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The capture of Christ (detail)

Christians are all different, just as a I suspect the disciples of Jesus Christ were. These were rough men; they weren’t the kind that pick daisys and write poetry under the light of the silvery moon. They were fishermen, laborers, and men who were probably using some colorful language from time to time. They were certainly warrior-types, as we know from the story of Peter attempting to chop off the ear of one of the men who was about to haul our Savior away to face justice for being the Messiah.

Can you imagine the job Jesus had just trying to train these guys and turn them into godly men? It makes me chuckle a little to think about it. He had to be a patient kind of person. He also had to be the kind who overlooked the rough exterior of someone because He could see right through to their hearts — and it was their hearts that counted in their walk with Him, wasn’t it?

Disciples chosen and sent out

Disciples chosen and sent out (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m different from many other Christians in that I feel led to talk about things we don’t hear Christians talk about much. I feel an urgency in my spirit that we, as Christians, need to be able to discuss openly the things that some of us fear shouldn’t be spoken about. My writings are not going to be only about sweetness and light, uplifting stories, or scripture that builds up and inspires. There are  a lot of people blogging these kinds of posts for you already. My purpose is to talk openly with Christians and the world about the tough things, the unspoken things, the “difficult to think about and read” kind of things.

If hardcore truths and questions disturb you, if the exposing of things that you may not find particularly pretty or want to think about bother you, I’m not the blogger for you. If you want a dose of the realities of what’s going on out here in the world, in life, I’m for you. If you don’t mind thinking about and talking about these kinds of topics, click the “follow me” link and subscribe, please.

Jesus Discourses with His Disciples

I don’t mean to offend anyone with my writings, but I’m not going to hush or edit them away just because it makes some folks uncomfortable. We’ve been quiet way too long about a host of topics as Christians and because of this we have our own community surfing porn and destroying their marriages because they are afraid to talk about sin and its impact on their lives.  It’s easier to act like everything’s just peachy in our walk with the Lord when it’s anything but! We are afraid to talk openly and honestly with one another.

We need a closer knit community, in my humble opinion. We need people who are willing to become a little more hardcore in their abilities to help others. We have to understand that everything just isn’t nicey-nice in this world all the time for anyone, and most definitely not always for Christians. Christians need to know how to get through these difficulties and how to deal with the tough times. We’ve got to learn to communicate with one another and answer the hardcore questions and concerns that lurk underneath of our walk with Jesus Christ. He wouldn’t want any less for us and neither would His disciples.

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

I love the Lord deeply, but I’m extremely upfront, brutally honest, and I believe that this is my calling. I’m not going to sugar coat what concerns me because it may be a little offensive. I hope you can hang with what I write, but if it’s a little too much for your taste buds and Christian sensibilities, I apologize; I know there are other blogs and bloggers that may be more your cup of tea.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 😉

God bless  you for reading me and being understanding. (hugs)


  1. Thank you for speaking the truth and taking on the topics that will make some uncomfortable. The world needs more of this as we push on through these times. Christ never avoided the tough realities and neither should we. I pray daily that God will continue to give you the words and the courage to continue


  2. authentic!:)

  3. Following Christ is a polarising situation. Christ polarised people with His mere presence. He was brutally honest with those who claimed to know the truth and also with those who followed Him. He was also, tactful and chose His words extremely carefully…

    I applaud both your enthusiasm and focus. We need people telling the truth, contradicting the darkness that masquerades as truth in this world. However, I challenge you to make sure that you’re not forgetting that sometimes we choose brutal honesty to avoid making a further commitment to building that community of which you are speaking. Building community means creating an environment where people can both speak to and hear from each other.

    Sometimes the biggest enemy of building a healthy deep community is not the silence between people, it’s the inability to get past the confrontations between people. Make sure that you know the difference between being bold, polarising through truth, and being insensitive, polarising through deliberate conflict.

    I am encouraged by your heart, and I pray that you continue to use the wonderful gifts of writing and insight that you have to edify and build up those around you. Especially we who lurk out here reading your blog from afar.

    Blessings Sister, may our Lord infuse within you a Holy Boldness and His wisdom to use such.


  4. Oh great, now that I have been blindly following you for a while, you tell me what you stand for. Now I am afraid.
    Good thing I like you.;)

  5. I applaud you and I totally agree with you. Sometimes we tend to sugar coat the Christian walk, yet is the hardest thing we will ever do in this life. I agree with Zandaltwist, Christ was honest with everyone yet he did it with tact and love. We need to be like that. I also thank you because even in my own blog perhaps I too have been too sweetie. I need to get back to basics. Thanks for the refocus.

    I would love for you to follow my blog and hear what you have to say. I look forward to many more of your writings. God bless!

  6. this is a good post, i am hard core christian and make it public i go to events when i can lay hands on people and pray for them and their families. I think Jesus and his disciples would have been bikers because thy are rugged and rough with a peace about them i do not think they caused trouble but do think when it came down to it and had to defend themselves they did. Jesus speaks on the sermon on the mount that if one smite you on the cheek turn and give him the other but i do think there are places where even he drew the line with the exception of the beating he took before they crucified him and that was in order to fulfill the scripture.

  7. I fully understand what you mean, I wrote a similar blog post not so long ago, it received silence unlike yours here 🙂
    I think it’s very important to be honest to the sprit God has given you and God will bring people who need to be exposed to you your way. It’s great that some people are encouraging we all need that, but we also need truth and meat too, as you say it may not be pleasant but at least people will know where you stand.


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