jesus Christ; it’s key to learning and growing in my life. Being able to admit my mistakes, fears, imperfections, and weaknesses is HUGE; I can’t progress if I can’t do this. I often compare myself to other Christians, despite the fact that I hate doing this. I do it in order to see where I am at, compared to where they are at. It’s probably stupid, though, because I honestly feel that God deals with each one of us differently than He does the other of us. We are unique in our “lesson plan” in Christ. What I need, someone else may not need, and visa versa; still, I learn from watching certain Christian ladies here and at church and I attempt to emulate them in my walk with Christ. Through comparing myself to them, I can see where I could benefit from doing something more like they are, etc.


When I’m talking about being honest, I’m not talking about admitting our real names online or giving out our private information about ourselves, because sometimes that just isn’t safe or wise in these times we’re living in; I’m talking about being who we really are and not keeping our guard up with one another. I’m talking about really being there for one another. There are people here at Word Press whom I’m slowly getting to know in Christ and out of Christ, whom I feel that I can be extremely honest with, whom I can admit most anything to. I think this is so important if I want to really grow spiritually. I think Jesus wanted us to be able to trust and confide deeply in one another, don’t you? If we can’t really love, trust, and confide in one another, how could someone who doesn’t believe be able to share themselves honestly with us? We need to be a safe, non-judgmental harbor for all to come to.

Can you tell the truth about who you really are or about how your walk with Christ really is? 


  1. Nice job as usual. I’m pretty honest, too, but wasn’t always. It’s so much easier. I do have trouble talking to people about my walk, because it’s a struggle; some of them seem to be in such a good place with God, and mine pales by comparison. But it’s good that you have people you can be completely free with; I’ll get there someday.

  2. Thanks, Struggler. I think you said something really important above in your comment…

    “some of them seem to be in such a good place with God, and mine pales by comparison.”

    This is exactly what I was trying to say when I compare myself to others or compare my walk with Christ. We’re not going to look the same because we’re not the same .. we’re all different and thus our walks are different. Another thing is, are these people whose walk seems so “perfect” really being completely above board about everything? Was everything always so perfect or did they struggle too?

    This is what I meant about being a safe harbor for others. If we never admit our weaknesses and faults or our troubles with various “sins,” or whatever, how can we be a safe harbor for others to come to and trust? We have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and not be too proud to tell the truth about the areas in which we have difficulties.

    No one should ever make out like the Christian walk is easy as eating apple pie or something; it’s NOT. There are so many struggles and areas that demand strength of character but this growing is what the walk is all about too. It’s the “becoming” more like Christ — that’s what it’s primarily all about for me, anyway.

  3. Nice reflection…it is so hard to be authentic in this day. God bless you, sister…

  4. Just thought of something….

    If I was already Christ-like, what would I need Christ for?

    Jesus came to save sinners/the lost/the struggling. He didn’t come to save the perfect who never sin. I don’t think that perfection is attainable in this life because of the “sin nature.” I think the striving for perfection is attainable though and it is in the striving that we are blessed. We don’t attain salvation through perfection though or through the earning of it through behaving “sinlessly.” It’s a free gift from Jesus. We receive the free gift of salvation because we obviously needed it and believed.

    We are all strugglers; don’t let anyone tell you any different. If someone doesn’t appear to be struggling, God bless em.’ Think about Job… one never knows when that might descend upon one of us and we might really find out how Job felt.

  5. Thanks, Lamehousewife. I adore your blog, btw. Your posts are beautiful and insightful. I’ve been really blessed by coming into this little Word Press community. There are a lot of people who are authentic here, who open up and allow us a decent peek into who they really are and I just love it. I think you are one of these people.

  6. Wow…thank you…I am really enjoying the community, too. It’s awesome to connect with so many people from such varying circumstances. I am very thankful for you sharing your faith journey…praise God, for He is so good!:) Blessings…

  7. Your timing on this was impeccable. I needed to hear this, as I value this in my own life.


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