Posted by: the warrioress | March 15, 2012

Disconnected :(

Just a quick note to let everybody know that my home internet is having issues. I am using my cell so this will be short. Hope to blog again as soon as I can fix the problems, God willing. ; )

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  1. Hope it is resolved soon, we miss you!

  2. Thanks for missing me, Diana! Thanks to the rest of you who did as well. I wasn’t too pleased with being curtailed from the internet, thanks to my daughter’s new IPOD touch, which apparently hates our 2wire router and kept disconnecting it. At first, I didn’t make the connection that the IPOD was the culprit. Now, that IPOD is being kept off and away when I’m blogging 😉

    I think we’re going to have to switch to wifi or something that works with the ipod and allows us access on our home computers. Not sure which way to go just yet..

    Anyway, it’s great to be back!

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