Posted by: the warrioress | April 18, 2012

Enemy Mine

God has shown me a lot lately;  it’s heavy-duty enlightenment too. It’s enlightenment that I actually prayed about and requested an answer about, because I’ve struggled terribly with something.  Well, I have finally received an answer and it’s been pretty timely too, which is always nice.

I asked God to help me with an intense resentment I’ve had about someone whom I have disliked and felt competitive toward for a while now. Basically, I’ve disliked a particular woman I know because she has been as passionate as I am about sharing her belief system; but from my perspective, her belief system is moving people closer to hell and away from Jesus Christ, which is the opposite of what I see my belief system attempting to do. I’ve viewed this woman as an enemy of God and of myself, because of her sheer fervor in her preachings. These preachings of hers are mostly anti-religious, anti-theist and consist of a lot of new age, power of positive thinking type psycho-babble. Her distaste for the God of the bible has been and is tangible.

Then there’s that she’s just arrogant at times and probably a lot of other things that aren’t coming to mind now. The point of all of this is that I don’t really know why I have disliked her so, but I have. What’s strange is that at one time I really liked and admired her a lot, but that was before; that was before she started attempting to spread her anti-Christian message in competition with me spreading mine. The war was on at that point and it has been one heck of a fierce battle between the two of us, let me tell you.  She will never admit it, but we’ve both bloodied one another, spiritually & emotionally speaking.  As I review the thing in my mind now, I’m ashamed of what I didn’t see until early afternoon today. How could I have missed this?

She wrote something early this morning on her blog. It was a post explaining what she’s been through in her life and how what she’s suffered and endured have essentially contributed to and created her perspective and philosophy of life. What she described that she had endured was intense and horrific. I empathized greatly with her plight and felt sad for what she shared that she has been through.  At the end of reading her words, I could certainly see why she is passionate about what she’s been clinging to, philosophy-wise.  I could also see that what she believes is as important to her as what I believe is to me. It’s important to her that she share it with others, even if I don’t happen to approve of or believe in what she’s sharing — even if her beliefs go directly against everything that mine stand for, that I believe in.

What I suddenly realized is that this woman has as much right to share and be passionate about what she feels has changed her life as I do. Who am I to begrudge her this or to turn what has brought her happiness and peace into a personal affront to me and my own beliefs? Why and how did this whole mess have to become such an unspoken, ugly competition between the two of us anyway?

I wish I knew….

It must be some awful weakness within me, some insecurity, and obviously something ugly that Christ needs to remove that has contributed to this problem between me and her. As I now see my part in this whole mess, I will never understand why Jesus Christ and God want to even bother with me. I am really something sometimes. I’m about as undeserving of God’s love and mercy as one can get. And sometimes I’m just really dense, like in this particular case; I miss the blatant obvious!

But never mind all of that…this post isn’t about that and me flogging myself over my flaws and challenges.  God showed me, through her words, what I needed to see so that I could understand her better and love her for who she is, not who I think she should be. Talk about some insight!

Whatever she does about God, the salvation of Jesus Christ, and her choices in life are between her and God; it’s really not my business. If I’m sincerely concerned, I should simply be praying for her, not secretly and even not so secretly hating on her and condemning her, wishing the worst upon her when she irritates me with her anti-religious zeal. I need to remember that she’s who she is because of what she’s gone through. God can reach anyone at any time when they are ready in the way that they need to personally be reached out to.  I can only share what I have shared with her before and then it’s all entirely up to her, but regardless of what she does,  I need to see her the way that Jesus Christ sees her, the way that my Father in Heaven sees her. I need to love her the way that they do.

Wow.. imagine that.


  1. Congratulations and God Bless.

  2. I’m glad you were able to see through the situation. Keep praying for her. God put you in her life for a reason. And never beat yourself up for a mistake. We all trip every now and then, but always get up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward in the confidence of the grace God has freely given us 🙂 Excellent post~

  3. This a very strong and poignant post. I also resented somebody and didn’t give good blessings onto her, and, like you, I’ve come to realize despite the differences and objections, such an attitude is wrong. Thanks for sharing the post, it was like reading one of my own stories again.

  4. I like your passionate post and I am glad you’ve resolved your internal conflict (for this is what it is in my view). Just as sidenote, imho, the most fervent preachers are the ones who doubt themselves the most. Through their preaching they are trying to fan their own faith, their own passion and their own strength. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s just part of the process. There are always exceptions of course. I am glad you are seeing this lady’s through the eyes of love and not through the eyes of doubt and resentment.

  5. That was touching. Good stuff and what a great example to set.

  6. We are all pationate about what we believe in and that is why most of us would the image of God and pray for those who do not see what we see because of the blinders the enemy has put about their eyes. die rather than denounce our lord and savior. How ever a spiritual or emotional war is not the way God wants us to fight the good fight. remember the spiritual weapons he has given us. we need to ask for the wisdom of how and when to use these weapons because they can be dangerous, we are to love one another and show by example an pray for those who the enemy has put blinders on we can command them to be taken off and they will be. i am not religious i do not like religion i am a christian i have a relationship with Christ and i try to be Christ like. if i am correct religious people are those bound by the law and not those in relationship with so there is a difference between the two. i will email you some information look for it and hen you get it contact me and i think i may be able to help,

  7. I agree with Ms Afropuff .. God puts us in situations that aren’t always comfortable for us but he can see the beginning and the end … we can only see one day at a time…there are so many times in my life that I you have came to a place where I’ve had to give it to God and I’m always amazed at the outcome… the saying always comes to mind ..God can make a way where there is no way…and I’ve seen it happen many times. Nothing is too big or too small for him. We are his children he cares about all aspects of our lives. Thank you for the great post.

  8. Talk about your tribulations. That was a hard road to travel. I am thrilled that God can speak to me through junk like that.
    Glad you shared that precious lady.

  9. Amen! As you found nothing beats the power of love and the power of prayer! I am glad for you and will continue to pray for you, your daughter and the young lady. God works in his own speed, only He knows the correct timing to bring things to His purpose.

    As you continue down your path, remember, a soft word turns away wrath. God bless you!

    Walk daily with God at your side!


  10. What an awesome post. I can relate so much to this because I too struggle in this area, especially with one particular lady at work. I want to share a link to a blog I follow where this exact same thing was spoken of:

    I am so happy that God saw you through this and brought about spiritual growth in your life.

    Hey stop on by my blog and sign up to follow:


  11. Perhaps your dislike for her stemmed not so much for her beliefs, but that in publicizing them she might lead others astray. I don’t think that places you in any bad light; of course, your decision is the correct path to take. It’s hard to pray for those you don’t care for, I know…

  12. ty so much, Christopher, and God bless you too.

  13. Thank you, Ms. A. I don’t want to beat myself up too much but I also don’t want to slide back into the resentment again so I need to take a personal inventory of my flaws in this matter. I need to be aware of them so this doesn’t happen again. It’s taken me a long time to get to the bottom of this resentment and perceive of this lady in a different way. I don’t think anyone but God could have changed my perception because I’m pretty stubborn. I appreciate your encouragement and I will keep praying for her. Thanks again.


  14. Thank you, Paul. You can’t believe how she and I have battled. It’s a little embarrassing to me now as I recall all of it, but it all happened. God knows I don’t need a resentment like this one eating my lunch so He’s been good to me this time in really making it clear where I’ve been wrong in this particular situation. I thank Him so much for His clarity. God bless, Paul.

  15. Yes, I’m so glad too, Puddle. I don’t like being unable to let go of something that was so intense and was taking up serious space in my head and heart… in a not very pretty way. I feel much better loving this lady than disliking her and wishing ill upon her. This was blocking me from the sunlight of God’s Holy Spirit, I think. Thanks for your thoughts, Puddle.

  16. Thanks so much, Larry. It’s God that should get the praise … I’m just trying to follow Christ the best I can.

  17. Very wise words, Robbie. Thank you for thinking of me. I’ll be in touch. God bless.

  18. Hey Pat. Yes, I agree. Only God could have changed this. He is a wonderful god, isn’t He? I thank Him with all of my heart for moving me in the right direction on this … (hugs) Thanks for commenting, Pat.

  19. Thanks, Ozzie… good to see you, hon. I miss reading you and will stop by your blog very soon to see what you’ve been up to.

  20. I think your prayers are sincerely helping, Ed. I see changes of late within myself that are quite surprising to me. I am thrilled with the changes He is making within me. God bless, Ed, and yes, I will remember that proverb about wrath.

  21. Thanks, Diana. I will have a look at this blog you’ve suggested and stop by yours as well. I’m glad this post blessed you.

  22. saw right through my writing to the core of this matter, Struggler, didn’t you? That was exactly what fired this whole thing up for me. I felt as if this was a spiritual battle for the souls of those reading our two differing beliefs. I was very concerned for those who might be led astray, but I think God is trying to tell me that He can reveal Himself to anyone whose heart is truly open to Him, no matter what they are being bombarded with, true or false.

    All I can do is share God’s message; it’s all I’m really responsible for. I can’t control the false teachings and countless array of false belief that are presented to our world in order to take us off the narrow path that leads to Jesus Christ. I don’t think it’s my responsibility to get into a very personal battle with someone. I have handled this all wrong and my ego got involved in it. I thank God He has clarified for me that there is a more appropriate way and that way is loving those who don’t believe and looking deep into their hearts, even if what appears outwardly on the surface seems unlovable or difficult to understand.

    If I was going to fight this lady, I should have been fighting her spiritually, on my knees. Like Dr. Charles Stanley always says, “Fight your battles on your knees.” By fighting her in the ugly, inappropriate ways that I have, I have probably also nullified my witness to her too.

    Well, I’m not perfect, obviously, and God will lead me through the error of my ways as I continue to grow in Christ. I’m really grateful for His direct guidance. Thanks, Struggler. (hugging)

  23. Good processing, Adrienne. I am thankful for your sharing and willingness to be transparent. God is alive and living in you!
    Love you, friend.

  24. Thank you so much, Nat. I really appreciate it. If I’m not transparent, you guys won’t be able to help me along and I do need the help, believe me. Love you too, Natalie, sis.

  25. […] Enemy Mine ( […]

  26. No problem, Adrienne~ A really excellent book I read that helped me with a similar situation is “Bait of Satan” by John Bevere. You should definitely check that out. It’s a strong and helpful book. No joke, lol. If you want change, that book is a surefire way to.

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