Posted by: the warrioress | May 9, 2012

President Obama Out of the Closet

Obama came out with a firm stance today in support of gay marriage.

Unfortunately, this stance, along with his stance on abortion, has now firmed up my upcoming vote in the November 2012 presidential election.

As an Independent voter, I really was torn between the Republicans and the Democrats, and have been unable to make up my mind due to being someone who believes very strongly in support of the infirmed, impoverished, elderly, and disabled.  I have felt that President Obama’s past voting record and actions have demonstrated support above and beyond for these people.  I was going to cast my vote for him because of my belief that there has to be a safety net in place for these folks in our society.

What has not been demonstrated by President Obama, however, is good judgment in where his moral principles and values lie in regard to God’s word, the bible. Where morality and old-fashioned standards of right and wrong are concerned, President Obama shows little interest or care, in my opinion.

President Obama is certainly aware that when the bible talks about marriage, Obama cannot possibly support gay marriage and still line up with what the bible tells us marriage is defined as.  President Obama also cannot support the murder of innocent unborn life/children in the womb and be in agreement with the bible.  President Obama cannot support the headlong course away from Christian belief in this nation and concur with the bible.

I’m a Christian before I’m anything else, thus I believe God has now made the vote I’m to cast clear, finally. I’m relieved, to say the least. I have finally made up my mind, but am nonetheless uneasy and do not have peace about the direction America is going under Republican or Democratic leadership. I think these two parties are anything but godly. I just wish there was some alternative to what they offer Americans. I absolutely cannot support what goes directly against biblical mandates and principles, and will not.

Supporting the redefinition of heterosexual marriage through backing gay marriage will now take us directly down that slippery slope that will force Americans to have to agree with a host of alternative unions that will now be clamoring for their civil rights. The marital union that was at one time specific only to heterosexuals, one man and one woman, according to the bible, will not be a recognizable entity any longer.

Soon, the polygamous, the incestuous, the man & boy unions, the man & his blow-up doll unions, the man and animal unions, and Lord only knows what comes after …will be allowed to marry because we must give them all their civil rights too, I suppose.  This is the new morality that America is apparently embracing under the leadership of President Obama.

America is in the process of sinking inch by inch, just as Titanic did; I guess all we can do now is watch.


  1. A little sarcasm
    I am confused. A clearly stated position on being a muslim would certainly conflict with his new position. Islam despises homosexuals and kills them whenever possible. Should Sharia law become the law of this land they will be running for their lives.
    I suppose, considering that the Quran gives the muslim the right to lie if it advances your cause of jihad, that this makes all the sense in the world.
    I am so glad that Jesus is coming to bring us home. I am watching for him.

  2. that announcement was purely political .see for your self.

  3. President Obama’s decision to support gay marriages marks a turning point for the worse for this country. I did not and will not vote for this man or any person who aligns themself with things that are not according to God’s word. We need to pray for the leaders. Our hope lies in God and what he has made ready for us.

  4. Dear Warrioress, I love your passion. Just don’t let this throw the balance. I am convinced God is going to do something mighty big before this election, prophetically speaking. The President is being led by money and those who wish to control. His ideas of “Robin Hood” giving is not Biblical. He may have good intentions there, but God’s way is different. This does not mean for any instance, God won’t hit him on the head. I do not agree with the President on most issues and did not vote for him. But God is still on the throne and in control even when it looks like it does now.

    My position lies with God and I am not sure that either nominee right now will be in the Oval office.

    As one who didn’t vote for him God put him there; that doesn’t mean he will stay. Remember how everyone just knew it would be Hillary? And all of a sudden appears this African American no one really knew.

    I believe from what I have read prophetically and that which God has spoken to me, those who slander Godly leaders will suffer dire consequences…..I see this especially with certain women.

    The best and most Biblical issue the President did was speaking for Israel in the last few months. Nations who go against Israel will fall.

    Speaking for myself instead of from the Holy Spirit side, I could not humanly speaking be as calm, or at peace about this if it were not the truth coming from God. My emotional passion is far too reaching for me to sit by and keep my mouth shut when I want to just choke the President and some of his cronies! He had the opportunity most never get to pursue God’s will and I had really prayed he would do so….trusting God to show up now is the answer; he is moving behind the scenes.

    What is hidden will be displayed….blessings dear friend…

  5. there is no choice… Obama is ‘coined’ as one of the worst Presidents to ever hold office. He has to go in order for America to fix the problems that need addressed rather than making a bigger mess for the next who will hold office. I am not excited about the republican candidate either but certainly set on voting for any one other than Obama, I wish Collin Powell would run, but this was Obama’s move to gain more votes with getting the Gay community to vote for him. But I feel it will hurt him rather than help him, just another sign that this President needs to go away! (~_~)

  6. That announcement was the last judgment test upon America. Sorry, we failed. There will be no more tests. That was as real as it gets. It is also very confusing to the average observer. Why? Because President Obama is a openly declared, Muslim, which despise homosexuality, and when following the Quran closely will throw them off of a cliff. As a stated Christian does this not go against God’s moral judgment? Wow, who to follow. I know, the world.

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  9. Thank you, Cathy 🙂

  10. Thanks, Joe!

  11. I’m afraid this was a strong message to the world and to the Christian world as well… and it doesn’t bode well for Christianity or Christians, or America either for that matter.

  12. (sigh) it’s rather depressing to me…
    Thanks for writing, Zen. (hugs)

  13. Cathy, I’m only too willing to try to find a positive here.. I will look toward the light, sis, and recognize that Our Father is in charge, no matter how things may appear here on earth. I’m going to begin earnestly praying for Obama and for God’s will in the upcoming election.

  14. Well said, Diana. We’re thinking alike on these matters, sis.

  15. I guess it felt a little more than just political for me. I was really disappointed in Obama in terms of his leading of the nation on this matter.

  16. There are times where I am definitely weary and watching for Him as well, Ozzie. This world can be harsh.

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