Posted by: the warrioress | July 1, 2012

The Peace Of God


7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:7

What is this peace of God that passeth all understanding?

“It is the inner calmness promised to the believer who has a thankful attitude based on unwavering confidence that God is able and willing to do what is best for them. Their trust in Him brings about a peace that transcends human intellect, and human analysis. This peace guards, a military term meaning “to keep watch over”. God’s peace guards the believer from anxiety, fear, and worry because of their trust in Him.”  Source

In my daily life there are many issues and problems that crop up. Some of these can be and are often disturbing. The job and duties of a landlord are sometimes difficult and worrisome. After all, we never know when the next tenant will arrive or even if our current tenants will work out, pay the rent on time, not damage the unit, etc.

Raising a child alone can be a challenge. Many times I have no choice but to turn my child completely over to the care of God. I have to trust that He will safeguard and protect her. Sometimes she won’t listen to me, no matter how I attempt to explain what I’m trying to teach her. I could go crazy if I didn’t trust that she is in safe hands.

Making ends meet in the current economy is also a daunting task. Most of us are trying to stretch a dollar so we can meet our financial obligations and have a little something left over. Looking at the state of things in our nation and around the world may be discouraging. How can anyone really have the kind of peace that following Jesus Christ promises?

I suspect that this is because of our trust in God. This trust is akin to the trust of a child, thus it is “child-like.” Children trust their parents. They are pure and innocent in their faith and belief that their parents will provide for them, and as Christians, we are the same way. We trust God to fulfill His written word, within the bible. We believe the promises contained within its pages. We’ve seen evidence that we can trust God completely, through the playing out of events in our very own lives. The way that God has cared for us in the past brings forth great peace when times get rocky and the waves of life rise high.


  1. You write good stuff! I know it, but its great to hear it when you need it. And sister I need it! Also I greatly enjoyed “The Holy Spirit”

  2. How does one explain the similar feelings of peace and calm that Buddhists have, for instance? Or even Muslims?
    How about Hindus?
    And, believe it or not, even atheists.
    Sorry, your god does not have the monopoly on peace.

  3. That’s pretty good, right there. Yeah, the Peace of God, yep! I guess that’s why most unbelievesr just could not believe it is that simple. And yes, it IS simple, just trust in God and everything falls into place. Simplicity, powerful!

  4. Very nice. It IS like the trust of a child for their parents, for He, like they, has our best interests at heart. I would also say that the benefit of experience, of knowing that He has always been there (like parents) for you in the past brings peace as well. Looks like you have another contentious reader; God’s peace be with you!

  5. The Bible explains that in 2 Timothy 3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
    There can be a peace derrived from the soul of man rather than the Spirit of God. The New Testament answers many spiritual questions. I will answer your though in response of what I wrote above. 2Corinthians 4:4 In their case the god of this world (satan) has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

  6. thought

  7. So true. This verse is one of my favorites, especially when paired with the one before it. When my father died suddenly in 1988, Phil. 4:6-7 was an anchor for me through some very turbulent emotions. Prayer is an act of trust. And that trust brings peace, even when there are no answers.

  8. I don’t know if one can explain “similar feelings of peace and calm,” do you? How do you know these feelings are the same or even similar? Buddhists have no God to trust in, do they? Nor do atheists. So where is this peace emanating from? And how does one trust in something that is only generated from one’s self? The self is hardly a god and is fallible. Depending only upon one’s self for peace of mind could be a precarious, uncertain, indefinite venture based upon something as murky as one’s own inner feelings; in other words, it’s not reliable in the least.

    As for Hindus and Muslims, I don’t recall many writings about the peace of their god(s) so cannot comment in this regard.

    Personally though, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that there is anything even close to comparable to the peace of God’s Holy Spirit that enters the Christian believer’s heart and lives there. I don’t believe there is a substitute for this. Of course, this is just *my* personal opinion on the thing. Thanks for stopping by here and sharing with us, Ark.

  9. It is indeed, Ken. It’s a beautiful thing, this trust. As one practices it, one grows in faith and stronger belief and trust. God is so good.. thanks for sharing, Ken.

  10. This is an extremely sad place to be, Chet, isn’t it? I can’t imagine this and don’t want to. When one doesn’t believe in the supernatural, it’s pretty easy to be deceived by the god of this world; one doesn’t believe that Satan exists anymore than one believes God exists. It’s impossible to convince those who are blinded, whose hearts are not open. All we can do is attempt to explain and hope that the seeds we plant take root, and we can pray that they will. Thanks for sharing here, Chet.

  11. Thanks, Struggler (hugs) I hope you’re doing well these days. Thanks for visiting here. 🙂

  12. Excellent point, Alex. The peace of God is simple. It simply IS. It’s a gift that is one of the perks of believing in Jesus Christ and beginning a sincere relationship with Him. It’s a beautiful gift.

  13. I find that peace comes as I stop struggling to follow Jesus’ teaching, but if I ‘strain against the yoke’ then there is the conflict. There is wisdom in obedience. Each of us is ‘perfect and being made holy’ – Christ showed us perfection, and it’s only when we struggle against it that the yoke becomes heavy….

  14. It is very sad! What would you think if I said the real sadness is that the main stream church is the mouth peice of the devil and perpetuates the position of Arkenaton and so many others?

  15. The mainstream church as you call it is responsible for the compilation and canonization of the bible -where you derive your information concerning Satan, which makes it somewhat ironic that you reject it and claim it is the mouthpiece of the devil. Most odd.
    But you have not answered the question I posed. How do you know that the doctrine of peace you claim is true is better than that of a Buddhist?
    Your view is based solely on Biblical interpretation, a book written by men, compiled by men, and canonized by men.
    Eusebius – who was one of the original church fathers and helped with the compilation – was an Arian (one who refuted the divinity of Jesus) and was eventually declared a heretic.

  16. All monotheist religions believe in a supreme god – a Creator deity if you will.
    Are you suggesting Jews do not experience this peace?
    I sincerely hope this is not your view as this would seem somewhat arrogant otherwise.
    No, I must believe that you would respect the Jewish god, Yahweh, at least, even if you do not accept Buddha or Islam.
    Even in polytheistic religions men have placed their trust in gods for a variety of reasons. And this had been documented throughout history. The Romans and Greeks are two examples.
    Ancient Egyptians another.
    If you have ever seen the movie Gladiator you will see this in action, especially the opening scene prior to going into battle.

    You ‘feel’ this inner piece because of your faith -an unswerving belief in your god (Jesus)
    Are you suggesting that prior to Jesus men who believed in gods did not feel the same unswerving faith? Offer up the same
    immutable trust?
    Of course they did!
    It is merely an example of externalization. Accepting personal responsibility but placing faith in an unseen ‘guide’ or spirit.

    As an atheist I accept the responsibility and place the faith in those I love & trust.
    And I reiterate, although you might wish to believe so, but I’m sorry to say, you do not have a monopoly on this peace.

  17. This is merely accepting responsibility for one’s actions, first and foremost. Then it is simply a question of letting go when one is faced with what some might call insurmountable problems – which of course there are none, it is only perception.
    There’s a lot to be said for the saying, “Sleep on it”.
    Christianity can offer nothing that a moral, honest, and compassionate person cannot attain throughout his/her life.
    Inner peace is a state of mind.

  18. I dont reject the bible! I reject much of mans interpretation of it. they got it all mucked up. to answer your question is two fold. 1) I beleive in eternal life, heaven and hell and the triune godhead, father son spirit. 2) Peace is knowing that I do not have to perform good works in order to gain entry into heaven. the full price has been paid for me and for any who choose to beleive in salvation through the cross of christ! Eph 2:8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, Eph 2:9 not a result of works, so that no one may boast.
    do I have bad days? of course however my only obligation is as above, FAITH. check out my post on nodogshere, “the church of man is not god”. with regard to peace of another, I cannot comment as my practice is not budha etc. What little i know of it is it is a program of works. the bible says what good is it if a man gains the whole world yet looses his soul! In john 6:63 jesus said it is the spirit that gives life, the flesh profit nothing, the words that i speak to you are spirit and they are life. the bible is the inspired word of god written by men of god through the spirit of god in those men. in time past i had many questions as do you along with much doubting untill the time that the spirit of god touched my life. oh and let me say at that time i knew that i knew that i knew. think about this prayer for youself, god if you are real and heaven and hell are and the only way to you is through jesus christ, please reveal this to me. if your heart is true and your desire sincere to know the one true god then he will guid you to himslef. something supernatural happens to a man when the reading of the bible (NT bible) become a regular diest for him! do you read the bible?

  19. “I dont reject the bible! I reject much of mans interpretation of it. they got it all mucked up. to answer your question is two fold.”
    You obviously misunderstood what I wrote. I reiterate: You accept the bible but reject the organisation that compiled it. This I find odd.
    It was the church that decreed Jesus’ divinity – before this law was promulgated by the church it was not accepted by most of those that were called Christians. Even Paul was unaware of this supposed divinity. Arianism was the first major heresy.
    Check the earliest extant copies of Mark’s gospel. The resurrection story does not feature –it was a later Christian interpolation.
    1) “I beleive in eternal life, heaven and hell and the triune godhead, father son spirit.”
    Each of these is a manmade construct and falls part of church doctrine.
    2) “Peace is knowing that I do not have to perform good works in order to gain entry into heaven.”
    Millions do not believe in your god so therefore this does not apply.
    Only Christians believe they can behave abysmally all their life as long as they ask for salvation at the end by believing in a man-god.
    This is hypocrisy.

    The nature of a soul is also religious dogma.
    Yes I have read the bible and still do.
    It is an interesting compilation but has no serious historical value.
    It is fraught with inaccuracies. It may be some people’s idea of truth but it is neither honest in its presentation or accurate.

  20. If you believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, the Resurrection, Crucifixion, and the salvation experience as described within the bible, you’re an enemy of those who desire to steal the power of Christ to save us from our sins. Satan and those who inadvertently follow him will use everything possible to trick and deceive everyone that they can.

    You were right a few comments back when you said that he has blinded the eyes of those who do not believe. I would also add that their hearts are hardened to the truth and at this point prayer is all that we can offer. Thanks again for sharing here, Chet.

  21. You have no knowledge of what you speak because you don’t have the peace of God, Ark. It’s like me attempting to tell people about something that I have completely no experience with or knowledge of.

  22. The mainstream church is caught up in political correctness and wishy washy babble that “feels good,” in order to draw in whomever it can. Its god has become money. It’s more concerned with gleaning tax-free status and government money than in preaching a message of bold truth to the people.

  23. You’re atheist. You’ve admitted it already on your own blog and through the statements you’ve made on mine; you’re hardly an unbiased opinion. You’ve made your choice and only want to argue, am I wrong? You certainly don’t believe the bible is the inspired word of God. You’re here to attempt to debate and refute belief in Jesus Christ. You don’t want anyone to have “the peace of God,” do you?

  24. “As an atheist I accept the responsibility and place the faith in those I love & trust.
    And I reiterate, although you might wish to believe so, but I’m sorry to say, you do not have a monopoly on this peace.”

    It’s my opinion that you atheists could use some of this peace, especially the more aggressive and angry of you.

    No offense, Ark, but I’ve seen little evidence of this peace within your life or your blog(s). (I’m using the general “your” when saying that). I do know of a few atheists who seem to be contented in what they believe, who live and let live, who are in favor of allowing all to believe as they please, but the majority are threatened by Jesus Christ, the bible, and Christianity to the point that they have become fundamentalist anti-theist preachers, screaming from their semi-psychotic pulpits, in all of their raging glory.

  25. I agree with you, MC. I look forward to reading your blog in the future. Thanks so much for sharing here.

  26. To Arkkenaten
    1Co 1:18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

  27. I wonder how many more would come to the Lord by hearing the truth rather than what most preach today.

    2Corinthians 11:4 “For if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus than the one we proclaimed…. or if you accept a different gospel from the one you accepted……
    Galatians 1:9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. That is the cross of Christ.

    And I must say, the picture of yourself shows your youth, your words show your experience in the Lord.

  28. I have explained my objections on numerous occasions, but for the sake of clarity will state them once more.
    As an adult , one may believe in what one likes.
    You are entitled to your own opinion. – but not your own facts.
    If people move to religion of their own free will, without suffering inculcation (as so many children are subject to) or blatant evangelism, If religion is completely divorced from state and especially from schools, then there is no issue.
    Until this time, I will always challenge those religious folk who claim their faith (and it can be any religion) is the one and only truth. Up til now this is an erroneous.claim

    However, if you can provide evidence, I will most certainly listen.
    You will likely be the first to do so; but then again someone has to be the first, right? So why not you?

  29. This viewpoint has been bandied about since time immemorial.
    Church doctrine is constantly changing – it has to, to meet the demands of each era.
    Or would you prefer your religion more 12th century?

    This does not alter the fact that the Church -(Catholic Church) was largely responsible for the Bible you now posses, be it KJV or New Revised Edition or whatever.

    The aspects of the Trinity, the divinity,and the Resurrection were either Church constructs or in the case of the latter, a Christian addition to Mark’s gospel.

  30. You may believe whatever you wish – just don’t proselytize; don;t inculcate children, don’t force, religion into schools, do not insist Creationism be taught or any other fallacious dogma.
    It is this simple.

    And you know me from a bar of soap so to state that I am threatened by Jesus is a little ridiculous.
    Most Christians I have come across are threatened by him.
    Are you not taught to fear your ghod?
    Me, I would be quite happy to sit and have a cup of coffee with JC or even a beer. Maybe we could play chess, or talk literatire or physics?

    What would you do; crawl on your hands and knees and beg for forgiveness?
    No thank you. If I am a product of your god then I have more respect for myself and him, for that matter.

    Christianity offers nothing.

  31. No, dear, you do not understand.I do have peace, just not the peace of your god. I have the peace of my own god.
    Just as others have the peace of their god.

  32. I notice you did not answer the part of the reply regarding whether Jews have the Peace of God.
    Are you afraid to answer this?

  33. The Jews don’t believe that Jesus is the Messiah and thus they do not have the peace of God, imo. While they believe in and love God, one cannot get to the Father and experience salvation except through Jesus Christ. (Btw, I’m speaking to after Christ’s death and ascension to the Father, not back in the days of the OT).

  34. I’m not going to argue as I don’t have the gift of being able to tell if you’re at peace or not. All I can do is analyze what you write, so if you say you have peace, I hear you; I don’t necessarily agree with you though, based upon how you read.

  35. As a citizen of the USA, I will share my faith with my child and raise her as I choose to. Yes, she’s a strong Christian believer, by her own choice. And as long as the theory of evolution and other secular dogma is forced down the throats of our nation’s children, I’ll vote in such a way that allows Creationism equal time and footing; it’s my right as a voting adult of this nation.

    Perhaps stop worrying about what “Christianity” offers and go directly to Jesus Christ; I think you’ll find He offers more than you are currently aware of.

  36. “Church doctrine” may change, but the constructs within the bible do not. Salvation is through Jesus Christ alone. Christ died through crucifixion for our sins and was resurrected on the third day. He ascended to the Father and all who believe receive the Comforter (Holy Spirit) and the salvation of Jesus Christ. This brings them to know the Father. No matter what the church preaches, the word of God remains stable and unchanging and describes what must be done to receive eternal life.

    Romans 10:9-10
    That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.

    Hebrews 7:25
    Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.

  37. You are offering nothing but opinion, do you not see this? People choose, whether or not they are evangelized. You are evangelizing others to atheism through your blog; you evangelize whomever may read it. Yet you don’t believe Christians have the same right? Why on earth should religion be completely divorced from state and schools when your secularism is shoved down their throat continuously? This is why we fight politically against one another. Your claims are erroneous, not mine. You have no evidence of your own claims, yet you still pronounce them freely, do you not?

    You will insist that we have the burden of proof, but I don’t have to prove my faith in God. I merely proclaim it as you proclaim your “non-faith.”

  38. Thank you, Chet. Btw, that’s not a picture of me, Chet; it’s an avatar as I’m doing this blog anonymously due to ongoing harassment for my faith. I hope your fourth of July was delightful, and I appreciate the compliment. My “experience” in the Lord is day to day just like yours is, but I am blessed and grateful for every moment I can live with God’s Holy Spirit as my guide.

  39. It is clear that A doesn’t understand what Christ was really talking about, or what following Christ really means – and from my experience he’s not ready to try to understand. That’s fine, until he and others try to ‘evangelise’ so strongly. Our children need to be allowed to think and draw their own conclusions, particularly in the field of science and God. They need to be given information and taught the skill of thinking. Unfortunately the education system in most countries is more focused on educating for work rather than for life, and education for life tends to come from the TV and adverts (hence the celebrity culture). I don’t know the answer… (I’m sure A does though).
    Perhaps I shouldn’t post this as it will probably attract another outburst 🙂

  40. To Arkenaten FYI:1Co 1:22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:
    1Co 1:23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

  41. Well, naturally. So, I take it they did have the peace of Yahweh in the good old of the OT, yes?
    BTW – You funny thing about opinions is they are like bottoms – we all have one.

  42. Well, naturally. So, I take it they did have the peace of Yahweh in the good old of the OT, yes?
    BTW – You funny thing about opinions is they are like bottoms – we all have one.

  43. Sorry, religious dogma goes right over my head I’m afraid, and I am neither Greek or Jewish. Try again….but please write some intelligible.

  44. You accept science has a definite role to play, Warrioress is a Creationist.
    Children must be allowed to think and taught to rationalize, this is why I am so much against have Creationist claptrap taught to children.
    How can anyone allow a child to be taught that dinosaurs roamed the earth with mankind, that the world was devastated by a flood and Noah took all the animals in to the Ark (not me) “Two by Two.”

    What utter nonsense!

    Your slip is showing by the way – Patience? Hmmm. You sarcasm is improving.
    No, I do not know the answer but I do know that religion is NOT it.

    You mention children are not taught to think? Did you miss those classes at school as well, Phil?

  45. This is Church dogma. The church decreed the divinity of Jesus, made it Law and built a religion from this.
    You only espouse what you have been indoctrinated with.
    No ‘Father’ would send ‘his’ child to die merely for ‘sin’
    What utter hokum!
    Sin is also church dogma.
    You have intelligence, have the ability to think.
    I really wish you would. You would feel so much better for it.

  46. I have explained this before. The only way one is a.ware of the character, Jesus, is through the bible; a book compiled by the Catholic Church
    Why should I believe what a group of old men say about my ‘salvation’?
    If your god is omnipotent let him instruct me himself.
    I will not be dictated to by the words on the pages of a book.
    Only an irresponsible person would do this.

    As for your rights as a US citizen -well, now.

    Why can’t we have the cultural ways of the Native Americans taught in schools?
    If we are going to chuck science out the metaphorical window the children would benefit a whole lot more from lessons from a Cherokee Medicine man than all the drivel in Genesis.
    However, If you are prepared to demonstrate how Noah went about filling his ark and explain to the satisfaction of any secular scientist in the world how the animals survived then I’ll sign any petition you want to have Creationism taught in schools. You have my word.

  47. God Bless You !

  48. You are so funny!

  49. this is well said, MC!

  50. The Resurrection does not feature on the earliest extant copies of Mark. The tale was likely added later by a Christian apologist.
    The whole salvation issue -which is intrinsically linked to a divine Jesus, is church doctrine.
    In the end, everything you have been brought up to believe regarding the Trinity, and Divinity are church constructs.
    Please study the Nicene Creed, Constantine the Great, Theodosius.
    It will help with a few things, I promise.,

  51. Thank you, but I really don’t believe I’m going to take the word of an atheist on what the bible says, what is in it, or what you believe about it. You don’t have the foggiest idea of what you’re talking about. I don’t care what the Nicene Creed, etc., say or don’t say; these have nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus Christ’s death on the cross so that you could be declared holy in the eyes of God if you but accept and believe in Him. You really are not going to be able to teach me about the bible, Ark. I suggest you don’t even attempt it; you’re doing this is akin to my trying to tell you about your non-faith and analyzing that to death.

  52. Yes you are the perfect reborn Christian. Smile.
    Meek as a lamb. And unfortunately just as woolly headed.
    You wont read because you are afraid?
    Good grief. How absurd. Remain ignorant. This is choice. I should worry.
    I don’t want to teach you anything. Go find out for yourself.
    If you want lessons then pay me! I’m nobody’s skivvy.

  53. (chuckling)

  54. It has been said my humor is dry! Thanks for getting a chuckle out of it. I often wonder why anyone would refuse the free gift of God in Christ. To me it is simple, either believe or not. What we believe can be wrong through what we are taught by mans interpretation of the bible. Man wants to put us into a program of works to earn salvation. You must no longer do the things you did before saying yes to Christ; No more sin, swearing drinking smoking stealing or whatever it is they say we must do to be a good Christian. If anyone could earn salvation through changing their behavior then Christ died in vain. The words of Jesus in the bible are simple, plain and true John 3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. John 3:18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.
    If anyone dare to peel the onion back to its core they might see why they scoff at God. Again the bible John 3:19 And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil.
    John 3:20 For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed. I suppose we could split hairs about what our definition of evil is but again this would be another interpretation of man. To compare what we know to what God knows is foolishness. The bible, God and Jesus Christ are good. They represent goodness love, kindness and compassion as our method of living with our fellow man. We who believe are imperfect in all our ways however we love what God wants for us.

  55. But you should understand, I do not believe in the bible.
    It is the work of men; men who claim it is god inspired.
    Only a fool would accept this as -excuse me – Gospel.
    You do not understand, and this is not a requirement of your religion. Faith is all that is asked of you.

  56. Thank you for stopping by and following. I applaud your boldness and stand with you declaring the Truth!! Bless you my warrior sister.

  57. @Arlene

    “Thank you for stopping by and following. I applaud your boldness and stand with you declaring the Truth!! Bless you my warrior sister.”

    You’re certainly welcome, Arlene. I look forward to enjoying your blog in the future. God bless and thank you.

  58. Okay Ark, you don’t believe in the bible; you think the bible is the work of men. No problem.

  59. yes faith is all that is required. what do you have faith in?

  60. @ Chet Dobson

    I have faith in the sitcom Big Bang Theory, my family and friends, that the sun will rise, seasons will roll around, that my dogs will likely jump on my bed and wake me to feed them, that my car will start (providing I keep it maintained)
    I have faith that Matt Damon will make a fourth Bourne Identity movie.
    I have faith that I will eventually get to see Al di Meola live.
    I have faith that I will write books that will make people laugh.
    I have faith that my hair will continue to grow and I’ll keep most of it as I get older.
    I have faith in the belief that one gets out what one puts in.
    I have faith that if one doesn’t go within, then one will go without.
    I have faith that I will always love my wife and children.
    And I have faith in myself.

    But mostly I have faith in cheese sandwiches. If one doesn’t have this then one has nothing.
    I hope this is enough – in fact I have faith that it will be.

  61. Ya, ya,ya! You know what I ask you. So you have evolved from the ape? Oh and do you beleive in george washington?

  62. Evolved fro the ape? I don;t believe this one was on the list, Chet, so take it as ‘No’.
    George Washington? Believe he existed? What is the question, please?
    I definitely believe in George Thorogood. How’s that?

    I do have faith in the things I have listed. I have no belief in your man-god, if this is what you are asking. He was likely a narrative construct.

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