Posted by: the warrioress | August 18, 2012

Knowing God (Part One)

One of my regular readers and commenters asked me if I could calculate how much of my knowing God has to do with bible knowledge and how much has been through personal experience. I had to think about it, but I decided that eighty-eight percent of my knowing God has been subjective, experiential, and due to feeling, sensing God, and communing with God; the remaining twelve percent has been through the word of God, the bible.

Experiencing God, for me, has been through a variety of incidences from nearly three years old, up to now. These various situations and crisis’ taught me who God is and I began to know Him and a get a real gist and “feel for Him” over time. Though I experienced a kind of sense of God and saw Him in action in my life, I did not actually start to realize God until I decided to accept, believe, and turn to Him. When I sought God out, committed myself to Him, and meant it wholeheartedly, I began to seriously know God and have real peace within my life. God began to teach me and lead me. God began to take charge of my life and prepare me to be used as He has seen fit, despite my many flaws and failings.

Over time as I saw what I would consider to be miracles occur within my life, I saw God stepping in, and intervening in my life when He must have found it necessary. When I prayed and saw results, sometimes instantly, I believe I was being allowed to know God.  When God answered and continues to answer prayer in my life, when He has guided me through troubled times, when I’ve seen that He was ever faithfully there for me, I really knew God. Through this knowing of God, I began to trust God, just as I would trust a best friend whom I developed a deep, loving relationship with.

Prayer has been an important part of knowing God. This is the communing aspect of sharing my soul with Him, and listening and feeling Him sharing Himself with me. There are many methods of communication available with God when He desires to share His will with us. God speaks through other people and in a multitude of ways. There is also a quiet, but firm voice within my mind that I have acknowledged as the voice of God, or maybe it is the Holy Spirit. It isn’t a startling thing, nor is it out of the ordinary. It is a comforting, steadying voice, but it is not an audible voice. It’s an internal thing.

I can commune with God pretty much anywhere, anytime I want; this is akin to a continuous hook up; I am always plugged into God no matter what I’m doing or where I am. There is an ongoing sense of Him with me, of His presence always near and an actual part of me. Through living my life like this over time, I have come to know, be at home with, and recognize God. God is not intrusive. His presence is easy, gentle, quiet, steady, and is ever-so natural. It’s the most natural thing in the world, in fact, and I love it.



  1. To me, this post is a perfect demonstration of how easy it is to interpret everything around us as the work of an invisible agent. It seems quite clear that 88% of your Christian life is based on little more than an overactive imagination.

    In fact, in this post you’re essentially admitting to what most Christians usually deny: that you’re a deeply superstitious person, seeing signs and portents in everything around you. It’s just that you interpret these things as the work of the Christian god, while others might interpret them as Karma, fate, demons, angels, etc.

    It’s nice to see a Christian finally admit this.

  2. Hi Warrioress, wonderful post!

    Although I’m with God wherever He leads me and He is ominpresent and prayer is key I believe we don’t give the Bible its much due revelation of Jesus Christ. A book God-breathed, God-inspired having a ratio or percentage seems subtle in the understanding of who Christ is and what He came and is coming to do.

    I trust that reading God’s Word, at whatever pace He would have us, is an open invitation to who He really is, every story in the Bible, every life, was written in direction to Jesus Christ. I would hope Christians and those seeking to know Jesus wouldn’t view the Bible as leisurely reading.

    All in love, have a great weekend.

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  4. If your previous post really is your side of the story, then I am sorry (for you)
    It would explain a lot – re: your religious stance and your insistence of the veracity of your god and your refusal to accept any viable alternative.
    It has been my experience that every reborn Christian I have encountered (and while not an awful lot, there have quite a few) has been subject to emotional or physical trauma – sometimes both.
    The reality is that many folk have been forced to travel down these dark paths and many have emerged into the light whole and stable without the need or desire to embrace religion.
    If this is what is needed to mend the hurt, then so be it, yet I reiterate, it is not the absolute truth, merely your interpretation. And again, an understanding of the bible, its history and compilation will quickly dispel any notion of factual accuracy or divine inspiration

  5. Just wanted to thank each one of you for sharing your thoughts here, even though I don’t concur with some of you; I respect your right to your thoughts and have appreciated you allowing me to share my thoughts on *your* blogs.

    Knowing God for me is extremely intimate, precious, and special. I feel this is a very unique kind of thing that could be different for everybody. I think we each have our own unique relationship with God, so I don’t share my thoughts with you on this topic lightly; thus I don’t want to argue them or get into a lengthy debate about something so personal. Thanks again for reading me.

  6. @ the warrioress,
    Thanx for sharing. Indeed, I think the vast majority of your experience of God is personal. I can see it as you try to fit church and bible into your personal experience.

    There is no denying personal experience. I could recommend lots of books help explain how we construct these personal inner experiences — but it is clear that, like me, you don’t have lots of time to read. So may I recommend a video I saw today that a commentor on my last post left. It is well done 40 minute film by Morgan Freeman called Did We Invent God. It discusses some very crucial ideas needed to discuss our spiritual life in terms that apply to all faiths. It discusses very briefly:
    (1) The Watching Eye Effect
    (2) Essentialism
    (3) Out of Body Experiences
    (4) Insecurity leading to False-Pattern-Recognition
    (5) Theory of Mind
    (6) Everything happening for a Reason
    (7) Talking to God

    It does that all in 40 minutes. Each of the conceptd is crucial to understand our religious intuitions. It will certainly help you understand people who believe faiths that you think are wrong. Question is, will it help you understand your own faith? I hope to blog on this later, but thought I’d give you a heads up.

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