Posted by: the warrioress | August 15, 2012

My Side of the Story

hitchhiking teddy bear

Here is my side of the story…..
From a very young age, I was alone.
Nobody cared. No one was there.
I was cast out on the side of the road, surviving, just a child.
My life was a living hell.
I screamed out from my heart “Save me!”
No one cared. No one heard my cry….
Somewhere out there, a light came on and He looked down upon me, quietly.
Suddenly a car stopped; the car door opened.
The brunette that looked out had kind eyes; her husband was soft spoken as he offered me a ride.
I got in.
A few hours later, I discovered God had a name and that He had been waiting for me to come to Him all along.
I had never been alone. Somebody cared.
He was there.
the runaway

the runaway

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  1. Amen!

    We love you!

    Ed and Ann

  2. He is ALWAYS there.
    What a faithful God we serve.

    Hi Adrienne. I hope + trust life is quietly blessed ALWAYS. 😉

  3. Ed, Ann, and Tom,

    I love ya’ll too. God is good. I sincerely feel that I would not be alive had I not found Him so long ago. He has never allowed me to be out of His sight and I have never felt alone again, not since I came to know Him and discovered how deep His love for me is.

    Thanks to all of you who took the time to “like” this posting. God bless each one of you and may you know Him too, if you currently do not.

  4. I was a teenaged run a way. I was also severely anorexic-bulimic. Anything I could do to rebel. Also, as a little baby, I was frightened by some things that appeared to me, and the Lord came in an image of a man with white hair, a purple robe, and he was feeding a sheep. The terrible image I saw as a baby in my bedroom faded, the image that had me horrified..replaced by an image that brought me comfort; and although a very young baby, I knew there was someone else there..didn’t know who or what it was called..just knew it was something great and powerful that protected me and kept me safe. Love your blog! Writing Gomer told me about you and gave me your link. Seems, from looking through your page, we have a lot in common. God bless you!

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