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Keep Your Child Alive & Homeschool

One of our own, Ron Kemp, at RonKempMusic, writes a very inspiring, powerful post about the death of thirteen year old boy, Paul Hauan, due to bullying. I wanted to follow up on his post by sharing my thoughts on this increasing problem in our public school system and what we can do about it.

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Many parents are struggling financially now and cannot afford to send their children to a private school, as the public school system is no longer necessarily a viable option. We’ve seen increasing problems with violent bullying and child suicide due to the bullying. School shootings are becoming more and more common place, making public school anything but a safe place to learn.

What can today’s parents do now to address these problems when the school system won’t? Having a thirteen year old daughter, whom I love more than anything but God Himself, I’ve had to think on this matter in depth. I’ve come to a conclusion on this thing that has finally allowed me to be at peace.

My child has come home from school too many times upset, stressed out, and bitterly unhappy due to cruel peers who pick on her for a variety of ridiculous reasons. I’ve counseled her and we’ve handled it up to now, in that it has not become what I would call a severe problem thus far, yet. I say “yet” because I recognize that there may come a time when it will become a serious issue. 

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Thankfully, I’ve done the research and have discovered that there is a “homeschooling” option that allows any parent to homeschool their children on the computer at their leisure and no one can do anything about it, should they disapprove. As long as one is legitimately schooling their child through a home schooling program via the computer, textbooks, hand-outs, etc., no one can legally take away this option from us.

Of course, there are those who would love to see parents forced to stop home schooling their children. I think these perspectives lie on the more liberal side of the political aisle, unfortunately, but they are not making much headway in doing away with our homeschooling options so far, and I thank God for that. I think it’s the more anti-theist, anti-religious points of view that pushe this notion because in the past it has often been Christian parents who opt to home school; there are those who dislike Christians exposing their children to their faith. Strangely enough though, because of the violence and bullying going on in so many public schools, even secularist parents are beginning to consider the home school option and well they should!

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If your child is seriously stressed to the breaking point due to the public school curriculum, serious bullying and mistreatment, or the threat of another school shooting, don’t wait until something terrible happens. Don’t wait for the child to kill himself or become another school shooting statistic. Take him out of the public school system, and educate him and prepare him for college at home via the computer or one of the many good home school programs available.

I know I’m going to do this very thing if things don’t improve for my child in our public school system. I am not going to wait until my child has killed herself or someone has assaulted her before I act in her best interest. There is nothing more important than my child’s life, well-being, and happiness. Parents today have to recognize the reality of the violent, radical world we now live in.

We can’t wait until state or federal law changes and something happens to change what’s going on out here in our public schools. We have to have other options open to us now and homeschooling is sincerely a good one, in my opinion.



  1. You are definitely on the right track looking into homeschooling. Not only is it a good way to keep kids away from the damaging effects of the govt. schools, but it’s also important for parents to understand that they themselves are ultimately responsible for their children’s education. Parents have the ability to give their kids a much better education than public/govt. schools, even if they may lack confidence at first. Check out this video:
    I also addressed Christian education on my blog a few months back:
    I hope you are truly blessed in your efforts and don’t lose hope. There are many others out there also working hard for their kids.

  2. bullying in the schools has been going on ever since I can remember I am not saying it is right i was beat up through out my school years for one thing or another but it was always more than one person or a few times i was blindsided and didn;t know what was going on until it was too late and maybe that is why i am not that confrontational because it does bring back bad memories so like when my in laws gang up on me i walk away that makes em even more angry but hey what good is an argument anyway all that is, is someone saying my point is better than yours or my words are more important or what ever and a fist fight don’t happen any more they bring guns, that is why i carry a gun 90 percent of the time, bullying has gotten worse over the years and so has people’s attitudes. some people you know weren’t like what they are today and the kids of today were like when i was growing up it has gotten a lot worse and that is why i am a firm believer in that we are all on the brink of the end times so it is vitally important you always let people in your life know how important they are to you and not waste time arguing, and when you send a child to school make sure they gleam brightly with the anointed oil of the Holy spirit and help them be bold in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, remember this blessed are those persecuted in my name’s sake, blessed are the peace keepers. when your child is older she will understand more than what she does now. but until then as long as the bullys are around post angels before her.

  3. I actually agree with you, to a certain extent. I wouldn’t agree with you that it is liberals or antitheists against homeschooling. They’re against religious indoctrination, because they see it as a form of child abuse. They would be fine with everyone doing homeschooling, at least I would, as long as the curriculum is secular and not teaching children pseudoscience like creationism.
    However, homeschooling is more effective than public schools. Smaller class sizes means more attention on individual students, and this is why private schools tend to outperform their public counterparts, so having one teacher per student means that the child is receiving all the attention they need to succeed. My fiancee was homeschooling her daughter for the longest time, with a secular curriculum, but when times became tough she had to put her in public schools, and now she’s lost a lot of the knowledge she gained. This is why not everyone can do homeschooling and why they want their public schools to succeed and be properly funded.

  4. Homeschooling has been legal here in Tennessee for many years, and some of our friends have chosen this option. There are organizations here that homeschoolers can join that provide resources and social interaction for the parents & kids. I have even attended a graduation ceremony held by a homeschooling organization where the graduates wore caps & gowns, walked to the stage and received their diploma just like in a regular high school ceremony.

    So it can be done well, and in such a way that it doesn’t deprive the children of a sense of community and the educational rites of passage provided by traditional schools.

  5. Thanks so much, Ken! I agree that homeschoolers can have most if not all of the benefits that public school kids have. Nice to see you!

  6. I’m glad to see that we share some thoughts in common, Barkingatheist! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

  7. Thanks for sharing that, Robbie. Lot’s of truth to what you’ve said here and good advice.

  8. Thanks, Ben! I will check out these links that you’ve provided.

  9. I enjoy homeschooling my children. I have been a homeschool mom for 11 years now, and it has made an incredible difference in my children. It gave me an opportunity to address their educational and emotional needs.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing that with us!

  11. I have been doing half-day homeschool for the past two years. It is good if your kids have friends that go to school and for extracurricular activities, like band, video, art, etc., but not all districts will allow this. I am thankful that I was able to do it for these two years. God bless…

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