Posted by: the warrioress | April 21, 2012

God School

Loving God is a wonderful way to live.

No matter what happens, I rarely feel alone, worried, or afraid. I always know in the back of my mind that He is watching over me. I always know He has a plan for my life; all I have to do to fulfill it  is to stick close to Him and do the next right thing. I can trust His Holy Spirit to guide me about what that will be. 

Despite already being saved and believing in God, I didn’t live my life as a devout Christian in the past. Once I  begin really trying to live my life as a follower of Jesus Christ, according to the bible, I began to  grow spiritually. This hasn’t meant that I haven’t still made mistakes or used bad judgment; I can still react the way I did before meeting Jesus Christ, but I am under the tutorship of the Holy Spirit now. I am made aware when I am out of the will of God, if I choose to listen to that inward nudge in the right direction.

Sometimes I feel as if I am attempting to get a degree in following  Christ.  This God-school of life has been the most interesting of all of my many educational endeavors thus far; these classes have meant the most. I want to succeed and receive a 4.0 (A) from God at the end of all of this.

Learning to be who God wants me to be is an all-consuming passion for me now. I know that when God is finished, I will be the best mother, friend, sister, and person that I can possibly be in my life. I will truly know how to love the way that He desires me to love.  I will be at my most fruitful for Him. I will be the happiest I can ever be, because only God knows the real, true desires of my heart. And He wants these for me. He knows what will make me the happiest.


  1. that was so good, u r strong, and i try to stay strong. thank u for sharing

  2. I never thought about it like that, getting a degree, but you are right. It makes me think about those that will say I got my degree from the School of Hard Knocks.
    You made smile. I just got off work after a long, tiring day.
    Thanks sis,
    Love ya, Oz

  3. Thanks for the reminder Adrienne. Too often my self-confidence will get away from me and I’ll start feeling smug about how mature I’ve become in my understanding of the Bible + of God Himself.

    Every so often, (every few days is more like it), it’s good for me to “impose” some humility upon myself and get back to basics–love God; adore God; remember all that God has already done for me.

    “He knows what will make me the happiest.” Not my will, but may His will be done.

  4. Adrienne, I am sure you would do well in The God School and be at the top of the class. We all slip once in a while, but He is always there to guide us back to the right pass.

    Walk daily with God at your side!

    Have a blessed week,


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  6. Thanks, Terry!

  7. Hey Ozzie, so glad that I could make you smile. It helps me to think of my journey as “God-School.” Seems to fit ..for me anyway. (hugs)

  8. Hey Tom, ltns. How are you???
    Yes, whenever I feel smug or get too big for my britches, God quickly pokes my ego with a pin. And yes, may His will be done, always! God bless you, Tom.

  9. Thank you, Ed… so good to see you still reading!

  10. excellent post, Cathy! Thank you!

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