Posted by: the warrioress | May 5, 2012

Grace and Gratitude

Gratitude , The Tall Ships' Races, Szczecin 2007

I’ve learned that if I can get through troubles with grace and gratitude, I will benefit from them in ways I could not have even imagined.  When they pile up, sometimes it’s hard to be thankful, and even harder not to complain bitterly.

God is teaching me that He is here, even in the darkest hours;  He will not let me shoulder these difficulties alone.  He “leaves a light on,” so to speak, and that light is His Holy Spirit.

When I find it hard to love my child’s inexplicable “teenage behavior,” I am learning to love her through it. I’m beginning to hear a soft, quiet voice that says after the fact, “did you love her and show it?”


Instead of grouching, grumbling, or muttering under my breath in front of her, I’m instructed to simply love her and make her aware that I love her, no matter how she behaves. I’m to hug her and show her my love.

This is grace. Discipline in love. Discipline with love.

Thank you, Lord, for showing me the way. Thank you for showing me YOUR way. Now help me to implement it every day.



  1. I always told my children when they did and said things that didn’t please me .. that I loved them and I’d always love them .. I just don’t love the things they say and do sometimes… but in their teens they are not adults they will not think like adults .. it’s our job to set an example and lead and steer them in the right direction .. sometimes they have no idea how to handle situations so they do what their friends do .. that’s when the parents have to ok everything. Do it while you still can cause once they leave the nest’s much harder. Don’t do it in anger .. do it with love. A single parent has it harder because they don’t anyone to back them up. .. but God is always there to give you things to say .. walk close and you’ll know the sound of his voice.
    Good luck..(((hugs))) for both of you.

  2. sunday blessings to you (~_~)

  3. You reflect on your life…this brings many blessings…and encourages us all to do this more…as Kahlil Gibran, a Lesbanese poet wrote, ” God does not live in my heart, rather I live in the heart of God”—you are doing this! You have great courage!

  4. Love this. Beautiful truth. Thank you, Adrienne!

    Lord Jesus, pour out your grace. Fill us with your Spirit and enable us to walk in love. Let our lives reflect you in every way. Continue your good work of transforming us. Thank you for Adrienne. Bless her, Lord. Guide her steps. Let her life serve your purpose. Draw her ever closer to you. In your holy name – Amen.

  5. Thank you, Johannis! I am moved that you think so. God bless you and thanks for reading.

  6. Thanks, Pat, for the wonderful recollections and advice. This will come in handy…

  7. And to you, Zen..thanks for reading.

  8. Thank you for your prayers, Nat. (hugging) God bless.

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