Posted by: the warrioress | March 23, 2012

Life Juggling

And now for a more personal touch.

This post will simply be an update on my life, which at the moment seems metaphorically like a juggler who is wildly tossing up all the balls, trying to keep them in the air. The juggler has an eye on the good Lord, praying that God will prevent the balls from plummeting down all over the juggler. Not sure how this is going to go, answer-wise. God often has a sense of humor where I’m concerned.

So, okay, first we have a major truck repair on the horizon — the “harmonic balancer..” if that means anything to you. (sigh) Along with that, we’ll include the “serpentine belt,” so we’re looking at nearly one thousand big ones. (more sighing)

Dodge Lil Red Express Truck

Dodge Lil Red Express Truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next, we have the fact that the truck’s not going anywhere this weekend, so now we’ve got:

1) One disappointed teenager who made fantastic grades on her report card, who was looking forward to roller skating and lots of fun, who will now have to be told, “sorry, the truck ain’t moving anywhere this weekend, babe.” 

2) Her best friend who was also looking forward to a fun weekend out, who will now be told that we’re all grounded to the house, along with the truck — until next week at the earliest. 

I guess it’s gonna be a frozen pizza, pay per view kinda weekend… 

Raining Again

Raining Again (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you ever feel that when it rains, it most definitely pours? It’s sincerely pouring over here. I’ve got to get on the ball with getting the income tax filed too. And get the stupid riding mower fixed.

I could go on, but I’ll spare you, the reader. Hopefully God’s blessing your life with fewer trials and tribs than He is mine. (snicker) Just remember what we’re told: 

Thank Him gratefully for all of our troubles and view them as a “learning experience.”  

Uh huh.. okay.

I also need to get onto the post that catches me up with the various blog awards I’ve been blessed with. I think I’m backed up about five or so of those.  Guess I’ll work on that post next. (wink)

Well, God bless all of you for a lovely weekend, no matter how you’re spending it. 😉  I might as well be cheery about it and make the best of things, huh?



  1. If I have learned anything in my life, it is that God has a reason for everything. I suspect He also has a reason for your problems also. I am sorry to hear of the problems with your truck, but maybe you need to stay home this weekend for a good reason. I know your 13 year old may be a little down, but she will be happy to spend the time with you anyway, you have a wonderful relationship. Life has a way of slowing you down to take time to smell the flowers once in a while.
    I will pray for your continued peace and that all goes well this weekend and into next week to bring all these concerns to a good finish. God bless you all.

    Walk daily with God at your side!


  2. Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate weekend. Sounds a lot like life on earth, post-Eden. Trucks and lawnmowers break down, and the tax-man is no surprise. It’s bad when it all happens at the same time, though.

    Thanking God for the bad stuff is a tough one for me, too. I just thank Him that, whatever mess I’m in, He is right there in it with me. And that it *will* pass…

  4. Oh, yes! He-he…life ain’t about ‘easy’ all of the time.
    Now, is it? (Nice-lookin’ Li’l Red Dodge truck, btw.)
    Coincidentally, my week contained a story, too.

    ‘Tis of the same caliber. My ’98 Bonneville
    blew her engine last Thursday. The bill
    to drop another in wasn’t worth it.
    I let her go yesterday for $300.
    Now I have to drive an even
    older beat-up Saturn –
    my daughter’s.
    Too bad for
    her, huh?

  5. I hope you and your daughter had a good week end and that next week is better for you may want to check around for the repair of your truck might find someone cheaper.
    Good Luck.

  6. Hey Ed 🙂

    Thanks for the well wishes and prayers. I’m so relieved that I finally got the truck fixed. I’m now about to get the taxes ready and have been trying to get caught up with the innumerable things that are stacking up to be taken care of. It’s all just life but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming.

    Thank God, He never gives us more than we can bear.

  7. Thanks, Diana! I hope yours was blessed as well.

  8. lol…. yes, it can be a bit overwhelming when all of this stuff starts raining down. I like your attitude and what you do when this happens to you. Seems we have a lot in common; I try to do the same. 🙂

  9. Whew…. your story beats mine, Tree. Bummer.

    I’ve got someone coming to fix the mower next week and I’m working on the taxes. A stray puppy seems to have wandered over to my child and her friend when they were playing outside and so it is here now too. I’m also in the process of changing internet providers and going for wireless. It’s just a little bit chaotic around here right now.. lol. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Thanks, Pat. The weekend wasn’t too bad. I’m relieved I finally got the truck fixed. It was terribly expensive, but that’s cars these days for ya. I did shop it around and feel I got the best deal, considering.

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