Posted by: the warrioress | September 12, 2012

Who Would Jesus Vote For?

Well, I guess it’s time to tell you all what I’ve been thinking over the last month or so, politically-speaking. I watched both of the party conventions and I’m going to share with you what I observed. I’m eagerly awaiting the debates, but I think it’s important to share my overall feelings about who I’m going to vote for based on what’s been said so far and the conventions.

English: Citizens registered as an Independent...

My opinion right now is that I see very little present within the Republican platform that is Christ-like. I see a lot of talk that tries to appear godly, but there is nothing godly to back that talk up. There is little respect or love for the poor, sick, disabled, elderly, or for the poverty-stricken unemployed who are desperately struggling, along with families/children.

There appears to be a love of war and killing, or constantly engaging in war, over what is best for the citizenship of America. The desire to spend billions and billions on defense and war at the expense of starving families and American children who are living in tents appalls me. Instead of attempting to embrace all countries and show respect, we are way too quick and eager to war and kill.

There is a love of punitive capital punishment of our most mentally ill citizenry, of killing people instead of rehabilitating them, of murdering them, instead of offering forgiveness and trying to help them overcome their bad environment and/or brutal, unfortunate upbringing; in other words, there is no mercy.

There is no love for this planet; there is only raping and pillaging it for its resources in a completely self centered way. There is no caring for for the animals who reside on it, nor a desire to share it with those animals and wildlife who inhabit it. There is a consistent greediness and a determination to plunder and ravage it without conscience.

I also don’t see a love for one’s fellow Americans; I see a love for numero uno encouraged, a love for self, for thinking about me, me, me. I see all of this coming from the Republican party and I don’t see a Christ-likeness like they preach; instead I see pure selfishness.

I see negativity and little team spirit. I see phoniness. I see lies; I see hypocrisy of the worst kind, but primarily, I see a great love of money, to the point that they have made an idol out of it.

For these reasons, I find myself being more drawn to the Democratic side of the aisle this November as the choice for this American Christian. Certainly the Democrats have their flaws too, and yes, I know the Democrats are not even allegedly the religious party, but when the so-called “religious” party is not anything even close to what Christ is/was like, what can one do?

I see a lot more of Jesus Christ and what He taught within the Democratic party and platform, whether they initially left God and Jerusalem out of it or not. They may not be talking the talk, but they are most definitely walking the walk, biblically-speaking. Of course, they do have their problems with abortion, certainly, and this is deplorable. They also lack biblically in some specific areas of morality and tradition in their attempts at redefining marriage, but what they don’t lack is the true expression of the concept of LOVE.

Yes, love…that corny little word that we often toss around so carelessly.

The Democratic party is inclusive. It’s about changing the world for the better together. Everyone is invited. No one is being ousted or left behind and they appear to truly signify this brotherly love, through supporting one another and those who struggle.  They offer positivity, hope, belief, and the good feeling of sharing the journey with one another in this love, no matter the color of one’s skin, one’s culture, class, etc. Their platform and the way that they verbalize what they stand for  just feels more Christ-like to me. The way that their leaders vote is more Christ-like.

There is a love of the planet within the Democratic party, and a spirit of forgiveness and desire to help those who are mentally impaired. I see genuine love for one another as Christ witnessed to us that we should have for one another. He stated that this was as important as loving God with all of our hearts.

This being said, I hope I don’t lose any of you who are following me, who read me regularly, because of what I’m feeling.  I wasn’t going to write about this because I became worried that the friends and acquaintances I’ve made here at WordPress since I started this blog might be angry at me.  I’m pretty sure that I’m going to vote for Obama and the Democrats. Perhaps many of the conservative Christians I’ve grown to love here and respect so deeply may not like me anymore; I just don’t know. It has been worrying me, to tell you the truth.

I’ve now realized, though, that I can’t hide who I really am internally from anyone with whom I regularly share my thoughts. And I have shared some very deep thoughts with those of you who read me. I have to be able to really be me and be honest with all of you.  Anyway, I do hope you’ll stand by me even if we differ politically.  I hope you’ll continue to read me.  I respect your right to your opinions and thoughts, even if they disagree with mine, and I hope you can do the same.

May God bless our beautiful country and each one of us, and I really do appreciate those of you who have taken out time to read what I’ve put out here all these months. Thank you.



  1. The main issue in this election is in the role of Government in peoples lives. One party believes Government is the provider of all the needs of the people. The other believes that Government plays a much less prominent role, and that the people are to provide for those needs through personal responsibilty and benevolence. Historically non government agencies and individuals have done a much better job of meeting those needs than have government agencies. Catholic and other denominational schools tend to provide a better standard of education than do the public schools. The same can usually be said for religiously connected hospitals and aid agencies. That type of thought is more consistent with that of the founding fathers and the Constitution. Statistically we know that conservatives give to benevolent programs and church agencies on a much higher level than do liberals. Tax returns of major candidates in this election bears this out as well. Both Romney and Ryan give significantly more of their personal money to charity than do Obama and Biden. Remembering that the call of christianity is to individuals and not to governments, I believe that Jesus would support the conservative idea, and then He would encourage us to be bold and daring with our living and our giving. The message of the Bible is that God gave us, individually, free will. Free will to choose to follow Him or reject Him, even though He knew that many would go the wrong way. The call of God is to be our brothers keeper, not through Government constraint but as a choice of our own conviction.

  2. Courage in Christ leads us to take stands, even if they may seem unpopular or not fully understood. I am a registered Democrat, although not a party hack, I vote occasionally for Republicans and associated conservative third party candidates when I just can’t vote for the Democrat. As you state, the Democrats abortion on demand and coming governmental dictate rewriting the language of marriage is troublesome as a Christian, but sometimes you feel as if you are being led into the thick of the battle to reform these major cons.

    As I believe, one does not need to surrender on abortion, gender neutrality, and traditional marriage in order to carry the mantle of [Biblical] environmentalism, health care for the poor, anti-war foreign policy, prison reform, and the general principles of social justice, etc. As a young confessing evangelical Protestant and Democrat, and with a plurality of Evangelicals under 29 considering themselves Democrat (we outnumber Republicans 35-29 according to a Pew Research Study in 2008) I hold out hope that we become a larger voice and transform the Democratic Party’s position on abortion to seek ways to reduce the total amount of abortions rather than unequivocally defending the practice, and hopefully move marriage from a Federal issue back to a local and individual issue.

    Cheers and God bless!

  3. well I see what you are saying but here is the facts Obama made a lot of promises that he failed to keep in one way or another, he is for gay marriage and that shows no godlyness what so ever, he has separated himself from the ceremony for fallen soldiers by saying only thank you from a proud nation and the justice department. the president no longer thanks our troops for their sacrifice. He is muslim and has stated that muslims are and have been the back bone of America and supports the muslim brotherhood. I am certain that if this trend continues all women will be wearing burkas and having thier husbands drive them to work . this is not a good deal it will be the end to our country we say we love so much. we must stop these people as soon as we can through education and prayer. we need a real down to earth honest practicing christian in our capitol.

  4. Barack Obama is not a Muslim. That falsehood is getting tiresome (though I wouldn’t not care if he was).

    Warrioress, I applaud your courage and candor here. Having the courage of your convictions is commendable…and also quite rare! Bravo!

  5. I am a Independent and I don’t really like either of the choices for president this year. I do agree with your breakdown of the facts and the differences between the two parties, they are right on.
    I am afraid most in the GOP are voting more against Obama rather than for Romney because of dislike of a black man in the oval office, not because of the job he is doing.
    Great analysis!


  6. Adrienne, even though I completely disagree with you here, I still love you and cherish our blogging friendship. I have had many who are on the liberal side that have sent me hate mail, defriended me on facebook and even made threats because of my conservative values. I will admit I can’t figure out how you came to the conclusions you have come to, but that is between you and God.

    You are a real inspiration to me and my heart goes out to you as a single parent. Having been there and done that, it is not at all easy and a thankless position.

    And the key to it all is GOD is still in charge! Be Blessed my dear friend!

  7. I’m glad I’m not an American because from what I’ve read and heard, neither of the choices appeal. I must say I find the American voting system hard to understand and very cumbersome but it has points I like. Our elections are limited to a six week campaign and I like that aspect.

    Good for you for taking a stand and detailing your thoughts. I’m sure you will NOT lose friends because your friends like you for who you are.

  8. Hi Warrioress, The best way of making a decision on issues like this is to ask Jesus for whom should I vote. He will answer via Holy Spirit or scripture or some other means that you will know for sure who should vote for. God puts governments into power and takes them out. We are to pray for them that they hear God’s voice and make the correct decisions. This makes the decision easy and you do not have to worry if things seem to go wrong when the government you voted for seems to be not working properly. Gods ways are higher than ours and it would amaze you who God would choose to be the President of the United States. I believe The USA needs a big wake up call just like the rest of the western world. I mean that financial problems are to get worse and people will stop looking at money as their God and realise that they do not have everything under control. People think they are struggling now, but they are still spending money on wants and not needs. People in the UK are complaining that they are suffering which they are not, When you are looking for your next meal for your family that is suffering, but UK residents are still smoking, drinking, going to football matches, spending money on credit, going to theatres, spending money on full Satellite TV packages etc, eating fast food, spending lots of money on women’s care products, buying the latest cell phone, Iphone, Ipad and other technical goodies and of course the latest car. I believe God is going to give people world wide a chance to see that they need a saviour in Jesus Christ and that a comfortable lifestyle is blinding their eyes to the emptiness in their lives. I have said before I know there are prophecies that have been spoken in the last 10 years indicating that there are going to be some major natural disasters which are going to add to the stress on peoples lives and they will think the world is coming to an end. Do they really believe in a God that loves them and will protect them or is money and pride going to ensure they stay in fear and doubt and hurt their family and their friends. Do they know their bible scriptures and have a relationship with their Father God. Hopefully we can help them who want help to get through this period with joy and peace. But their lives will have to go through a complete overhaul. The end times are very near as everything starts to move more quickly around the world. As Satans darkness gets darker then God will release His light and His anointing people will be healed, food provided and needs met showing that God is not dead and is living and that Jesus is the lord of lord and the King of Kings.

    On a different note I would like to thank you for liking 2 of my posts. My wife and I have had a hard time mainly from Facebook from nominal Christians who think they are wise and worldly people calling me a Bigot and other nasty names and it has hurt. Your time spent reading my posts and putting clicking the like button really helped me this morning when I saw it. I have had just about no comments, likes, favourites etc at all. I have had a regular number of views which is good, but is good to know that it has helped someone in some form. I know you have had this feeling. I have been standing for what the Bible says and what the Rhema revelation is of the Word is saying to the church today via the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
    I have deduced that Satan is actively trying to stop Christians from being filled with Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The baptism Satan knows help believers understand the word from a spiritual perspective and not just the Logos or the written word. There is a spirit world we need to understand. God is Spirit and we need to relate to Him in a Spiritual way. The WORD is spirit. Prayer and singing in the Spirit is spiritual. He wants a relationship with us and as we relate in this way we change without necessarily realising it.
    God bless you as you have a meek and teachable heart. God loves you whatever happens and never stops as He is LOVE.

  9. […] Who Would Jesus Vote For? ( […]

  10. Jesus would not vote for anyone – not least because he had no experience of a democracy.
    He probably wouldn’t vote for Obama either, not having any experience of non-white people (if the anti- Semitic all-white bible is anything to go by)
    He wouldn’t understand what a Mormon is either, thinking it was a mispronunciation/ misspelling as so many people believe.

    He would probably be quite impressed with Thomas Paine, but alas he, like Jesus has been dead a long time, so this whole question is moot.

    I’d say put your cross(sic) against Romney.
    We’ve had the Protestants & Catholics and the Bushes…whatever they were supposed to be? So why not a Mormon?
    Maybe you’ll get lucky in time and have the whole gamut of religions in the White House.
    In the meantime, a dingbat who believes in Joseph Smith is as good a bet as any, right?
    How does the song go?
    “I’ve got a girl called Boni Moroni….”
    Who knows, perhaps Tom Cruise will run for office one day?
    Wouldn’t Ron Hubbard smile from his grave! LOL

  11. PS. Whomsoever wins, I’ll still listen to Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner. 🙂

  12. I believe Jesus was apolitical. Time and again he sidestepped the political storms of the day, whether it was entrapment by the Pharisees on paying taxes (give to Caesar, what is Caesar’s), or elevation by the Zealots into an earthly King, whom they would help seize power by force (those who take up the sword will die by the sword). However, as believers of Jesus’, we are called to vote our conscience, and to clearly see humans for what they are, and not for what we would like them to be. The forefathers wisely ensured a separation of Church and State, to ensure Americans would never be forced to join a particular religion or This year, the Democrat platform tried to erase “God” and “Jerusalem” as the capital of Israel from its platform. Pres. Obama only forced them to put it back in, because of the backlash of controversy in the Press. It was put back in, in spite of the boos and disagreement of most of the members in the hall. It brought me to tears that so many who belong to this party are so far from the heart of God. They want the government to take care of the poor, eliminating the duty of God’s people to care for the poor and oppressed, so they can continue to mock and repudiate those of us who love the Lord. They spend all their time arguing the rights of those with different values, morals, and ethics than Christians, and spew all their hate and vitriol on those of us who stand up for the values of Jesus’ teachings. They want taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion and birth control, instead of ensuring we have an economy where women can earn enough money to pay for reproductive freedom with their own money. While I am distrustful of Mormonism, because of the number of man-made precepts that it requires its members to follow, is it any worse than some of the other denominations that are based on man-made doctrine or rules (Seventh-Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Amish, Mennonites. etc., etc.)? Greek Orthodox clerics will tell you ALL other denominations are deviations from the original church the Disciples created, and they are the only ones who have kept the purity of Christ’s Church. When it comes to whether to vote for Pres. Obama or Gov. Romney, I believe that Gov. Romney’s Mormon upbringing led him to be more disciplined, kind, and patient, and to have a heart for service – following scripture, he doesn’t allow his good works to be publicized. Pres. Obama identifies himself as Christian, but he came to it late in life, when it harder to change your core values. You can argue against the former precepts of Mormonism (polygamy, exclusion of blacks), and its addition of writings that add to original scripture, but Pres. Obama was led into the Christian life by a pastor who preaches Black Liberation Theology, whose followers might be characterized as the Zealots of their day. Rev Wright views America as the Jews of Jesus’ day viewed Rome: oppressive, morally wrong, and in need of a violent and radical uprising to change things. Mormons believe Christians should be the ones who help the poor and needy, Black Liberationists believe the Government should help the black poor and needy first, and erase all the injustices of the past, even if it requires violence. Jesus calls us to love each other, and to have joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Look at the debates and the speeches of both candidates in these closing days, and ask yourself which candidate embodies most of these characteristics, and which candidate is now name-calling, and belittling his opponent. Choose a president with your Christian heart, and not your worldly mind. The future role of the Christian Church in American society depends on you making the right choice.

  13. @Kim

    Wow..thank you for commenting here, Kim; yours is a rather involved opinion, but it sounds fairly partisan. In other words, you’ve probably usually voted right-wing conservative for Republicans, haven’t you? Most Christians have, based upon what I’ve read that they’ve written over time. For some odd reason, they believe that God would have them vote in this manner, despite the fact that the bible clearly says God doesn’t approve of any sin more than another, short of the one unforgivable, unpardonable sin.

    What’s disturbing to me about the right is that they justify their sin as a party. They rationalize and excuse their sin. The FACT that the Republican party makes money an idol that is worshiped far more than God is, doesn’t even register on the horizon in their minds. They are truly blind to what they’re doing and supporting, in this regard. They are obsessed with making money and material possessions, to the detriment of being eternity-focused and intent upon their treasure in heaven.

    The right does not care about the environment, despite the fact that God insisted that we be good stewards of it. They don’t care about the animals within the environment. This is why they want everything de-regulated. They only care about profit and making money. It’s why they’ve made war into a money-making business! Who cares how many lives are lost? They don’t. Need I continue? Do you really believe that thinking like this is Christian? Is this kind of behavior worse than abortion and gay marriage in the eyes of God? NO. I do not believe that it is. This kind of thinking is just as horrific and ugly and has taken just as many lives if not more..

    Please don’t start talking about the Old Testament next because despite the fact that Jesus came to fulfill the Law, we no longer have to live under the law. Jesus Christ’s sacrifice created a whole new ball game. We are now to obey two main commandments first and foremost in our lives and these are to love the Lord with all of your heart and mind and love your neighbor as yourself.

    I don’t see that “love thy neighbor” thing going on within the Republican party AT ALL. I see SELF, SELF, SELF, and love of money above all. And this “it’s up to us as INDIVIDUALS” to take care of the poor might have been fine back in bible days, but the country is too large, too spread out, and doesn’t address the millions in our own nation that are falling through the cracks and suffering, which was not okay with Jesus Christ.

    I’ve known these things for quite some time, but I went along with right wing conservatives, and did as I was told in terms of voting for the right wing politicians. Well, no more. My gut tells me that Republicans are no more godly than Democrats are and that they have just as much blood on their hands and sin hidden in their closets.

    Despite the fact that we obviously disagree, I am very appreciative of you sharing your thoughts here with me and am grateful you feel comfortable doing so. God bless you, sister, and remember please that you and I are Christian brethren first, despite our differences in opinion.

    In Christ,


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