Posted by: the warrioress | May 12, 2012

Another Perfect Stranger

 This video is a full length movie, approximately an hour and a half. It’s a unique film that I thought I would share with those who are willing to give it a try. 

The film is about a young atheist girl who is angry at the whole idea of God, who obviously doesn’t believe in God. The ensuing conversations she has with a stranger are enlightening, entertaining, and deep.  I hope you’ll watch it and see if it appeals to you. I really enjoyed it.

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  1. the movie was awesome , if you remember the article I wrote on an encounter with Jesus Christ, it was along the same line as this movie but in a different situation. this should make people think, you never know when you REALLY encounter God or even hang with Jesus now do you?

  2. I have seen this on TV. Great movie. I also linked it to my post today; it was perfect.

  3. This was my daily devotional from Dr. Charles Stanley today and I sooo agree.

    The Comfortable Church

    Matthew 28:16-20

    I think it’s fairly evident that the society we live in is very self-centered, and this same characteristic can be present in a church. Whenever a local body of believers develops an inward focus, its fruitfulness in ministry begins to decrease, and each member’s Christian walk is hindered.

    Many believers want their church to be cozy and comfortable. They come to listen to a nice sermon, fellowship with friends, and have their needs met. But Godnever intended for the gathering of His people to be like a country club; He calls us to join an army that will bring the gospel into enemy territory.

    An effective church—one that poses a real threat to the Enemy—is a body of discipled people who have been taught the truth of Scripture, trained for service, and helped to mature spiritually. But all this is accomplished for the purpose of going out into the world, not for becoming a self-contained sanctuary of Christian comfort.

    The urgency of the Lord’s command and the desperate condition of humanity should motivate us to leave the safety of our Christian fellowships and deliver the message of salvation through Jesus. To avoid this responsibility is to miss the Father’s plan for your life and the opportunity to help build His kingdom.

    None of us want to waste time or energy on trivial things and thereby miss the exciting fulfillment of God’s will. He has called us, not to a life of comfortable tradition, but to an adventure of obedience. Answer His call—you’ll help fill His kingdom with people from every tribe and nation.

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  5. So how do I get a dinner invitation from Jesus? That would be pretty awesome!

  6. The “perfect stranger” in this movie is a really nice, kind person, much as I disagree with his worldview. I like him a lot.

    If it were possible to have a real conversation with Jesus, like the young woman did with the “perfect stranger”, I think Christianity would have much more going for it. Unfortunately, real people don’t live in the movies. They don’t get to sit down to a meal (or ride an airplane) with Jesus. They don’t have real conversations with him (at least, no more real than any other conversation that goes on in their imaginations).

    And that’s just too bad, because it would be *really* interesting!

  7. Dear Keith, God speaks every day. Read the Bible. It is his word. The more you read it and ask him to speak to you, listen. he will.

  8. Naphtali: I’m sure you’d agree that reading the Bible is not anywhere near the same thing as sitting down and having a real-time conversation with a real person.

  9. Dear Keith, I didn’t realize you left the faith and have become an Athiest. Having known this now, I am unqualified to help you understand how to have a conversation with God. I do know someone who is and I am sure he would be glad to explain it. His name is Larry Nevenhoven, former agnostic and totally against Christianity. His testimony is astounding which is on his blog for people to read. His blog is
    http;// Feel free to look him up and communicate with him if you so desire.

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  11. […] love the way He works on us, through us and in us. The Warrioress shared a full length movie in one of her posts the other day. I watched and enjoyed it and went on […]

  12. Thank you Naphtali.

  13. Beautiful…. just beautiful, Epignosis!

  14. 🙂 Thank you, Cathy.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing, Cathy. God bless you.

  16. Very well said, Cathy…

  17. How do you know? I mean, that you don’t get to sit down with Jesus or God? Perhaps you simply weren’t aware you were doing so..

  18. Ask Him for one…stranger things have happened, believe it or not.

  19. I need to write you personally and ask you to blog this somehow, Pat. Would you be willing to allow me to share this in post form, if I give you the credit for it? I thought this comment was just wonderful and important too. I would love to share it with the entire wordpress community. Thanks, Pat.

  20. Thanks, Cathy!

  21. No, you never do know… I feel certain that I’ve talked with Him before in one form or another 😉

  22. you can do anything you want with it … give Dr Charles Stanley the credit… it was my daily devotional from him in my email

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