Posted by: the warrioress | June 27, 2012

Gays Against Gay Marriage



Interestingly, there are  gays who are not in favor of gay marriage!

I know.. we never hear from them on this topic, do we?

The liberal media is invested in keeping the spotlight off of these, the unseen, more conservative branch of the homosexual community; they exist though, and their reasoning and logic for why they don’t favor gay marriage for the gay community is worth a listen.


“With all the hype surrounding the issue of same-sex marriage, it’s important to note that there is no consensus in the LGBT community on the issue. Not all gay men and women support gay marriage, just as not all women support contraception and abortion rights and not all minorities support affirmative action. Tammy Bruce, the openly gay nationally-syndicated radio talk show host put it this way: “Despite what you hear from the Gay Elite, there is not a consensus in the gay community about gay marriage. We do not all operate in the cultural or political equivalent of a Vulcan mind-meld.”

You’d be hard pressed to find an African-American against equal civil rights for blacks, but finding a gay man or woman against gay marriage is not uncommon. Many homosexuals that aren’t publicly “out” or are more conservative in their perspective oppose gay marriage. While these individuals may not be the most vocal; they argue that their viewpoints are equally valid.

Al Rantel, the openly gay radio talk show host and media pundit formerly with KABC Los Angeles, blasted “political correctness run amok” from the “cultural liberals in America [that] want to force others to accept their social view.” He contends that individuals against the gay “social agenda” are labeled “bigots” and “homophobes” and are “scorned and forced into silence,” while those participating in gay pride parades are hypocritical because the same individuals flouting their sexual preference also demand to be “left alone.”

The reasons for gay objections to same-sex marriage are varied. Some are moral, some political, some religious. Some gay individuals believe that marriage should not be state-sanctioned at all; that it should be a purely civil matter. Others believe that if the government subsidizes marriage with financial benefits, it should subsidize marriages that promote the traditional nuclear family with a mother and father. Still others take a more stereotypical view, and claim that homosexual relationships are more about sex and lust than love.

Whatever the rationale, it’s important to note that homosexuality is a sexual orientation, not a social or political group – opinions among LGBT individuals are as varied as LGBT individuals themselves. As same-sex marriage becomes more commonplace across the U.S., don’t automatically rely on gay men and women to support it.”



More related sources on this topic by gays who don’t support gay marriage:


  1. I have heard this on several news broadcasts in the past two weeks. It is not really surprising since most gays are rather low key about it, not quite like what we see on the local news shows.
    This is a great post though.


  2. Timothy 2:11 — A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.

  3. (chuckling)

    er… what’s your point? I think the verse you’ve quoted is off topic.

  4. Most gays are pretty low key about it; I think a lot are kind of embarrassed by the fury some of the more activisitic show on the topic. Thanks, Ed.

  5. If there are gays who do not wish to marry, then they don’t have to. But they should at least have that choice.

  6. I understand this point of view, Keith, but don’t agree with it. I think that redefining marriage by allowing alternative couples to marry will be the complete and utter downfall of marriage and what it has always conceptualized. It’s just another chip in the wall of morality, imo. How many whacks can it take before it all comes tumbling down? Of course, you and I disagree that we are making progress as a nation; you see America as progressing and moving forward and I see the opposite. I see us as regressing and losing traditional values, giving into a standard of no standards and of “if it feels good, do it…”

    What irritates me more than anything, though, is the rhetoric whereby the more liberal-thinking toss out the “homophobic/hater” card if anyone disagrees with gay marriage. When there are gays themselves who are proven to disagree with homosexual marriage, it’s obvious that calling someone a homophobic and a hater just because we don’t support gay marriage is bs; it’s akin to claiming someone is a racist if they don’t want to vote for Obama. It’s a big batch of bologna. 😉

  7. Great post and a real eye opener for me as we have not heard this sentiment in the UK.

  8. Wow. So there IS some sodomites who disagree with the “gay” marriage.

    I also do not agree with this. First it’s “gay” marriage… what’s next? Marriage with animals? With children? Etc etc?

    And here’s the thought, who would agree to let someone marry a dog, or, God forbid, a child?

    Yeah, Mohammad or whatever his name is, in the Islamic religion, DID marry a little girl of six years old, I think it was, and there were others who DID over the years, with the convenient excuse that it’s “love” when we knows it’s not, it’s pure “lust”, that’s all it is.

    It is a nightmare, this constant pushing for unnatural marriages. Used to be it’s just a man and a woman, that’s it. Not anymore. Now it’s anything goes.

    Things ARE regressing… not moving forward. The bible DID predicts it, that things will get worse and worse. People out there getting lost, getting tempted by unnatural desires and worse… it will get worse. We can only keeps on praying, keeping our focus on God, on Jesus, and not worry about this world, for this world can try and tempt us but our faith in Jesus will guards us and helps us resists these temptations.

    Do not worry about the lost people out there who are lost in their own unnatural lusts and desires… we can but try to help them if they listen, or read, that’s all we can do, and our faith guards us against their contagion.

    That’s pretty much it. Oh well.

    That’s all we can do, our holding onto Jesus, our strength of faith on Him, to sustains us in the tribulations that are coming ahead, worse things and who knows what. (sighs).

    Praise Jesus!

  9. I disagree with defman. You are offending people the way you talk. The warrioress is at least respectful and politically correct.

  10. Thanks, Sketch. I hope Defman is potentially rethinking his thoughts of late and maybe reconsidering them. I believe God is working within his life.

  11. Thank you, I hope believe so too.

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