Posted by: the warrioress | June 18, 2012

Bigotry & Bill Mahr

"Hate speech" by Carlos Latuff.

“Hate speech” by Carlos Latuff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill Mahr is one of the most bigoted individuals ever televised. He has a political television show on HBO called “Real Time.” He spends the majority of this show insulting Christians, the religious, and those with whom he disagrees politically, (Republicans). He does this in an alleged comedic manner, but it’s hardly funny if you’re one of the people he’s targeting with his particular brand of hate speech.

This video is interesting because it exhibits the problem with those who are arrogant, narrow minded, angry, belligerent, and apparently spoiling for a fight. I came across it and found it to be intriguing because Bill Mahr is actually confronted on these traits of his, (for once), on national television. For once, he has people on his show that tell it like it is instead of a host of people who kiss up to him and tell him what he wants to hear.

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  1. Whenever Maher is challenged, religiously, historically, politically, etc., he always gets that sad dog face like “How dare you challenge me!” That makes everything worth it.

    In fact, the funniest moment is when the late Christopher Hitchens (ironically a New Atheist like Bill) smacked him down when debating Bush and Iraq. Maher’s face is the same when SE Cupp and Cory Booker challenge back. His problem is two-fold. One, he attempts to be a “serious” commentator who wants to be taken seriously, but whenever he gets called out for racism, sexism, or bigotry, he hides behind the mask of comedy. So which one is it going to be?

  2. I must have missed Chris Hitchens jumping on That would have been a treat.

    I so agree with your comment, Paul. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Amen! Have some Atheists like that in my family. Constantly bashing Christianity but not any other religion. It’s kindof funny. Nice post!

  4. What an ignorant person is this Bill Maher… as most atheists are.
    I’m not an American but I can tell without hesitation that lousy stereotypes combined with cheap jokes are the trademarks of militant atheists all around the world.

    Unfortunately in this excerpt ,his interlocutors missed the point by not reminding him that life in atheist North Korea is more cruel than in Afghanistan. North Korea is basically the atheistic version of ISIS. And it lasts since more than 60 years , since the north side of Korea is ruled by repugnant godless humanists dressed with Nazi-like uniforms , performed proudly the stupid Stechmarsch (Nazi goose step) while the rest of the populace starve to death because of their barbaric and incompetent successive leaders who think like Maher : that religious people are deluded.
    If Maher doesn’t know where is North Korea , he might have a clue soon.

    So religion “cock block science and progress” ?

    Apparently Maher doesn’t know that our modern communication system was fathered by very religious folks ; the Internet exists because of computers that run thanks of the brilliant works of mathematicians… Who were mostly very religious Christians.

    To begin with , it’s fair to start to mention the autodidact George Boole who was rightfully honored by Google two years ago. George Boole -a devout Christian- is now considered as the father of computer science ; all computer scientists have explicitly heard about “Boolean algebra” that are implemented in source codes in all softwares and -computer and phone- operating systems. Does Maher know exactly what is computer programming? It’s progress based on Christian Enlightenment.

    So was also Isaac Newton , a brilliant Christian scientist who was more interested by the Bible than by the “Universal laws of gravitation” that made him famous. Men walked on the Moon and communication satellites got into space because of the knowledge of this other outstanding genius who admitted he was inspired by the same benevolent force who guided Jesus. .

    What about Kelvin who is best known for his contribution to develop the Kelvin temperature scale that measures temperatures down to absolute zero.
    He also formulated the Laws of Thermodynamics, invented a reliable modern compass for navigation. He too improved the communication system by Indirectly fathering the first transatlantic telegraph cable.

    Kelvin declared : «Do not be afraid of being free thinkers. If you think strongly enough you will be forced by science to the belief in God, which is the foundation of all Religion. You will find science not antagonistic, but helpful to Religion»

    Is Maher as creative , as talented , as useful to mankind as the three Christian scientists I mentioned? Unfortunately our world is plenty of useless persons who gained big money with cheap jokes If only they were humble.

    At least in predominantly Christian countries , one can speak and joke without risking enslavement in labour camps. There is no such evidence of love and respect in atheist countries.

    Here are some so-called sincere rationalist atheists ; the kind who hate deluded Christians :

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