Posted by: the warrioress | March 30, 2012

Regrets? Not a Chance..

The “fall out” for exposing a post on someone’s blog via linking to it has been exactly what I expected it to be.

I’ve been accused of stealing the written post, & “robbing” the person of his “work,” (eye roll), all of which are lies.  

I’m not in the least surprised that this has happened and is happening.

People become really pissy when they are essentially exposed for what they are … pure bullies. They don’t like being stopped in their tracks or their bullying. They especially don’t like it when someone has the audacity to stand up to them and make them stop. And when that someone is successful?

Look out, baby! 😉

The seal of the Holy Ghost Fathers, the Congre...I expect the absolute lies and misleading bologna to be spread around about me; it’s just more persecution for my doing the next right thing, but this time I know I’m blessed by God Himself because I followed my conscience; I listened to the Holy Spirit within me that insisted that I speak out and get involved. I got involved and I don’t care how much heat I take for it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I will do it again, and again, and again.

In fact, every single time I come across some profane filth that persecutes the religious, I will bring it to the world’s attention via this very blog. I will link directly to it and share the material with everyone who reads me, so that no one can say this kind of verbal abuse is not occurring, so that we are all aware that the religious are being mistreated in America.  I will prove that this is the case.

Doing this is not “stealing,” nor is it robbing anyone of anything. It’s called journalism essentially, and it is EXPOSITORY WRITING that reveals TRUTH.

I expect hate, rage, and more persecution for my efforts.  And I bless those who continue to persecute me and those of us who tell the truth, who are not afraid, who stand up for what we believe in fearlessly.


  1. You are on a crusade and I pray for you daily for you have taken on a thankless job. In your zeal, please remember as I have mentioned before, it is a thin line. We love you little sister!
    Walk daily with God at your side!

    Your brother in Christ,


  2. Keep it up….I have had it too but it won’t keep my mouth shut.

  3. more grease to your elbows keep it up and God bless you.

  4. […] […]

  5. hey no worries i am sure you did the right thing i am not sure what blog this is about what i mean is what you are accused of stealing but don’t worry blogs are not copy written anyway to the best of my knowledge and yes we are supposed to get involved that is our jobs as Christians and disciples. we are ordained to spread the gospel and shed light on the darkness and if you call someone’s number and they pick up it is not your fault they are the one who picked up so you are not to blame. If you repost something i wrote i would be honored and if you find error in what i wrote and point it out i wouldn’t mind as long as it is not nasty. it’s all good . keep smiling and keep your chin up with God for you who can be against you.

  6. I guess it might appear like a crusade since you haven’t been privy to what I’ve endured for the last three years, Ed, most especially on a variety of dating sites across the internet. I was pretty shocked to encounter the sheer hatred of God and bible-believing Christians that is out there from every day average people.

    Of course, on the internet people can become real beasts, and I do understand that, but what I’ve seen goes beyond that — this is akin to the kind of harm that has caused young people to kill themselves because of the sheer scope of the bullying. The people I’ve encountered have stalked, harassed, verbally assaulted, lied about me, and hacked into my private email in order to snoop and spy. They’ve been on a sick, all out attempt to destroy my reputation and character so that my testimony is ruined and I’m no longer credible as a Christian sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. They’ve not been successful, thankfully, purely by the grace of God, but it’s not for lack of their trying.

    At this point though, yeah, maybe I am on a crusade; I’ve had enough. Basically, I’m predominantly interested in showing the world what is coming, in terms of serious Christian persecution that will eventually be physical and genocidal. Serious physical abuse first begins with verbal assault and ramps up from there.

    Christians need to realize how serious things are getting right here in America and we need to band together to protect and support one another. The politically correct Christians who want to please the world, who do not wish to offend, will not be a threat to these kind of people who hate our Lord; they have no bone to pick with those who are afraid, who don’t stand up for the bible or their own Christian faith. It is vocal Christians who are the enemy of the world right now.

    We don’t care if we are popular with the non-believing. We will not compromise on what the bible says; we will not go along with the politically correct tolerance and lies the world is selling as truth. We hold fast to the bible, maintain our faith under pressure, and thus we are loathed and attacked relentlessly.

    Anyway, I appreciate your prayers, Ed, and the prayers of your wife as well. God bless you both for understanding..


  7. Cathy, I’m not about to keep my mouth shut either. It’s not making me a lot of friends, but the friends I do have are real, true blue, and most of them also love our Lord.

    It’s amazing to me how true the bible is.. it spelled all of this out for us quite clearly, telling us who would be impacted and treated badly for their faith. If we stand firm and will not compromise our faith, we cannot please the world .. it’s impossible.

    (hugs) Love that posting you just did, by the way.

  8. Thanks so much, Punnonline! God bless you too and thanks for commenting here.

  9. Thanks again, Cath! This is an excellent post!

  10. This particular post is a follow up about the post I recently did called “Evil Incarnate” where I linked to a man’s blog on a dating site that I used to be a member of. He became enraged, as did his “supporters.” They and he are angry that I dared to expose his hatred of God, the bible, and the religious. His cronies are mostly atheist, anti-theist, and anti-religious to the extreme and have stalked me for quite literally years.

    Anyway, they’ll lie or do anything that they can do to discredit me and my testimony for Christ. Needless to say though, it’s not working. 😉 They are exceedingly pissy because of this and because the dating site deleted his foul, profane posting of their own accord once I drew attention to it on my blog. The dating site knew how that posting made them look! So he’s mad about it, as are his buddies.

    Anyway, the posting is gone and that was my intent and purpose. Persecution and hate speech that demeans and degrades others for their religious beliefs isn’t something that should be celebrated anywhere. Yes, we have the right to freedom of speech but that right can be taken to the extreme in order to inflame and incite physical violence and abuse against others..this is just out of line and must be stood up to and fought against.

    Give the wife and family my hellos, Robbie. God bless you all!

  11. ur welcome

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