Posted by: the warrioress | June 14, 2012

In Flux


I’ve been working on a series about militant atheism for the last week or so and began reading various blogs elsewhere and noticed something interesting in the process. People don’t care for angry ranting and raving about much of anything, do they? They tend to recoil from this kind of irrational behavior. It really doesn’t matter whose doing the ranting either or what they believe in. There is rarely much spiritual about rude, angry, aggressive, bitter, hateful behavior. Lately, I’ve been noticing critical writings aimed at angry, over-the-top Christians and atheists. I realized then that we’re all just people probably doing the best we can in this moment, but many of us still have flaws of character and need a lot in the way of spiritual growth. It doesn’t matter what we believe or don’t believe in, all arguments of who is right and who is wrong aside. The key to ask is this….

Does what we currently believe in make us a better person? Is it bringing us insight? Are we “in flux” or are we stagnant? I think most people are in flux. Most of us are curious and open to new insight. We love to learn and thus we are growing leaps and bounds through that learning. What we look like today as people may be completely different a year from now. Perhaps if we could realize that we are all essentially in flux, we might have more patience and love for one another as Jesus Christ did for all of us. He could see the finished product within us, while we see only what is in front of us right now.

What is truly unfortunate and sad is the person who is not open to growth, who is halted and embittered; such a person begins to die spiritually, I think. They wither inside and since there is no new growth, there is no happiness, no hope, no possibilities for change inside or out. We’ve all seen these kinds of people and the only real response to them should probably be sorrow. Thankfully, most of us will change and grow, improving over time, sprouting new tender fruit and spiritual buds that will be attractive to all no matter what our faith.


  1. Great post Warrioress! In my experience sharing the truth in true love and with grace will trump spouting all kinds of facts to a person. Particularly in the area of spiritual matters if the Holy Spirit is moving in the lives of people I am talking to, then doors open if I have a truly caring heart about them. Bottom line, are we really caring about the person we are talking to or just “trying to change them” or prove how superior we are to them. Have a great day.

  2. A nice metaphorical and metaphysical article, meaning –
    your words speak the truth. One must muster up to measure up.
    I’ve had some recent growth myself. Happy summer’s day! 😉

    Your very own story is quite unique in itself,
    but when you dare to go beyond —
    the mystery of you becomes the magic in me.

  3. The issue from my perspective is that atheists are becoming more militant which is so sad. In this world of data and not necessarily information on the WWW people become more entrenched in their beliefs as they only read what re-enforces their paradigm. I have had the pleasure of being able to interact with some staunch atheists for a little while. At least I planted some seeds which I believe will bare fruit as it is watered and our Father God gives the increase. I see our role as one of walking out our faith in faith and deed in love which I dont always get right. This is so much disinformation about real Christianity which confuses so many people. As we all keep to what the Word of God says and do NOT compromise God’s light will continue to shine in this dark world. I just want to mention that we need to be careful that we do not lose sight that Jesus called the Pharisees Hypocrites 5 times in John in a loud voice in a public place. People need to be challenged on what they believe and why. We sometimes need to take things by force via Intercession and words and not back away as the Enemy says we are not doing it in love.

    Keep doing what you are called to do and your heart shines through in your writing. Deuteronomy 28 Blessings and your are redeemed from all the curses. RaymondTheBrave

  4. Thanks, Raymond. My heart is in the right place and I’m trying to help. I believe that God will bless these sprinkling of seeds to those whose hearts are open to them. God bless you, Raymond.

  5. That was lovely, Tree. I am going to add you to my blogroll. I had intended to a couple of days ago but I got caught up in various things here at home and didn’t get to finish. I sure appreciate your writings and comments.

  6. Thanks, Joe! I am planning to add you to my blogroll too. And I agree with your comment here. I think people know when someone really cares about them. Unfortunately though, there are those whose hearts are hardened into stone and all I can do is allow Jesus and the Holy Spirit to soften them if they are willing. Blessings, Joe.

  7. Thank you! 🙂 Your words have my respect.

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