Posted by: the warrioress | July 9, 2012

Atheist Evangelism


Atheist anti-religious tracts?

Atheist after-school clubs?

Atheist summer camp for non-believers?  

Atheist Blasphemy Challenge

Atheist billboards that advertise anti-religious messages?


What do all of the above have in common with “HYPOCRISY?” 


Atheists screaming about religion indoctrinating children….

Atheist stickers.

Atheist stickers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The horrific indoctrination of innocent children has been a familiar atheist complaint & battle cry about religion for years now. 

I don’t remember when I haven’t heard an atheist insisting that it’s wrong to push our religious points of view onto our own children.

Many of them insist that this should be against the law, yet they don’t seem to mind doing the same thing through the exact same methods that innumerable Christian evangelist teams have utilized in the past. 

Is this blatant hypocrisy or what?

The next time you read an atheist blog and they begin this crying the blues over our children being forcibly indoctrinated through religion’s evil vices, whip the following examples out in front of their disbelieving eyes.

A hush should come over the room/blog-sphere 😉 fairly quickly. 😉




  1. Oh, my God, you have a sense of humour. Well done!

    I heard that at one atheist camp all children were given an action Jesus figure -that talked!
    How cool is that!

    Maybe all schools (in the US) should go back to basics and teach Creationism?
    I dunno, would your kid(s) swallow the Jonah story?
    Would they accept that an octogenarian, parted a sea, marched over a million people across a desert, climbed a mountain to meet the Creator?
    Maybe they would, right?
    I mean, America was once considered on a par with Third World Countries when it came to its pupils abilities in certain scientific subjects in schools, so maybe they would buy into it?
    Worth a shot, don’t you think?

  2. It has always left me sooooo confounded that the atheist like the liberal insist we consider their point of view while throwing our point of view to the dogs! They expect us to move through the guise of political correctness closer to what they think is the truth while through their own self righteousness deny any possibility they may be wrong! According to them, their POV is absolute truth and we are fools for our confidence and faith in Jesus Christ! Had they made the slightest effort to seek the truth, it would be revealed to them. The greatest mistake made by the atheist is ignorance. They think they know something and bank thier whole life eternal on a misguided conception. They do not see they have been spoken of in the bible. Here is only one of many biblical discriptions about them that scoff at God.

    2Pe 2:2 And many shall follow their (false preacher) pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

    2Ti 3:1 But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty.
    2Ti 3:2 For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,
    2Ti 3:3 heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good,
    2Ti 3:4 treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,
    2Ti 3:5 having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

    God amazes me in the way He tells us through His word, ALL TRUTH!

  3. In reply to one of those signs – the last time we mixed politics and religion we ended the slave trade (England), emancipated the slaves, created labor unions, ended child labor and worker exploitation, passed women’s suffrage, and passed Civil Rights among a list of many more reforms all passed when religion “mixed” or influenced government policy.

    Now that’s just the truth…

  4. Interestingly, not a single one of your examples says anything about parents indoctrinating their children.

    After-school clubs are things that students join VOLUNTARILY, in HIGH SCHOOL. Compare that to church or Sunday School, which parents require their very young children to attend from as early an age as possible.

    And seriously, do you really think billboards are indoctrination? You think if you see a billboard about a new motor oil, you’re being indoctrinated into the use of that oil? Come on now.

    Nice try, but this is a complete fail.

  5. After reading your post again it seems clear that your objection is not atheist indoctrination per se. Instead, you object to the idea that atheism should be visible in the public square. You seem to want a world in which Christianity is the only worldview people are exposed to, with athe

  6. After reading your post again, it seems that your objection is not about atheist indoctrination but about any sort of visibility for atheism in the public square. It seems you’d prefer a world in which Christianity is the only belief system people are exposed to, with all alternatives – atheism included – hidden from view. Th

  7. (sorry about the errors and repetition – smartphone trouble!)

  8. By the way, I’ve just seen three people approaching people on campus to “talk about their beliefs”.

    They weren’t atheists.

  9. Excellent. so glad to have this accessible.

  10. Atheists are indoctrinating children exactly as Christians are. They are creating secular camps where they push a humanist, “reason-centered” perspective onto the kids, creating imaginary unicorns for them to hunt as a comparison to Jesus Christ. This is pure indoctrination of children. The Blasphemy Challenge is a shameful example of disgusting indoctrination at the highest level one can indoctrinate, in an attempt to push a god-less book onto our youth through a music venue like You tube.

    No, this is not a complete fail; your weak attempt at defense of these atheists is the complete fail, Keith, my friend. Face it, atheists no longer can claim that they are not pots calling a kettle black. They have lowered themselves to evangelize their non-faith and are pushing this on our children in our public schools, all over the country, and around the world.

    Their “non-tracts” are being sold in boxes by the hundreds by the Freedom From Religion Foundation! Really, atheism and its evangelizing tactics have gone viral, along with religion! I suggest you make the necessary corrections to your blog. 😉

  11. Indeed, Paul!! Thanks for your comment..

  12. It is unfortunate, isn’t it? It makes me very sad as I read blog after blog of non-believing rationalizations. They are entitled to their points of view, of course, but I hate that they are so far off of the mark because I care about them very much, despite the way they mock us.

  13. Yes, well, I thought the quest for the imaginary unicorn was really convenient. Three cheers for atheist indoctrination of children, eh? (rolling eyes)

  14. Fun post. I think Atheists and Theists alike indoctrinate their children. It is hard to decide what opinions to teach a child. Should we teach them our political views, or cultural views not to mention our religious views.

    And when does “teaching” become “indoctrination” to kids who want to please their parents and thus imitate them until they are adolescents. 🙂

    I have heard studies show that if the parents have a good relationship, the children will keep imitating while moving into adulthood, but if the parents have a bad relationship, a large percent will jump ship.

    So, if your big concern is what your children believe when they grow up, and your relationship with your spouse sucks, it would be wise to indoctrinate them with the opposite of what you believe and watch the miracle unfold.


  15. I’m not against “indoctrination of children.” I believe that we are entitled to raise our children as we desire to raise them. I think we should be able to share our faith or non-faith with our children. What I’m very much against is the attempt by atheists to scream about how wrong it is to indoctrinate children when they are doing the very same thing we are! It’s pure hypocrisy at its finest!

  16. Yes, it is convenient, isn’t it, Cathy? 😉

    I intend to expound upon this post a little further just to hammer in a few points a little better .. heh heh.

  17. […] Atheist Evangelism ( […]

  18. I agree with you, Sabio. Atheists will not agree that they are now indoctrinating our children exactly as we do. They would prefer to feign innocence and continue to insist that it is religion that indoctrinates kids, when they have become the very thing that they were complaining about. I say “get over yourselves already, pots!”

    We all indoctrinate our children, whether we admit to it or not. Thank you for your comment, Sabio.

  19. Should Islam gain control, and scripturally I believe they will, what will the Atheist do? Islam believes in a god, Allah. He is not my God, but they will kill you for not bowing to Allah at some point.
    Oh well, funny though.

  20. Well, warrioress, a few points:

    (1) I am an atheist and admitted that that all people indoctrinate their children including atheists. Thus, SOME atheists admit to this.

    (2) I didn’t say Christians and Atheists do it exactly the same because:
    (a) there are as many different types of Christian parents as there are atheist parents
    (b) and perhaps one group has practices much more prevalent than another.

    But I still agree with your last sentence. Isn’t it cool with Atheists and Theists can agree. 🙂

  21. I would imagine they’ll be in for a rude shock, Ozzie.

  22. Fundamentalist Islam is a huge threat much as fundamentalist Christianity was in its day. And I think Christians will do one of the following:
    (a) Flame the hatred Islam by backing policies that inflame
    (b) Be the best allies of Atheists to fight them
    (c) Be apathetic like many folks as we are taken by surprise

  23. Dear Warrioress,

    You have an interesting blog. I have a few suggestions.

    (1) I think WordPress’ comment hierarchy has problems. You might want to see my post here explaining why.

    (2) I would suggest not moderating comments — or only moderate first comments. Of the 16 people who took my poll on this issue, >75% disliked screening and either opted for deleting inappropriate comments after posted (56%) or letting all comments stand (25%). Just my thoughts

    PS – you did not reply to my July 10 6:02 pm comment, but it might have gotten lost in the hierarchy — another fault of hierarchies. And you won’t see this comment for a while because you are moderating comments.

  24. I’m sorry about the moderating of comments. I had an annoying troll harassing me here for months. I can’t be sure she won’t suddenly reappear at any time when she gets bored, and she apparently bores easy. heh.

    I try to approve all comments except the those that are vulgar and defaming to the extreme asap, usually by mobile phone, so all your comments will show up; I just haven’t responded to the ones that you made twice or even three times. 😉

  25. @ the warrioress

    I see you have not visited either of the links I supplied. I you interested in the hierarchy issue? I have a suggestion on how to rid yourself of trolls without censoring comments. But I don’t want to make suggestions if you aren’t interested.

  26. I’ve read your links. I will think about what you’ve suggested and yes, I am interested in hows to rid myself of trolls without censoring comments. 🙂

  27. I have read all three articles and man ya picked doosy, Ok let me just say this, there is no real atheist among us, truth the Bible says in Genesis that the seed oof the knowledge of the existence of God was planted in man’s heart upon creation, so therefore, atheists are people who do not want to be accountable for their behaviors or actions thus we now have them contradicting themselves by saying they don’t want religious and I use that term loosely because I am not religious, religion is man’s attempt to get to God where Christianity is God’s attempt to reveal homself to man thus wanting to communicate, How ever some people are so ashamed of themselves and do not want to be held accountable for their actions they simply come up with there is no God. Well let’s just see how they tremble come judgement day and then every know will bow and every tongue will confess that JESUS IS LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS, Isn’t it funny you type in god and sometimes depending on the text your computer knows to capitalize the g and the j in Jesus, These are things we should look at because the names are powerful and mean something other wise people wouldn’t be so afraid of them.

  28. What is rather sad is the reason why this is taking place. Why the backlash.
    Religion has had so much of a monopoly for so long that it is not yet equipped to deal with this sudden upsurge of negativity against it,
    This is the same freedom you require for the dissemination of your religious beliefs is it not?
    You get upset when you are ‘called out’. When the cry goes up to ban religion from schools etc.
    Now you can experience what it’s like from the other side.

    Look on the bright side; if what atheists are saying is false then the truth will prevail. There is to need to be concerned.

    But let us remember: It was only a few hundred years ago that dissent against the church often resulted in death.

  29. Why the backlash? I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick and tired of reading countless atheist blogs that belabor the indoctrination of children by religion, and appear to claim innocence of the same! It’s pure BS, Ark, and some of you are in blatant denial that you’ve become that which you’ve been criticizing for decades. You’re upset that you’ve been “called out,” because you’re doing the very same thing you’ve been accusing Christians of for years.

    Atheists are lying, all right, and this post and the last two prove that this is the case. You are indoctrinating your children and other people’s children into your atheist beliefs just like we are indoctrinating children into Christianity; please don’t try to go all pious and superior on me as if this isn’t truth. The links do not lie even though many of you obviously are.

  30. Yep, indoctrination of any kind is just not cricket, as the English say.
    Now you now what it feels like I guess? Sucks big time, right?

  31. There is a difference. Atheists may well be doing what you claim, and this may be construed as hypocrisy, but the difference is what they are disseminating has its roots in fact, not myth.
    They are also encouraging people to think for themselves – not merely accept something as gospel(sic)merely because it is considered Divinely Inspired.
    Besides, children attending these ‘camps’ do so with the full consent of their parents who, I am pretty sure, were able to peruse the itinery before sending them.
    Is this not the case with religious camps?
    When my kids went on retreat with their Catholic School we were informed beforehand what was on the agenda.

  32. I think it’s possible that when one’s heart has been hardened due to committing the unpardonable sin of rejecting Jesus Christ, he can be given over to a reprobate mind, and thus he has become atheist, essentially. The bible talks about this.. up until this point though, I agree that nothing is set in stone and only God knows someone’s heart and whether it is open or closed to Him. Thanks for sharing, Robbie!

  33. Any children attending camps do so with parental permission. They have to sign pages of paperwork before a child is even accepted; that’s not the point, though. The point is, no longer can you atheists claim that you are not indoctrinating children. Period. No longer can you be pots calling a kettle black. You’ve lost your weapon and can no longer scream about the poor children being indoctrinated by religion when you all are engaging in the exact same practices! Your subjective opinions on what these kids are being indoctrinated into carry about as much weight as ours, frankly. *We* feel you are indoctrinating these children into pure lies and twisted truths and the bible tells us that there will be a price to pay for harming little children in this manner.

    “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea. – Mark 9:42

  34. I have no problem with indoctrination. It is a given that we will raise our children according to our faith’s practices and beliefs. What I have a problem with is the lying that is going on in regard to the indoctrination. Atheists need to come clean and admit that they have become as cult-like and indoctrinating as the worst of the Jehovah Witnesses have…

  35. No, this is too funny. Atheists cannot be cult-like as the worst of the JW’s. Please lets’ keep it sensible.
    Atheists base their beliefs on fact.
    Would you say your kid’s science teacher is an indoctrinating cultist? LOL!
    How about the maths teacher? Maybe if he taught that pi was 3 and a bit or maybe 4. Then the teacher could be called a cultist –
    or likely a loony.

    If you wish to dispute an atheist’s claims then the only thing you can offer in there place is theology – or Creationism, neither of which have any basis in fact.

    Besides, I have mentioned on another thread that parents will no doubt be made fully aware of what is being taught – or indoctrinated, if you prefer.
    I wouldn’t let my kids attend any camp/school/seminar if I thought the syllabus was dodgy. And my kids attended Catholic School.
    The education was sound and I knew they could make their own minds up about things religious (which is not included in the South African Schools System, btw).
    They are both quite spiritual, as it happens. I haven’t poisoned them yet! 😉

  36. Lets establish what’s really going on here, shall we? The term indoctrination in context refers to false doctrine being taught (specifically to children) as hard fact.
    Religion and specifically Creationism is the major controversy,especially in the States where around a third of the population believe the bible is understood as literal.
    This is the outcome of a recent Gallup poll and is, quite frankly shocking. That a supposedly advanced nation should cling to bronze age mythology is quite sad.
    It is not a bad thing to indoctrinate (your usage) children with truth -to encourage rational thought, to show them that if they do not believe in Jesus they will not automatically go to Hell.
    This doctrine is abhorrent and yes, it is tantamount to child abuse.
    If you are merely upset because you see the atheist reaction as hypocritical then this is not about what is being taught but rather your bruised ego.

    Your protests have a somewhat hollow ring I’m afraid.
    Muslims who claim to be very moderate quail at any suggestion of removing or altering the word word Jihad from the Koran.
    Your reactions are similar.
    It’s time to face facts. Dinosaurs did not live with humans, The world was not flooded by a god, and no man came back to life and climbed out of a tomb.

  37. I would expect nothing less than this comment from you, Ark. You’re certainly entitled to your own misguided opinion. I don’t agree, however, in the least with what you’ve said here. Your “facts” are erroneous and you cannot prove that there is no God, nor can you prove that Jesus didn’t walk the earth, nor can you prove that He did not rise from the dead and walk out of His tomb after He was crucified; it’s not up to me to prove that He did any of those things either. I merely choose to believe that He did because I don’t believe that His apostles and those who came after them were willing to die for a blatant falsehood/lie.

    Your “facts,” as far as evolution are concerned are theory and are not FACT. Theory is no more “rational” than my beliefs are. I won’t get into a dreary, repetitive scientific argument with you about why I believe evolution is a theory because science, frankly, bores me. I know enough about it to make a decision that the truth lies somewhere in the middle between what scientists and theologists believe about the creation of this earth. I believe the bible, first and foremost, but I think believing the bible can also allow for belief in facets of evolutionary theory. There are some aspects of creationism that I just don’t have an answer for, but I believe quite strongly in intelligent design. I think that if we are going to teach as “fact” a theory, then we should also teach the other theories in the public school system, whether they are religious in nature or not.

    My protests do not have a “hollow ring” to them. Your “truth” is bologna as far as I’m concerned; I don’t buy it and I don’t think it’s good for America’s children. I will fight it with every fiber of my being as long as I live. You attempt to make science your god and it’s yours whose words ring hollow. I have no doubt whatsoever that the coldness of science as a substitution for spirituality in your life is not working; how do I know this? Just call it a hunch and my own personal opinion on the thing.

  38. No, of course you don’t want to believe that your atheism has become a cult! You don’t even want to consider the notion that you’ve become exactly the same as the religious in pushing your truth down everyone’s throats. Well, you have. Wake up to the realities of this and stop denying facts.

    Science is fine; as a religion, however, it lacks A LOT.

  39. I have been following you on these blogs. I thank you your courage to stand and boldly speak the truth and defend the faith. I have you in my prayers daily!

  40. Thanks, Michael. I really appreciate your prayers.

  41. In your WordPress dashboard:
    (1) In left column go to “Settings” icon (at bottom)
    (2) Choose “Discussion”
    (3) Scroll down to “Comment Moderation
    (4) Put in the IP address of any horrible offender. Careful, this blocks many folks if many folks share an IP address
    (5) Below that in “Comment Blacklist” put the e-mail address of those whose comments you no longer need to see.

    Over my three years blogging I have only done this with two people. Both of them were clearly psychotic.

  42. Awesome work here! The enemy is certainly hard at work blinding those who will not and cannot see. Though atheists are not lawyers or priests, your work on the recruitment and indoctrination of the youth makes me think of this:

    Matthew 23:15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

    The sad thing is that God really does love atheists too! He knows this is a work of the evil one trying to blind more people to the truth. What I’ve learned through several years of evangelism now is that, it is the love of God which can make the difference to an atheist, a muslim or anyone for that matter. I participate in several outreaches annually where we are specifically working to draw the lost, the bound and the blind to a saving love of Jesus.

    We get a lot of ridicule and even threats of malevolence from some, but we just continue to love them as we believe Jesus would have us to. They are certainly no worse off than I was before I was saved! Often times, the only connection these folks have to God and Jesus is a confrontation with some Christian. And, often times, we miss the opportunity to demonstrate God’s love to them. I tell them it takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to believe in Jesus!

    Thank you for enlightening us and for standing for the truth. Jesus is the light, the life and the way and He came that none should perish! Pray for the lost, and for those who are bound by doctrines of demons; it does matter, and it matters a great deal to our Father in heaven. When we pray for these poor people God is pleased. God bless you in the matchless and priceless name of Jesus, The Anointed One!

  43. The only reason there is an upsurge in pushing atheism is because there is a lot more freedom to do so and the means to do it. Good grief, your crowd have been doing the Evangelical Dance on the TV for YEARS, so what the heck are you complaining about?
    Can’t your piddling religion stand the competition? Or is it merely that you can;pt STAND the competition?
    Atheism is not a religion, don’t be silly.
    Atheism contradicts religious belief – and rightly so. But please understand, it is against ALL religious belief not just Christianity, so don’t take it personally. But its main thrust is against fundamentalism.
    In the case of Christianity it is the garbage that children – and adults – are inculcated with that states the bible must be understood literally and dinosaurs lived with humans and were once vegetarian. What utter rot.
    Considering how many billions of religious folk there are out there, I don;t think you have to worry too much just yet.
    SO don;t get your knickers in such a knot. Chill.
    You should rather worry about the Muslims instead of the atheists, believe me.
    Now there are some super militant weirdos.
    If the Muslims really get cracking n this Jihad thing then an atheist like moi, might very well be your best ally.

  44. I don’t have a ‘god’, science or otherwise.
    Yep, you go ahead and teach the American kids all about god and creationism.
    Matters not whether you ‘buy’ my truth or not. It isn’t my truth, it is THE truth.
    You could not live without science – in fact I challenge you to even try in this day and age, but one can sure as Hades live without all that is religion – oh yes indeedy!
    Can’t feed a starving person on scripture.
    And Jesus never saved anything, or anyone from going hungry.
    A lesson I hope you never have to find millions of people on this planet.

  45. I heard that God is an atheist -he told me. Honest!

  46. […] Atheist Evangelism ( […]

  47. I wouldn’t want to live without science, and I suspect you wouldn’t want to live without religion. Ever see a movie called “The Road?” Do check it out…

  48. Well.. I think we agree to an extent in regard to the extremist Muslims. And yeah, I hear you on that.

  49. Talk about missing the point! I looked at your sources, none of which point to anything close to indoctrination. None of them involve children. All they are, are just examples of atheists stating their views.

  50. Perhaps you could damn then all to Hell?
    Maybe your god would lend a hand like he did for Joshua – you know, slaughtering all those naughty sinful Canaanites.
    Do you think your god is partisan? Will he help out in a clinch if push comes to shove?
    What do you reckon?

  51. I could live without religion -no problemo.
    In fact, imagine a world without it. Ah…peace.

  52. I could live without atheist evangelism too.

  53. I’m not damning anyone to hell; I think the idea is to evangelize so that none of you will go to hell.

  54. Like I already said, a world without religion is going to be a world like the movie “The Road.” Do have a look at it, please, Ark..

  55. In atheist fervor to overcome religion, atheists have become as fundie as the fundiest Christian or militant. I’m sorry you cannot seem to get this.

  56. Thank you, Abkeyte!!! I really appreciate you stopping by and sharing on this topic.. God bless you, and I agree with every word you wrote here.

  57. Thank you, Sabio!!

  58. Your threads are so obnoxious that I can’t find a comment when I return to an e-mail sent to me with your reply. I suggest you turn them off.

  59. I’m sorry. I’m going to turn those off now and see how it looks.

  60. “I’m not damning anyone to hell; I think the idea is to evangelize so that none of you will go to hell.”

    Not personally, no. But the religion you back to the hilt does damn me.
    So one can say guilty by association.
    You see,this is the problem I have with your religion.
    You want to convert me because:
    A) you are concerned for my soul (reaches for a brown paper bag)
    B) If I refuse your evangelical advances then I will go to hell – and of course you can wash your hands of the whole matter as it is now up to ‘God’.
    “Well, I told him, JC, honest, but he didn’t want to listen. So it’s over to you big guy.”
    Ooooh, you little Pontius Pilate, you!

  61. #Arkenaten

    This is absurd, attempting to put me on a guilt trip because *you* have free will to make your own decision and thus must take responsibility for that decision. Oh boo hoo, Ark. Sorry, not buying your guilt trip. I realize this is said tongue in cheek and that you’re being sarcastic, but puhleeeese. Take responsibility for your own bloody decision and recognize that someone who wants nothing to do with God or Jesus Christ most probably doesn’t belong in “Heaven” anyway. What on earth would you do there? Are you going to praise what you detest? I think not.

  62. @ the warrioress,
    I actually think that if there was a heaven, and atheists were given a trial period there, and god was actually better than the OT god and was actually a god of love who can explain why he/she was unable to intervene in this life in a satisfactory way, some atheists would honor him/her.
    Well, that is such a big if, it is bound to piss off both Atheists and Theists.
    Oh well.
    Maybe I should put that question up for a poll on my blog.
    Maybe some atheist are just so use to fighting a god which they see as harmful, they’d never want to imagine such a scenario. Hmmmmm

  63. You’re a little late, Robert. I’m afraid the discussion is pretty much over. I wouldn’t expect you to agree with the sources, even though they all involve children and you obviously have not read parts 1,2,3, or the Atheist Indoctrination posting. Let me know if you ever do. Thanks for stopping by!

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