Posted by: the warrioress | May 15, 2012

Summer On the Horizon

Looks like my young daughter will be getting out for the summer early!  She did well, grade-wise, and has passed all the standardized testing with flying colors. Finally, her school year is coming to an end and a hot, steamy summer lies ahead. This Friday will be her last day. She’ll be getting out early about noon.

With that said, I now envision lazy days lounging by the pool watching her master swimming in the deep end. There will be lots of barbecue’s, picnics, drives to the lake, hopefully some camping, and maybe a vacation trip to the beach if I can figure out a miracle of how to swing it financially.

I love the summer time. It’s so easy to live here at our place when there is nothing really pressing that we have to take care of, short of regular, every day chores. There is more time for our pets, and no stress from school looming over me and the kiddo. It’s all about finding fun things for her and I to do and using the time to teach exemplary lessons that will stay with her forever.

We spend a lot of time in bible study and talk about God, Jesus, the Christian life, and everything and anything in between. We read a lot of books together and have long, endless conversations. We watch movies, discuss them, and have countless sleep overs with her buds, roller skating parties, swim parties, and now we’re adding some dance parties to the mix.

Anyway, this is good news. I’m so proud of my daughter that she excelled in school, is almost finished with it, and can now look forward to a most glorious summer.

Thank you for being with her, Lord Jesus! Thanks for helping her succeed.


  1. How nice enjoy these precious moments with your daughter

  2. I hope your summer is full of fun and God’s blessings. You are doing a wonderful job raising your daughter.

    Walk daily with God at your side!


  3. You are a great mom. Belated happy Mothers day.

  4. Ahhh…..the summertime. Enjoy it my friend. Enjoy His blessings. 😉

  5. Happy Mothers Day for you are one everyday. Awesome work from your daughter and of course she couldn’t have done it without your support and love. How is the pond and the turtles doing?

    Have a great day and a relaxing summer. Enjoy each day with God.

  6. Thanks so much, Shenine. It’s a challenge, to be sure. I pray daily for guidance and patience. These teen years of hers are baffling to me. The turtles are doing wonderfully. They are very, very happy to be out in their pond and free to explore the outdoors and enjoy nature’s glory. Thank you for reading, Shenine; I appreciate it.

  7. Hey Tombo…good to see you here (big big hugs)

  8. Ozzie… (more big hugs coming your way)

  9. Aww.. thanks a lot, Ed. Hows your lady doing? Tell her hello for me.
    I’m doing the best I can, but can always use prayers for guidance so that I can be a godly mother.

  10. Hi Diana!
    Yes, these *are* precious moments. And I’m learning a lot from them. Sometimes there are less than precious moments, but I am praying through these times. heh. 😉 Thanks for reading here, Diana.

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