Posted by: the warrioress | August 28, 2012

Back to School Realities


I haven’t been here much of late because I’ve had a teenager to get back into school. Saturday night we had a back to school dance party and I supervised some teenage friends of my daughter’s, which was really a pleasure. I know some might think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m really not. It’s incredible to observe young minds in action these days. I enjoy studying what they value, how they talk to each other, and like listening to what interests them.

The party was probably more fun to get ready for than it was to actually have, in my opinion. We decorated a glider with sparkling white light so that it would be a romantic spot for some private time, and strung some lights around the porch where the DJ booth/stereo system was. We decorated a large room addition, (our den), and served refreshments and had movies and games available for the kids. We had low red light in the room to set the mood for a party, and the kids seemed to really enjoy it all.

A glass of sweet tea I spent most of my time quietly listening to various CD’s and enjoying the cool breeze at the table that we had placed by the “dance floor,” a large rock patio that I created many years ago. We served hot dogs with chili, chips and dips, and various sodas and sweet tea. The party was a hit, in my opinion, and now that it is behind us, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief and move on to the next item on the agenda. We got me and my child to bed early last night, (before ten pm), which really was a miracle, and we were up again by five am this morning.

A school bus photographed in New York, New Yor...

She hurried out the door to catch the school bus by seven am. Another sigh of relief was slowly exhaled as I waved goodbye and prayed quietly for her to have a great first day. She was pretty tired this evening when she got home on the bus, and we had a lot more to do before supper, baths, and getting her to bed. Anyway, I’m not sure where blogging is going to fit into the new schedule now, but not to worry, I’ll figure out something.

Sorry I’ve been out of touch, everybody!  I’ll try to do better, I promise.

Mocha Puppy


  1. Just to know all is well is good enough for me.

    Walk daily with God at your side!


  2. Enjoy the time with your teenage daughter, as you know she will grow so quickly. Now is the time she needs to see “Christ in you” more than ever. Write when the Holy Spirit leads…
    Many blessings to you!

  3. Sounds like fun. 🙂 Blessings abound.

    Spoken words aside, I’m sure it’s written all over your daughter’s face, how great a mother she thinks she has. [ Most of the time. 😉 ]

    Is there a greater reward in this life??

  4. Your family comes first and it is understood. They grow up quickly so cherish these moments, we will be here when you get back. We love you!

  5. Not only do you sound like a great mom, but you obviously have pity on ugly dogs — seems like you adopted one. 🙂

  6. I doubt there is a more important way to spend time than with your teenage children. Teens are the most vulnerable people in our society and need the security of loving, understanding parents. Keep up the good work.

  7. May the Lord bless your daughter this year in her school and in all things. May He raise her up in Him and draw her ever closer. May His will be done in her life and in yours in every way. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Blessings in Christ,

  8. Natalie, thanks so much. God is working with my little girl and me. We are both learning to trust Him more each day. I appreciate your prayers so much. God bless, Nat.


  9. Meeting, thanks a lot for your comment. I agree that there is little to nothing that is more important than the time i invest in my teen daughter. It’s really important that she feel supported and know I care, and that I’m here for her. Thanks for understanding!

  10. Sabio, thank you… lol. I do have lots of pity on dogs as I seem to have six of them at present and the newest one is so ugly that she is just adorable!

  11. Diana, thanks so much!!! God bless, sissy…

  12. Tom (Servant of Christ),

    I doubt there could possibly be anything more rewarding or better than being near my child and attempting to be the best mom I can be. Thank you!

  13. Stephanie, I only hope I am up to the challenge. Trying my best! God bless you too, Stephanie and thank you for reading.

  14. Thank you, Ed… God bless you and your lady.

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