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The Satan Connection

1+1 = 2 ….. but 2 take away God, equals you-know-who 

In my last post, I offered some interesting opinion on the correlations of secularism and school shootings. There was something I left out of that post though;  I left out the Satan connection.

Why is this important?

You see, when we as a society remove every mention of God and Christ from the classroom, we’ve created a vacuum.  When we demand removal of the morality of the ten commandments from our nation’s public school system, there is a void left where God used to be.  When we take God out of everything, Satan is what’s left; he fills in that gap.  Proof?  I just happen to have some…


Pentagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below are news articles that report on various school shootings and the shooters involvement with the occult, satanic music, and Satanism. Some of these shooters targeted Christians. Could this all be mere coincidence? How is it possible that so many school shooters are involved with  Satan or have ties to the occult? Why are so many of these young people anti-religious or anti-theist? These people aren’t just atheist. Strangely, they believe in God and Satan, but they have an intense hatred for God and a love for the occult and the dark side.

Our nation isn’t helping this trend. We are encouraging this obsession with this darker aspect of  things through allowing a host of evils our young people are becoming involved with. Our biggest sin, though, is allowing our public schools to become secular. We’ve allowed the enemies of God to remove generations of a Christian lifestyle and foundation from our public school system.  The following is the result of that:

Satanism led to school shootings, teen tells jury    In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 12, 1998, youth says he saw demons before attack that killed two, wounded 7.  In Hattiesburg, Miss., Luke Woodham said that he opened fire on his Pearl High School classmates after becoming involved with Satanism, which he said, “bestowed power over many things.”

Till Lindemann, singer of German band Rammstein

Till Lindemann, singer of German band Rammstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Satanic Link to Slayings  Below is an article published March 19, 1998 in The Sunday Mail, a popular and widely read London newspaper. These are the facts covered up and suppressed by the media of America:

The older of the two boys accused of having ambushed fellow students at an Arkansas school had a fascination with the occult, according to classmates. Mitchell Johnson, 13, apparently had discussed Satan with his classmates, according to a psychologist who counseled students after the killings.

The counselor said that the children were clearly terrified of Johnson and only spoke of the boy’s interest in the occult to a trusted teacher two days after the massacre. After one little boy mentioned it, two-thirds of the class said they, too, had known about it.

Johnson and Drew Golden, 11, are accused of having set-off a fire alarm at the Westside Middle School and firing on classmates and teachers. Four children and a teacher died and another ten were injured. The students spoke of Johnson having drawn satanic pentagrams on his hands and on the covers of his school books. It was claimed that he told classmates, “If I don’t get you, others will.”

Harris (left) and Klebold as captured on Colum...

Harris (left) and Klebold as captured on Columbine High School’s security cameras during the massacre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Columbine school shooters, Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold have been tied to themes of Satan and death through the music of Marilyn Manson. Hard rocker Marilyn Manson came under much scrutiny soon after the shootings, as Harris and Klebold were known to have been fans of the dark and ominous music. It was reported that during the massacre, the two boys ran down the halls screaming “Marilyn Manson rules!” while shooting their classmates.

The Manson song, “Misery Machine,” contains the lyrics, “We’re gonna ride to the abbey of Thelema.” The Abbey of Thelema was the temple of Satanist Aleister Crowley. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two vigilante students responsible for killing 12 students and 1 teacher during the shooting, and wounded an additional 21 other students directly.  After taking the lives of their victims, the two senior Columbine students proceeded to commit suicide. 

The Dope Show

The Dope Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

December 1, 1997 — Paducah, Kentucky Michael Carneal, 14 years old. “On Dec. 1, a 14-year-old boy allegedly killed three students who were in a prayer circle in a hallway at a high school in West Paducah, Ky.  The weapons he carried in the attack came from a burglary carried out on Thanksgiving Day, Sheriff Frank Augustus said. ” [BBC News Online, December 2, 1997] 

October 3, 2006 — Deadly shooting in Amish School house.  NICKEL MINES, Pa. — A milk-truck driver carrying three guns and a childhood grudge stormed a one-room Amish schoolhouse Monday, sent the boys and adults outside, barricaded the doors with two-by-fours, and then opened fire on a dozen girls, killing three people before committing suicide. Early Tuesday, two more children died of wounds, a hospital spokeswoman and state police said. From the suicide notes and telephone calls, it was clear Roberts was “angry at life, he was angry at God,” Miller said. 

Some of these school shootings, that are also associated with Satanism and the occult, have actually targeted Christian believers. But this is the most damning evidence of all:

 The following video explores the link between Satanic activity, the occult, and the violence of school shootings. It demonstrates horrific lyrics and video as just one example of what is encouraging our children to engage in school shootings, by one of the most demonic bands in existence known as “Rammstein.” I must warn you, though, it is rather disturbing.  After one watches the video, and reads the various reports about the different school shootings, there is a distinctly eerie commonality about all of these acts of violence, and it isn’t a holy one.


  1. Since we let society remove God from the schools and about everything else, we as parents must step up to keep God in our children. That means we, as parents, take our children to church every week and we live a God fearing life.
    It is amazing to me to see how few parents come to church with their children. To some, the church is just a baby sitter a place to drop off the kids for a couple hours.
    If we want to take a closer look at the situation, we need to see that parents don’t take the time to see what their children are involved in. They have transferred any responsibility of raising their kids to the schools, activity leaders and dance instructors. The kids spend far more time away from the parents then they do with them. Especially if both parents work, which is almost necessary in today’s world.
    Not picking on single parents here, they have a bigger burden to carry. Interesting, most single parents I know do a better job of raising their children than some two parent families. They have formed a closer bond with the kids and are more in tune with their life.
    In the long run, it is the parents responsibility to teach their children about God and to lead them to Him. Where we fail as parents, satan wins.

    Walk daily with God at your side!

    Have a blessed week Adrienne!


  2. I preferred to not watch the video, but I totally agree with you. This is a great post and thank you for sharing.

  3. I clicked the “like” button – not because I like the content, but because it is something that needs to be said, and said more often. I agree that whenever God is excluded, the “prince of this world” will fill the gap – and he has done that over and over again.

  4. Warrioress: You seem to have changed your opinion. First you blamed school shootings on secularism, and now you’re blaming them on Satanism.

    At the National School Safety Center, I found a list of characteristics that are common among school shooters. Most items on the list appear to relate to the inherent psychological makeup of the child, or to his or her home environment.

    It seems to me that all of these characteristics could appear in either theistic or atheistic households – they’re not dependent on religious belief.

    Here’s the list in full:

    – Has a history of tantrums and uncontrollable angry outbursts.
    – Characteristically resorts to name calling, cursing or abusive language.
    – Habitually makes violent threats when angry.
    – Has previously brought a weapon to school.
    – Has a background of serious disciplinary problems at school and in the community.
    – Has a background of drug, alcohol or other substance abuse or dependency.
    – Is on the fringe of his/her peer group with few or no close friends.
    – Is preoccupied with weapons, explosives or other incendiary devices.
    – Has previously been truant, suspended or expelled from school.
    – Displays cruelty to animals.
    – Has little or no supervision and support from parents or a caring adult.
    – Has witnessed or been a victim of abuse or neglect in the home.
    – Has been bullied and/or bullies or intimidates peers or younger children.
    – Tends to blame others for difficulties and problems s/he causes her/himself.
    – Consistently prefers TV shows, movies or music expressing violent themes and acts.
    – Prefers reading materials dealing with violent themes, rituals and abuse.
    – Reflects anger, frustration and the dark side of life in school essays or writing projects.
    – Is involved with a gang or an antisocial group on the fringe of peer acceptance.
    – Is often depressed and/or has significant mood swings.
    – Has threatened or attempted suicide.

    (( )

  5. No, Keith, I haven’t changed my opinion at all. I’m blaming school shootings on the results of secularism in the public school system and through out the public square. As a result of secularism, God is no longer a part of the public school system and He is rapidly being removed from the public square, thanks to the secularists, atheists, satanists, and anti-theists. Once one removes God, what is left is Satan. Secularism has opened the door for Satan to take over and take over he has, evidently. Many of these school shootings have Satan and the occult in common, as I’ve clearly demonstrated in this post. Remove God and Satan is what remains.

    The video clearly explains this so that you can understand it. Watch it, please.

    Of course, when one is scientific-oriented, like you are, and doesn’t believe in the supernatural, one wouldn’t grasp the facts of these cases or the supernatural link. One would be more inclined to psychological theory that suggests that conduct disorder or psychopathy due to the child’s environment are the reasons for this violence, and even the Satanism.

    The strange thing is, though, that there are countless young sociopaths/psychopaths out here that are not shooting up their schools, but they have evidently not been encouraged to hate God. Many are diagnosed with conduct disorder and also come from the difficult family environments, with many of the same “issues” you’ve cited, but they are not dabbling in satanism and thus shooting up their public school system. Perhaps God has not completely been removed from their lives and they are receiving instruction from their parents, as Ed suggested current parents attempt in the home.

    I think there is a connection and correlation that when secularism takes over the public schools in America, and is determined to eject God completely, Satan is able to flourish in an environment exactly like that. He’s been invited directly in and in he will go and began to impact whomever is opening the door to him. The psychological issues you’ve cited within a child and the lack of God in his life, set him up as prey for Satan to toy with.

    I sincerely think we need to vote *against* secularism when electing public officials into the political arena. Our public schools did not see this problem until secularism reared its very ugly head and determined to eject God out of everything in the public domain.

  6. Yes, I agree with you, Meetingintheclouds. It’s very clear just from watching the video what’s becoming of our children and why they are becoming increasingly more violent even with one another. As secularism grows across this nation, Satan’s power grows. And the ridiculous notion of “separation of church and state,” which I believe is just another attempt to prevent religious freedom, allows him to flourish freely. And flourishing he is. Thanks for your thoughts, Meeting.

  7. Well, the video shares some unbelievable lyrics and music that our young people are taking in. It exhibits a band that these youths may be emulating, because they are encouraged to emulate these beasts who are sharing and modeling these atrocities for them. It’s very easy to see that the members of this band are sick and the music they are making is extremely sick. It is creating and celebrating exactly what it was intended to create and celebrate — violence, satanism, crime, rage, and chaos.

    Thanks for reading, Diana.

  8. Society removed God and is still removing Him from everything it can. This is key. If only we will step up and put God back where He belongs, perhaps we might turn things around before it’s too late. I agree that where we as parents fail, Satan wins, Ed, but we’re making it all too easy for him to win by allowing our schools to become secular, and we’re seeing the fall out from that now.

    You are so right about our parental role in the home, though, and you’ve offered a lot of wisdom here, as usual. Thanks! God bless, Ed.

  9. Warrioress.

    Some quick points:

    1. Those places in the world that are the most secular, have not been overcome by a surge in Satanism. It simply doesn’t follow that increased secularism leads to an increase in Satanism.

    2. What you’re doing is picking out the ten or twenty highly disturbed kids that have perpetrated school shootings over the last several decades and taking them as representative of the young population as a whole. This is not the proper way to do statistics. It’s biased and irresponsible.

    3. You haven’t even demonstrated that most school shooters are Satanists. One of the articles you link to ( is written by someone who’s got an obviously biased agenda, and is clearly grasping at straws (for instance, he thinks that if a student wears a trench coat, then he must be a Satanist). You ought to be aiming at a much higher level of material than this – it reflects badly on your ability to discern impartial reportage.

    4. Some shooters are theists. Although the latest shooting isn’t in a school setting, it was nonetheless perpetrated by a white supremacist who had been ordained as a Mormon priest.

  10. If a person believes that Satan exists, in that he’s worshiping Satan, he also believes that God exists. These kids are being steered in the direction of theistic Satanism.

    At any rate, you’re missing the point of these postings of mine, Keith.

    I see a connection and am merely pointing the connection out. I don’t have any idea how strong the connection is, but there is a definite connection here.

    School shootings were not occurring in the past, and neither was secularism. The satanism bologna wasn’t as prevalent as it is today through music and the Hollywood media/agenda. You’re attempting to claim to the contrary, that this world is not going down into the gutter, but it very clearly is.

    Morality-wise, we can watch the video and see what is being perpetrated onto the youth of America. We can see how young people’s minds are being poisoned and warped by something than can only be called evil. Our kids are sitting ducks for the garbage that they are being tempted and tricked with.

    Things were better before secularism, Keith. A lot better. Our children certainly behaved a lot better and were not as violent and disturbed as they are today.

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