Posted by: the warrioress | April 4, 2012

Tormenting the Christian

The Temptation of Christ, 1854

One of the devil’s favorite things to do to me the last few years is to attempt to torment me through a variety of interesting ways.  When this happens, I feel as if I am under attack spiritually, plain and simple. Sometimes I’m not at all surprised by these attacks but other times, I’m left reeling a bit. His abilities to know which buttons to push are uncanny.

He uses various circumstances and even sometimes people to try to get to me. The fairly sinister  dialogue is repetitive and goes something like this:

(devil) “You know you’re not really a Christian; everyone knows you’re just a wannabe. Anyone who knows about your past (sins) knows you’re just a phony. People will find out about your past and then what? They’ll know you’re not a real Christian..”


(devil) “You like to pretend that you’re such a good christian, but you can’t live up to real christian principles.  You’re just a liar and no one respects you. Some good Christian you are!”


(devil) “You don’t measure up to the biblical disciples or to the other real Christians. You’re not good enough. Look at how you fail daily compared to this one or that one…You’re just not good enough and God doesn’t really love you! God is repulsed by you.”

and it continues on with more of the same….

I’ll be honest. There have been moments where I’ve been stressed, worried, or simply exhausted and these kinds of mental and emotional attacks have played havoc with me on some level that I might not have even been consciously aware of.  I’m beginning to recognize this kind of mental dialogue though and the purposes of the dialogue. 

The devil wants to shut me down, stop my testimony for Christ, and disable me any way he can. He wants to steal my joy, confidence, and faith in my salvation. He wants to eat my lunch through crippling my belief and trust in my relationship with God the Father, Himself. If he is successful in getting me to believe, (even for an instant), any of the crap he loves telling me, he’s got me off-balance and out of commission and thus, out of the will of the Father. He’s got me stewing in my misery and essentially has me castrated and castigated. I’m no longer effective for Christ and so he wins. Another Christian silenced and doubting himself.

I was doing some reading about this kind of thing and stumbled across an amazing, informative writing about this HERE. The writing was called “The Satan Whisperers.”


  1. Been there too…Hang in there, girl..

  2. the devil is always tormenting..why does he pick on some a lot and not others..i’m going through so much..i wish God will tell him to leave me alone..

  3. i hate the words practice what you preach..oh i try so hard.

  4. what about the words God’s not real, or you don’t really believe you just pretend..i hate thinking that..

  5. Been there done that, we all are attacked continuously by satan, stand firm in your faith.
    Tell him to get behind you. And continue down your path.
    I have found when I start singing God’s praises, satan seems to disappear. I pray I continuously have a song in my heart.

    Walk daily with God at your side.

    Your brother in Christ,


  6. I can relate to this post so much. Everything you talk about here are things I am constantly going through. Thank you for sharing this and for the link.


  7. Great post and yes, I have been attacked relentlessly, but he is defeated.

  8. I believe that only God knows our deepest being. I don’t believe that Satan has that kind of knowledge. That being said, Satan sure does seem to be able to go for our weakest attributes and moment! I don’t think there are easy answers for these troubles; if there were we would not be growing through them, they would be forgotten moments in our past.

  9. Are these dialogues that you conduct in your own mind, or are these things that other people actually say to you? Just curious.

  10. These examples I’ve given here are things that other people have said and continue to say to me. These types of things are also repeated within my mind when I’m stressed or depressed, or just overly tired. If you were here, I could show you comments that have been left for me on this very blog by an “avenging angel” (eye roll) who regularly says these types of things to me monthly. She’s been harassing me here since I started this blog and I haven’t allowed her comments because of her incessant trolling. She and her friends write these kinds of things about me on their blogs.

    There’s another obsessed, fixated woman who writes TO ME on her blog on a regular basis! Yeah, I know it sounds insane .. it is insanity. She is so consumed with her dislike of me that she has been writing these ugly things to me for quite literally years!

    I know it’s sick. And because it’s so sick, I know exactly who it’s coming from… it’s Satan who is behind what these people are doing. It’s just as the man who wrote the Satan Whisperer’s describes in his writing. These people hate me, Keith, because I am a real Christian. And I’m not kidding you, they hate me. They stalk and dig around in my past through my email, attempting to find ways to discredit me and toss my former sins into my face. They are determined and relentless.

    Satan obviously hates me too, and he’s behind these relentless attacks; he knows how to hurt me where it counts. You can say these are just “thoughts” that I’m dredging up when the dialogue goes on in my own mind, but how do you explain so many people saying the exact same things to me in their various writings in forums and on blogs? And it’s not just one’s several. Another odd thing is that all of these people have great contempt for God, Jesus Christ, and born again, bible-believing Christians. They are “anti-theist/anti-religious” and they regularly attack anyone who is vocal about their beliefs, who believes in and stands by the bible. They can be sadistic and quite cruel.

    I haven’t created this dialogue in my mind. All I know is, the devil can use people to hurt us and when he tires of that, he’ll insert his nasty little jargon into our minds and thoughts in order to attempt to depress us and destroy our faith.

  11. Thank you, Bird. I am hanging in here. It can be tough sometimes though because like I said, these attacks are relentless and seem to occur most often when I’m already overwhelmed with regular daily living experiences of raising a child by myself etc.

  12. Know what you mean, Joy. I wish the same.. (hugs)

  13. We’ll never be “good enough,” you know. How could we be? We’re only human and God knows this. We’re also redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, and forgiven, but we don’t feel worthy of this on some level and it’s because of the relentless satanic whispering that we struggle, imo.

    I think it’s normal for all of us to struggle with occasional insecurities about our Christian walk at points along the journey, but I’m talking about being under attack by the devil himself; this is different.

    And I know what you mean, Joy, I too try extremely hard to be a good Christian.

  14. Yes, I hear that kind of crapola too.. (nodding)

    I’m learning now to simply murmur “shut up, Satan, and bugger off..” Similar to Jesus’ “get thee behind me, Satan,” I guess..

  15. Thanks, Ed. I’m seriously going to try that! I will start praising the Lord the next time this happens. Great idea. What I must not do is buy into even contemplating whether or not these lies of his are truth; that’s what he wants. It’s just difficult when I’m not feeling well for whatever the reason, but I will give your ideas a try. Thank you.

  16. You’re so welcome, Diana. I just had to share what was going on because it was happening again last night after I wrote the Easter post, out of nowhere. (sigh) It helps when I share what’s really going on with me on this blog. I feel ya’lls support and love out here and it makes me feel stronger and not so alone in this thing.

  17. Hey Cathy, yes, he is defeated, thank God. He sure can make a lot of trouble for us in the interim though, before Christ returns.

  18. God is enpowering me, growing me up, and forcing me to be able to take this kind of thing for whatever His reasons. He’s allowing this, but I feel better knowing that other people are experiencing this too.

    Thanks, Joe.

  19. I think satan attacks the Christians that can cause him problems…why bother with the Noodle Salad ones? Be glad you’re considered a threat to satan’s kingdom…

    From one Threat to another, your sister in the fight!!

  20. The song that stays most in my heart is Amazing Grace. I also like How Great Thou Art.


  21. i hate it..when does it ever stop..why do i doubt my salvation a lot.

  22. its sad that the devil just won’t leave us a lone..we have to rebuke him but its hard ..

  23. tell him to leave me alone

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  25. Sing your song of praise and he will stay away. Satan does not like to hear how much we love Jesus or how much Jesus has blessed you.

    I saw where you said it was hard to fight satan, but believe me when you are singing His praises, he will walk away.
    I love to sing and Jesus always has a song in my heart. That just makes it easier for me to send satan running.

    Walk daily with God at your side!


  26. I think you need to get on your knees and pray for strength and comfort! Pray for understanding and for help overcoming the force of satan.

    I will pray for you that you get added comfort and have Gods hands placed on you to protect you from all the attacks that appear to be coming your way. Joy- you are not alone out there, we are all here to pray for you!

    Your brother in Christ,


  27. ed why do i feel so alone..i am so so tired of fighting and bothering other people ..i am trying to win five years of appeals for ssi..they keep denying friend told me to stop appealing and God will heal me..i don’t understand what is going on in my life or my health.and i am always on my knees’

  28. ed..thank you

  29. Thanks for the clarification Warrioress, and I’m sorry you’re picking up so much flak. People seem to think they can be especially hateful on the web when they have a veil of anonymity to hide behind.

    Just one quick follow-up comment. You wrote: “how do you explain so many people saying the exact same things to me in their various writings in forums and on blogs?”

    I don’t think this is particularly surprising. There’s a fairly small set of arguments and counterarguments that crop up in the theism-atheism debate over and over again. If you bring up one of these arguments in a post, you can be reasonably sure that it will meet with the same counterargument from most atheists.

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